A Sneak Peak at #UVMWOW

Catamounts, your summer may be coming to a close but that doesn’t mean that the fun has to end. Along with the start of classes, the Week of Welcome is also on the horizon! There are a ton of events planned to welcome you back to campus, and this week we got the chance to hear from some of the students who helped to make it all happen. Read their guest post below for some inside tips on their own personal favorite events as you start to plan your own first week.

Two girls in sunglasses smiling Greetings from the Campus Programs interns, Maggie and Ashley! We’re current UVM students who have been working in the Student Life Office all summer to plan one heck of a Week of Welcome (or “WOW”, as we like to call it). We might be a little biased, but we think the calendar is preeeetty stacked this year. With so many awesome events to choose from, we know it can be daunting to pick. Don’t worry – we’re here to help you out and have picked a few of our favorite WOW events for you. (Or, just go to all of them! You can check out the full WOW schedule at uvmbored.com/wow.)

Poetry Reading ft. Danez Smith
This evening will be something new for our WOW calendar and we’re super excited for it. Danez Smith will be sharing some of their amazingly powerful poems as well as answering questions in a coffeehouse-style setting in our very own Davis Center. This event is an awesome first look into UVM’s diverse and ripe social justice calendar!

group of can glassesTaste of Vermont
This one tops our list, and only partially because it’s our most food-oriented WOW event. Not only will you get to sample delicious local food (including my fav – Rookie’s Root Beer floats), but you’ll get to do it at twilight, surrounded by new friends, while listening to live local folk music. It’s pretty magical. Tickets sell out (they’re only $10), so get yours early. They come with a commemorative WOW can-glass!

Crafts and Snacks
Join us for our first Crafts and Snacks, a #classic UPB event, where we get in touch with our artsy sides and indulge in some *free* tasty treats. On deck we have some DIY calendars , perfect for adorning your res hall walls.

People at a dance party with glow sticks. Back2SchoolBash
This event will be non-stop glow awesomeness. Glow games, blacklight mini-golf, neon spin art, light-up cotton candy, and a blowout concert featuring DJ Monty. Plus, we’ll be giving away limited-edition #UVMWOW dad hats every half hour at 8:30PM, 9:30PM, and 10:30PM. Don’t forget to bring your CatCard if you want to get your paws on one. (Aaaand this one gets bonus points because it falls on Ashley’s birthday!)