So You Wanna Treat Yo’ Self Around Campus …

Most of my money goes to satisfying my craving of sweet treats. I hope I’m not the only one… that’s why I decided to stroll around campus and look for the top seven goods and where to find them. Personally I am a huge chocolate fan, I can eat anything with chocolate, but to keep it varied I went out and tried to find other treats that have no chocolate. But Happy Holidays Folks and Treat Yo’ Self on campus and at home! 

Cookie Loves’ Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies  ($1.59)

No doubt that Cookie Love Cookies are some of the best, and when I found out they were selling cookies at UVM I immediately was like ‘YES TAKE MY MONEY’. Some favorites are the Enduring Love Oatmeal Cranberry, First Love Chocolate Chip, It’s a Wonderful Love Sugar Cookie, and Puppy Love Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. Classical great ones. But the one that truly cannot be resisted and will be cookie love at first sight is the Forbidden Love Trip Chocolate Chip Cookie. This cookie represents being chocolate wasted with three different kinds in every bite. This cookies are located in Brennans, the Waterman Cafe and the Waterman Manor. Also, Brennans’ knows how to catch a gal by putting these delicious temptations right by the cashier so whenever I’m there buying an awesome meal I can’t resist by putting my hands in the cookie jar. You will not be disappointed when if you try these cookies! 


Brownies from UVM Hospital ($1.00)  

For those of you who do not know the UVM Hospital has cheap good food and DESERTS! I mean they have a way of persuading you because once again these brownies are on the way to the cashier. With crunchy edge and a soft chewy middle and a bonus of chocolate chips these brownies will melt in your mouth. For a $1.00 you get chocolatey goodness, and if you want to keep in budget you can get a cheap meal and top it off with this desert! Yes UVM Hospital is a little out of way but when you are in the area stop by to get this cheap treat, it is close to Votey, Kalkin, and Fleming. 

Dairy Bar Strawberry Banana Smoothie ($5.95)

I had my share of strawberry banana smoothies but by far the one from the UVM Dairy Bar is my favorite. This creamy smoothie is made from fresh strawberries and bananas, Cabot Greek Yogurt, and Apple Juice. The Apple Juice is the best part, it mellows out the sweet taste that come from the fruit. It also is a great start to your morning! The Strawberry Banana Smoothie is thick and refreshing that it fills you up when you aren’t feeling a heavy meal.  If you do not want a smoothie with so much fruit, the Diary Bar has tons of other smoothies you can get. There are even ice cream sundaes! Shoutout the the UVM Diary Bar for having many tropical options. 


10 cent Candies and Chocolates from Cat Pause ($.10)

Cat Pause comes in clutch during the day but if you need a cheap sugar pick me up they have 10 cent candies and chocolates. These candies are fan favorites like Sour Patch, Swedish Fish, and Laffy Taffys. But be warned because once you start eating these candies it will be hard to stop, so cheap and so good. These candies are great for an in class treat, a sugar pick me up, and if you finished all your halloween candy but don’t want to buy a big bag of candy. 


Marche Vegan Cookies ($1.89)

Fair Warning, these cookies have a LOT of sugar and it’s exactly why I always find myself craving them. This sugary goodness is located in the Marche right next to Sprout. Last semester they were not there, *cues sad rainy day music* so this semester I get it every time I’m in there. The Marche’s Vegan Cookie is the perfect additional to UVM’s Vegan Dining. The sweet cookie is large enough for one person but to be honest you can also share it with friends. I once had to tell my friends that the cookie wasn’t vegan so they can try it, they loved it and I ended up telling them afterwards. Marche’s Vegan Cookies are great when you want to enjoy cookies but can’t handle all the diary that comes along with one. 

Hot Apple Crumble from Skinny Pancake ($8.95)

Warm, spiced apple compote with house-made granola topped with whipped cream doesn’t this sound so good? When I tried it the compote was just the right amount of spice and apple! So much flavor in every bite. The Hot Apple Crumble is located in Skinny Pancake under ‘Sweet Crepes’ and is great meal for a sweet date. 


Treats from the Winter Burlington’s Farmers Market

The Farmers Market is one of the best places to get some good food, and desserts and it’s right in the Davis Center. There are vendors who sell fresh cakes, strudels, and pies of all kind. I had a coconut whoopie pie and it was great! You can also grab some fresh produce like carrots to make your own carrot cake. The Farmers Market is a quick, and easy stop to make sure you get all the treats you need, during the Winter they are there Saturdays 10am-2p all the way up to April 20th 🙂