UVM Tech Secrets: 8 Things You Need To Know

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After hearing from some recently graduated seniors that even after 4 years they hadn’t discovered some of UVM’s best tech resources, like the FREE UVM Software Archive, how to print on campus or how to forward UVM email to an existing personal account, we figured it was time to put together a little rundown of all that UVM has to offer in the way of tech.

And if you’re a new Catamount, soak this all in because you’re totally on top of your game. So here goes – all your questions and concerns answered in one convenient spot, and maybe a few things you didn’t even know to ask!

How to print on campus…

Printing on campus is a big deal – especially if you’re like us and didn’t cart a printer with you to campus (or don’t want to shell out a hefty price for ink).  There are lots of places to print on campus, and depending on what college you’re in or what classes you’re taking you’ll probably find your own awesome printing spot in no time.  Most computer labs on campus have printing capabilities – like any of the labs in Votey (we’re talking to you Computer Science majors). But one place can handle nearly all your printing needs…and that place is the Library.

Although this seems like it should be obvious, I was definitely befuddled the first time that I tried to print in the library. First of all, I didn’t realize that you could only pay for printing with CatScratch, so let’s start there. CatScratch is money that you can add to your student ID (your CATCard) that can be spent at a variety on and off campus vendors.  Funds can be added to CATCard in a variety of ways, including online, at the library’s circulation desk (right by the front door), at the CATCard Office, OR you can use an ATM/Debit Card to purchase a special CatScratch card from the CatScratch vending machine, also near the circulation desk.  There’s also a machine by the first floor infodesk in the Davis Center you can use to add Cat$cratch to your card.

For information on how to send and pick up the things you want to get printed from a library computer, check out this link here. Or for printing from your personal laptop, I’ll send you over here. For printing fees and more specialized info about copying and scanning (also available in the library), check out this!

If you’re doing a project or need some more specialized printing options, you should give UVM Print & Mail a visit – located in the basement of Waterman, they have the ability to print posters, packets, and items in bulk.


phone email

How to get your UVM email on a mobile device…
Disclaimer: No worries if you don’t have a mobile device! You can skip ahead…

One nice technical trick that I’ve personally found VERY helpful since I’ve been at UVM is connecting my UVM email account to my phone. Sometimes professors cancel class or send out important emails at the last minute, and it’s great to be able to get them on-the-go and ASAP. No fun to walk across campus at 8am in below-zero weather to find an empty classroom!

UVM’s IT department has a rundown of how to set up your UVM Exchange account on your Apple iOS devices and/or Android devices, but on most phones it is possible to go into the settings of your current e-mail app (even the Gmail app!) and “add account” (UVM uses ‘Exchange’, FYI).

Worst-case scenario, you can still access you e-mail through Outlook Web App on your phone or computer!


How to easily find any other UVM email address…

Have you ever wanted to email someone else on campus but all you have is their name? Luckily, that’s all you really need! Once you’ve added your UVM e-mail account to your device using the instructions above (or signed in using the Webapp), you’ve got the UVM directory at your fingertips! Just start typing in the name of your classmate and it should auto-populate their e-mail address.  Magic!



How to get FREE software (aka how to not pay for Microsoft Word)…

Discovering the UVM software archive was a lifesaver for me. Don’t want to shell out for Microsoft Office? Need help making a bibliography with EndNote? The Tech Team has got you covered with all sorts of neat stuff for Macs, Windows, and Linux, and all for absolutely FREE! All you need is your UVM NetID and password to log into the site, and it’s yours to download. Choose your platform and see what they’ve got to offer here.

Prepping for all those papers you’ll be writing and need a fresh copy of Microsoft Office (technically Office 365)?  UVM’s got you covered there too – you get a FREE copy of everything from Word to Powerpoint. Follow the instructions on how to download, install, and activate the software and get ready to be productive.

Pro Tip:  Look through all the programs listed in the UVM Software archive.  There might be a few surprise programs you never knew you needed that can make your academic life SO much easier!



How to connect your gaming and media stuff…

Attention first-years and second-years living on campus: if you’re planning on bringing gaming equipment, TVs with streaming devices, or any other sort of media-related thingamajig, you’ll find the Tech Team’s guide to “getting connected” at UVM pretty helpful. I know how much of a bummer it would be to not be able to sit down to Netflix on the big screen or chill out with some Mario Kart after move-in day, so be sure to keep this guide on hand from day one!

If you’re still having trouble after all that reading – give the UVM Tech support line a jingle at (802)-656-2604, and they’ll walk you through the process.

Pro Tip: Your Amazon Alexa, ChromeCasts, and Google Home Mini won’t work on UVM’s wifi. Save yourself the headache of trying to connect them…best leave them at home until you’re off-campus.



How to access your files anywhere on campus…

In preparation for the many Powerpoint presentations ahead of you, don’t forget about UVM’s Web File Manager (webfiles.uvm.edu), which lets you login to access your files anywhere. For those of us without a USB or an easy way to transport files from class to class, the Web File Manager is a game changer. Just upload whatever you’ve been working on to the page here (after logging in with your UVM NetID and password) and log back in on another computer to download it when you’re in a pinch!

Using a PC in one of the campus computer labs? You can save files to your ‘My Documents’ folder and then access them from any other PC on the UVM network – and from webfiles if you’re on the go.  You can even access these files if you’re on UVM wifi or plugged into UVM’s internet on your own computer! Check out these How to’s for Windows and macOS to learn how. Anything saved to these network folders is accessible by webfiles off-campus!


file transfer

How to file transfer a big file…

Another nifty tool for presentations or group projects is the UVM file transfer service (filetransfer.uvm.edu). It allows you to share files that might be too large (supports files up to 200GB in size) for an email or a text. If you’re working on a large digital file and want to collaborate with someone or share it, the file transfer is a great (free) way to do that! The page can be found here and will prompt you to log in.  It’ll even shoot you an e-mail letting you know when it’s been downloaded!

Pro-tip:  Sometimes UVM’s email service won’t send zipped files as a security precaution.  If you’re having trouble with that, UVM File Transfer is a great option to quickly shoot your compressed files without the hassle of it disappearing into the wild terrain of your UVM email.


How to get free technology help…

But the crème de la crème of tech resources is, of course, the UVM Tech Team. For any questions that we couldn’t answer for you, try searching for answers in their extensive “knowledgebase“. Got a slow or broken computer? Bring it to the Computer Clinic located in room i-117 of the Billings/Ira Allen Chapel building and they can try to help you troubleshoot what’s wrong with it – or quickly call their IT support line at (802)-656-2604 for some over-the-phone help. There have been quite a few moments in my past few years of school when I wish I had known about these folks so I could give them a call, so count yourself as one of the lucky ones!



Good luck navigating your technology from all of us at the Bored Team! ♥