Catamounts Choose Courses: Classes For a Sweet Spring 2019 schedule

uvm campus in winter

Soooooo the Spring 2019 schedule of courses is out and class registration is just around the corner! As Hopefully you’ve gotten a chance to comb through it and create your spring 2019 schedule…. And hey, who’da thunk – we’ve got a Course Registration 101 blog to guide you through the process. We also have some class suggestions for ya! Each BOREDie listed a dope class you might consider taking, but as always, if you’ve got something to add, let us know.

Happy Registration!



NFS033: What’s Brewing In Food Science 

4 credits; M-W-F 9:40-10:30 + a weekly lab

You heard me, this course involves everything beer. There is not an age restriction on the class so there is no drinking involved. Dr. Todd uses this course to explain the history of beer, home brewing, and the techniques of other types of alcohol. I took this course as a first year and absolutely loved it. Dr.Todd is a very engaging professor with some fun quirks. He does a great job of explaining the science side of the course to us non-science people. You’re allowed a cheat sheet for every test along with free extra credit points just for showing up. This course gave me an in depth understanding of the beer industry and how to appreciate the finer brews in life.




BSAD285: Options and Futures

3 credits; M-W 3:30-4:45

The basic idea behind an option is that if you are given options when making a decision, these options are never free. The more options that you are given to choose from, the more you will have to risk. This class is all about learning how to balance risks that you take when investing in the marketplace and how to capitalize successfully on options that you have available to you.




HLTH 051: Wilderness First Responder

3 credits; T or Th 1:00-3:45 (see timing details)

If you plan on working at a camp, leading outdoor trips, or working in the backcountry having a WFR certification goes a long way. This 3 credit hour course involves one weekly 3 hour class with a few field practicals throughout the semester. Often WFR certification classes cost around $700 and are difficult to locate, however at UVM the class is a steal at $350 and you walk away with a certification for Wilderness First Responder by the respected Stonehearth Open Learning Opportunities (SOLO).




EDTE 056: Language, Policy Issues, Race, and Schooling

3 credits; T-Th 8:30-9:45 or M-W-F 8:30-9:20

If you haven’t taken that D1 requirement yet this class might be perfect for you. This course can be taken in class, or online – score! EDTE is a 3 credit course that explores that examines the connection between race and language as it relates to Immigration and policies. This course is all about engaging with your peers, questioning systems used in the past, and learning about different marginalized groups in depth.



ENVS 197/Students-Teaching-Students: Sense of Place in the Anthropocene

3 credits; Tuesdays 1:15-4:15

I’m hopping on this opportunity to promote the class I’ll be co-teaching next spring as my senior capstone in environmental studies. My good pal and classmate Ella and I have been working all semester to develop this course about Sense of Place and how it can be a tool for action in the environmental movement. Class time will be spent in community dialogue, reflection and connecting. We’ll explore places on and around campus, and we’ll explore topics surrounding Sense of Place, like place-based education, place-based activism and art, food and farming (to name just a few). This course will cultivate a sense of place that encourages environmental stewardship, supports action-oriented community engagement and inspires critical consciousness. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!