First Impressions: UVM Dairy Bar Makes It’s Return to Campus!

Dairy Bar

Unless you are a first year student this year or have been living under a rock, you know that UVM had a Ben & Jerry’s in the Davis Center. The key word there is “had”. As to many students’ dismay, it is no longer there! I don’t know about you guys but the fact that there was a Ben & Jerry’s in the Davis Center was one of the main reasons UVM was my top choice throughout my senior year college search. (Just kidding but I can’t say that it didn’t influence my decision a little bit!)

All joking aside, what replaced Ben and Jerry’s in The Davis Center is actually really cool! For three weeks now, The UVM Dairy Bar has been open for business and has been thriving. Everywhere you walk around campus, you will see students and faculty members carrying one of the dairy bar’s many smoothies. As these smoothies seemed to be very popular, on my way to class today, I stopped by and got one of my own! I decided to get the mango peach smoothie and it was very good aside from the fact that I am not the biggest fan of greek yogurt – I had realized after the fact that greek yogurt was the base for the majority of their smoothies (take note, non-greek yogurt fans). I know I am probably in the minority for not liking greek yogurt but besides the yogurt, I loved that they made the smoothie right in front of you and you could see all of the fresh fruit that they put in before it was blended. Fun!

As some of you may know, The UVM Dairy Bar is not an entirely new idea. It actually has an older history with UVM than Ben & Jerry’s does! Originally funded and founded by the UVM alumni class of 1975.

Other than smoothies, The Dairy Bar today still boasts the same delicious ice cream that it did years ago. Made with milk from the cows taken care of by UVM CREAM program, the milk that is produced from these cows is sent off to Wilcox Ice Cream, owned by a UVM Alumni, and then sent back to UVM for you to enjoy!

For those of you who don’t know me (and if you don’t, why not?!), I eat A LOT of ice cream! So the next time I went to the UVM Dairy Bar, I decided to forgo the greek yogurt smoothie and to try the ice cream.  As much of a diehard Ben and Jerry’s fan as I am, I can certainly say that although the Dairy Bar doesn’t have quite the same uniqueness when comparing a variety of flavors, what it does has is quality that you can taste –  it is next to none! Pure UVM goodness through and through. Also the fact that you are supporting not only your fellow UVM peers but also they greater Vermont community is a super cool perk.

So, of you haven’t made it to the UVM Dairy Bar yet, YOU SHOULD! I promise you will not be disappointed! (Unless in fact you don’t like greek yogurt and in that case get an ice cream!)

Bon Appétit

BORED Team Member,

Jimmy McCarriston