5 Unconventional Winter Activities

Happy (end-of) finals week everyone! We are one step closer to Winter Break! Can you see it? Can you see the 12+ hours of Netflix binging, copious amount of non-dining hall food eating, and Holiday cheering in your near future? 

As you prepare for your month-long (much needed!) break. Take a look at these 5 unconventional winter activities, and maybe add one of them to your list of “Things to Do During This Winter Break” or at least your bucket list:

1. Skijoring

You may be asking: “What in the frikkity frack is skijoring?”. Well, I’m here to tell you. Skijoring is this cool thing where you’re dragged (or pulled) across the snow on skis by a couple of dogs. It’s not as scary as it sounds, trust me. It actually looks like a fun time, and if you really want to push the limits and feed your inner daredevil, there’s also horse skijoring. You heard that right – you’re getting dragged by a horse while on skis. Check out this video on horse skijoring below:

2. Ice Blocking

Look, anyone that says that ice blocking isn’t a legit sport is a hater, and needs to stop drinking that hater-ade ASAP! Although ice blocking is a more popular activity to do in the summer, you can really partake in this incredible “sport” all year round. Just grab a large block of ice, some friends, and an icy hill, and get to it!

3. Take Part in a Polar Plunge

Celebrate Polar Plunge Day on New Year’s Day, January 1, 2018, by taking a dip in frozen cold water! If the cold doesn’t bother you anyway, then all you have to do is find a lake, pond, sea, or just fill you bath tub with freezing cold water, and take a plunge. If you’re in the giving spirit and want to support a great cause, then you can even take a plunge for charity. Check out some polar plunge events in support of the Special Olympics, also check out Vermont’s Penguin Plunge events occurring (after break) in early February through March.

4. Build an Igloo

No, Anna I do not want to build a snowman. You know what’s better than building a snowman, building a fracking igloo! Step up your snow sculpturing game by attempting to make a structured, and sound, snow home. If you think your skills are more than up-to-par – you’re a master igloo builder – then why not travel to Japan and enter into an igloo building competition, or if that’s not feasible, start one on your own in your hometown!

And now for the most unconventional winter activity of all…

5. Ring in the New Year at Times Square!

Look, let me justify why this is the most unconventional winter activity on this list. Not only are you surrounded by millions of people, have minimal space to breath, and have no accessibility to a bathroom, you’re also waiting in the cold for long, long hours. But, if that’s something you’re willing to go through to be a part of this beautiful scene, and enjoy some great performances from your favorite artists, then I say go for it! Be sure to check out these survival tips before hand.

I hope you guys participate in at least one of these winter activities during your break. Congratulations on getting through finals week to our early-testers, and good luck to all our end-of-week test takers! Happy holidays and a happy new year from the BORED Team! We’ll see you in 2k18!