Oh The Great Indoors

Cold Outside

No I don’t mean that you have to put on more layers to just have to take them off again right when you get to class.  You’re a student at The University of Vermont! You are smarter than that. This blog is dedicated to unveiling some of the routes that you can take while walking to class that will keep you indoors for as long as possible.

Davis Center Tunnel

“The Tunnel”

When walking from either Athletic or Redstone Campus, be sure to take the tunnel as it goes beneath Main Street that you would otherwise have to wait for the walk signal to cross. From the tunnel, walk through the Davis Center to get to the heart of academic Campus!  They also play WRUV jams all hours of the day – an eclectic music selection, for sure…but totally an awesome way to add some oddness to your day.  Plus some killer alumni art rocks the south end of the space.  (See Route on a Map)

CCHR Skybridge

“The Library”

When near the library, certainly take advantage of the new dorm and dining hall (Central Campus Residence Hall – aka, CCRH) that is now connected to the library. This route will get you from close to the Davis Center all the way to the archway where the entrance to the CCRH dining hall is. From there, this is a convenient spot to finish your walk to Fleming, Perkins, or any other building in that general vicinity. (See it on a Map)

Jeffords Hall

“The Holy Grail”

One of my favorite routes to take is from Jeffords Hall to the end of the Hills Building. This is definitely one of the longer routes you can take (as far as maximizing your time indoors goes). If you just crossed main street to the academic campus side, walk into the side entrance of Jeffords Hall and continue down the hallway until you reach the atrium entrance. Continue through and then take the stairs on your left down into hills. Next, proceed straight and follow the first floor hallway until you reach the bike coop, then you can go outside from there. This route is great for getting to Rowell, CCRH, Fleming, or any other buildings in that general area. (See it on a Map)

UVM Medical Center

“The Medical Center”

The ultimate length however, is not for the faint of heart.  A hidden gem that only the bravest, smartest, and most fearless can trek.  The epic Jeffords-to-UVM Medical Center journey.  A quest that will have you wander the halls of countless buildings, hallways, past the mythical Given Bistro into parts of UVM often unseen (unless you’re a med student). This will pop you out at the UVM Medical Center, and if you can navigate your way though the labyrinth of halls, floors, and elevators – you can find your exit by Harvest Cafe (another hidden, and CHEAP, campus eatery), alongside Colchester Ave – just a hop skip and a jump to Trinity Campus with minimized outdoor exposure. (See it on a map)

Thanks for reading and I hope now you have been enlightened on how you can stay more dry, warm, or both! If you have any routes that you know of that I did not mention, please feel free to email us at [email protected]