UVM BORED Lead Camilla’s Graduating Advice

Before I begin, I want to start by saying I’ve been completely dreading writing this blog. No, it’s not because I am lazy and don’t want to do it… but because I am in disbelief that my time has come to write this piece (I honestly couldn’t imagine being a senior in college). I am also listening to sad songs that talk about “moving on”, so I think it’s time to change my playlist before I get too sentimental and flood my laptop keyboard with tears. I was told this piece should be about advice to current and incoming students, but I think I’m going to write it on advice that I was given, or at the very least, wish I had gotten when I was living so fast through my 4 years here.

  • First – It’s ok to be wrong. You have to make mistakes. You’re bound to make them. We all do. We’re only human. Did you fall asleep in the middle of the library while trying to study for that massive test, and then end up not doing so well? Honestly, don’t sweat it. Learn from it.  You make mistakes so you can learn from them – it’s much better to make mistakes now before you get out into the ‘real world’, because sleeping through your first 3 hours of work probably won’t fly. As long as you don’t make them too often, and own up to them when they happen, I think you’ll make it through just fine.
  • Try everything once.  My favorite saying is “don’t knock it until you try it.”, because honestly, you won’t know for sure until you try it. For example, I always thought I’d hate public speaking, but soon after I joined the tour guides for admissions and learned how to publicly speak effectively, my world changed completely. Do you want to try pottery? Join the pottery co-op! Think you’d be a great peer advisor? Apply for a job at the advising center! Ya never know what can happen if you don’t give it a chance! *within reason, of course*
  • You won’t know the good times until they’re gone. I’m pretty sure I saw this on a meme or something but it was definitely one of those things I really took to heart. Write a blog. Start a journal. Take pictures and videos – and put them on Instagram for everyone to see. One day you’ll looking back at these pictures – and that day will be here before you even know it.  Create memories that will last you a lifetime. Odds are, you won’t be raving to your children and grandchildren about that class you took your first year of college, but you’ll be raving to them about the incredible time you had that time you studied abroad for a semester and met your “aunt/uncle so and so” because you were roommates and spent every waking second exploring and experiencing different cities and countries with them.
  • Let yourself freeeee. You’re only young once. Don’t be so hard on yourself and let yourself make mistakes, explore, and experience life the way YOU want to live it. You’re only here for a little bit and time will FLY while you’re at it. Spend time with your friends and don’t let the little things get to you. Yes it is important to get good grades, but it is also important to take care of yourself, have fun and create lasting memories.

That is all my advice to you for now. I could go on for about 5 more pages – but I’ll spare you the pain of reading through my nostalgia. Good luck to you all through the next however-many-years you have left at UVM. Keep up the good work and remember to live your life to the fullest.

Your parting BORED team lead,