UVM BORED’s Favorite On-Campus Study Spots

A student stressed out studying

Finals Season is here and it seems as though people are coming out of the wood work, all making their way to the Bailey-Howe library for a study sesh (or five).

But you? No! You’re smarter than that. You know that the library will inevitably be crowded and you’ll accomplish nothing as you aimlessly meander around trying to find an open workspace. But where will you go, you might ask? Have no fear, BORED is here with our list and reviews of our favorite study spots on and around campus.

Old Mill

It may feel like you’re in church for the duration that you are studying there, but the large tables provide a great workspace to spread out if you have a lot of work in front of you (aka – perfect for group projects). Also, the enormous stain glass windows let in a great hue of light on a sunny day that is perfect for getting work done. Overall, the Old Mill Annex is a quiet room that is usually easy to find a seat in and is a great alternative to the first floor of the library with regards to the tables.

UVM’s signature building also has plenty of couches and chairs in little alcoves. Come here to find cozy little nooks to study your heart out! Plus -it’s usually pretty quiet because it’s mostly faculty offices. Score!


4th Floor of The Davis Center

The 4th floor of The Davis Center is one of my favorite places to do homework on campus. It is most always quiet (unless there is an event going on in one of the few ballrooms), but most of the time people are considerate of others around them and are quiet.  And the views – you’ve got a great view looking down into the atrium, that awesome hanging glass sculpture, and rotating shows curated by the Davis Center Art Curators.  Inspirational, to say the least.

Whether it is reading for pleasure, for a class, or typing an essay, I can always rely on being able to get what I need done, done, when working in the comfy chairs in front of the fireplace.  Plus – the Davis Center reserves all the meeting rooms during the finals week so students can have plenty of spots to study their hearts out. How considerate.


Aiken Lobby

Feel like going to the Rainforest Café,  but still need to study for finals? Boy do we have the place for you! Check out the Aiken Lobby and surround yourself with tropical plants, trickling water, and big windows – not to mention a humidity level to rival and mid-summer Florida-day. There are only a handful of high top tables in this spot, so there isn’t always a guarantee that you will will find a spot to claim as your own…but if you do, I know you will enjoy it.


Living and Learning Fireplace Lounge

Centrally located, The L&L Fireplace Lounge is a great spot that usually isn’t too crowded. Having a similar vibe to the first floor of the Bailey-Howe Library, the fireplace lounge is conveniently located just above the Marché and Skinny Pancake meaning that study breaks can be scrumptious. Refueling is half the battle, right?


Henderson’s Cafe

Often busy in the mornings, Henderson’s Café is a prime study spot for coffee lovers as you always have the option to get another cup of the “best coffee on campus“! With comfortable chairs, numerous tables, and bar style seating overlooking main street, Henderson’s Café is a great centrally located study spot – right in the middle of all the campus action; without having to be IN the action. Double win.  Did we mention there’s pastries?


UVM Alumni House

The UVM Alumni House is a hidden gem amongst UVM’s buildings. Located on Main Street near the edge of Champlain College’s campus, The Alumni House boasts beautiful wood architecture along with many great study nooks and other open spaces. Catch up reading a vintage issue of the Cynic, tickle some ivories on the grand piano if you’re feeling the need for a study break (or perhaps you’re lucky enough to have a friend who can play for you while you absorb all that knowledge).  As a student (or alum) it’s doors are open to you to enjoy – and it’s fairly undiscovered.



Thanks to Vermonts never ending winter, it conveniently gets warm out right when finals season begins…the cruelty is palpable. Oh well. There are SO many places that you can enjoy the sunny weather – all the while being productive. The Davis Center green is a great spot to sit under a shady tree, pop a squat on ‘The Beach’ of the library steps, or even grab one of the few picnic tables on the DC Stage, just outside the first floor media hallway. Note – the Davis Center green is also a great place to see many dogs. I certainly take advantage of this opportunity!

Along with the Davis Center green, there is also the Main Green (Across from Waterman) which is often less crowded and has some great benches and shady areas beneath the trees.  It’s here you can recreate the photo op of all those studious students studying on vibrant green grass or laying along the main green’s iconic water fountain.  Strike a pose – maybe you’ll inspire a future Catamount.