BORED Awards 2019

Every year since 2015, we – the illustrious UVM BORED Team (oh, hey…that’s us) have sought out the answers to some of the universe’s biggest questions.  Where can I nap? Who is the most popular person on our campus? Where can I grab a delicious slice of ‘za?   Clearly a task too monumental for our 6 person team – we turned to you to speak your mind.

We know that UVM students have a lot of opinions on “what’s good”, so we thought we’d put it to the test to find the best of the best in everything from best eats to best classes and everything in between.  In the end, we settled on 39 unique categories that cover a variety of campus – and had our community nominate and vote on the winners.

Check out winners for 2018, 20172016, and 2015.). But the real show is what’s up in 2019. Without further adieu – we present to you, the best of the best of UVM in 2019 (with a little commentary from us, your friendly neighborhood UVM BORED team):


Simpsons Dining area


Runner Up: CCRH Dining

Five years in a role Simpson Dining Hall has been in the spotlight with it’s ice cream station, made to order omelets, and it’s friendly staff that there is no surprise here. It’s location on Redstone Campus adds to its elegance I might add. Although, Simpson is perfect to dine but where the heck are all the salt shakers?!  -Amanda


Brennan's Pub Quiz occuring

Best Retail Dining – Brennan’s Pub + Bistro

Runner Up: The Skinny Pancake

Alright, this comes as no surprise. Even with those epic 2PM lines that cropped up this year Brennan’s has been a staple food stop for anyone looking for a little less UVM Dining-y UVM Dining food. I have gotten the Huevos Rancheros every single time and I will continue ordering it until the day I die. The chicken tendies seem to be a fan favorite, but that’s up to you to decide. If the food wasn’t good enough UVM Program Board (::cough:: not us, UVM BORED ::cough::) puts on some pretty gnarly events on the Brennans stage and gives away all the free things you could desire. – Ellie 


Hendersons cafe counter

Best On-Campus Coffee Shop – Henderson’s Café

Runner Up: Cyber Café

Conveniently located, spacious enough to spread out, cozy enough to have an on-campus coffee date… real talk though, find a better place than Hendy’s for a date… Henderson’s is almost reasonably priced! Nice. The Maple Madness is really good. So is the Raspberry Mocha! Also there’s a fireplace, which is lovely in the winter months. Sometimes I see my professors in Henderson’s and I don’t know how to act around them being real people drinking coffee. Do you think they feel awkward too seeing their students? Anyway, Henderson’s won! Good job Hendy’s. – Giannina


lucky chinese food truck

Best On-Campus Food Truck – Lucky’s Chinese

Runner Up: Ahli Baba’s

Oh how we all love to love Lucky’s. Always stationed on South Prospect, the lovely family in Lucky’s Chinese Food Truck know how to truly serve a truly delicious yet affordable lunchtime meal. The folks over at Lucky’s always know how to put smile on your face and keep your stomach even happier! Thank you Lucky’s for keeping our stomachs full and our hearts light, stay bright. – Sean


exterior of mr mikes food establishment

Best Pizza Place – Mr. Mikes

Runner Up: Leonardo’s Pizza

The masses have spoken, Mr. Mike’s reigns supreme in Burlington’s turbulent pizza market. Who could turn down a slice of buff-chick after a night on the town? It appears in this year’s contest you all have chosen the humble corner spot over the more pricey alternatives that seem to pop up year after year in Burlington. Last year’s winner, American Flatbread, couldn’t even get past the nomination round this year.


bagels at the bagel place

Best Bagel Stop – The Bagel Place

Runner Up: Burlington Bagel Bakery

Catamounts are spoilt for choice when it comes to their bagels. With many varieties just a short walk or drive from campus, the Best Bagel Place award is one of the most hotly contested categories in the BORED Awards. This year The Bagel Place took the prize, this unpretentious little spot serves up fluffy bagels and generously portioned breakfast sandwiches and as an added bonus its within walking distance of campus!


Kountry Kart Deli

Best Late-Night Food Stop – Kountry Kart Deli (KKD)

Runner Up: Wings Over Burlington

Kountry Kart Deli, also known as “KKD’s” is a very popular late night snack spot downtown. Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the Flynn Theater, if you’re downtown in the evening and need a quick bite, stop by KKD’s for one of their famous shiners or one of their many other savory sandwiches. It was way popular even BEFORE Jimmy Fallon gave it a national shoutout-Jimmy




Best Class Year – Class of 2021

Runner Up: Class of 2022

The class of 2021, is making it very clear that they are a class that landed in Vermont to leave their mark and by coming in and grabbing the win for “Best Class” a second year in a row. They’ve truly gone from roaming the streets of Burlington to owning them. Comfortably holding the seat, the class of 2021 arrived last year coming from 47 states and 25 countries and have proven to turn their catamount cub pounce into a an amazing stride. They’ve won the cup this time, but the true test is if they can keep this up in years to come… We look forward to seeing you on the field next year.  -Sean


UVM ski & snowboard club

Best Club or Org – UVM Ski & Snowboard Club

Runner Up: UVM Program Board

The UVM Ski and Snowboard Club has grown to be now the largest collegiate ski and snowboard club in the entire country! Woot woot! From getting members access to discounted season passes to six different mountains in the area, to organizing awesome events like rail jams and movie premiers, The UVM Ski and Snowboard Club is your one stop shop for providing you your fill of skiing and riding stoke. -Jimmy


students playing broomball on ice

Best Intramural Sport – Broomball

Runner Up: Soccer

Broomball was played in my household before I even know it was an actual sport, i’m talking with actual brooms and a small ball my cousins had. Broomball is played on ice arena during the winter, think of it as hockey and soccer having a baby. Hey, at least this years winner has some soccer resemblance in it with intramural soccer being its’ runner up. Congrats to the Intramural Broomball Team for the win!-Amanda


Photos of athletes from UVM's basketball and womens hockey teams

Best Varsity Team – Men’s Basketball & Women’s Hockey

There is no doubt that one of the most exciting sporting events of the year was the Men’s Basketball Team making it to March Madness. Every catamount was beyond proud to see their favorite varsity team stepping up to the challenge and representing UVM at the dance. But let’s not forget our equally as talented lady Catamounts. Our Women’s Ice Hockey team packs the gut every year gives us all that warm, energizing, Catamount pride. – Ellie


men's hockey players

Favorite UVM Sporting Event – Men’s Hockey

Runner Up: Men’s Basketball

In my opinion, hockey is a sporting event that can peak everyone’s interest. If you’re not at a hockey game for the actual game, you may be there for the free swag…or at the very least you’re there to watch a fight. Ok the fights are bad…but our point is there’s something for everyone! Haven’t been yet? Add it to your UVM bucket list! – Ellie


Billings Library

Best New/Renovated Campus Spot – Billings Library

Runner Up: Central Campus

Billings Library looks like it should smell – like giant dusty books and old velvet chairs. Unfortunately, the chairs are this really squeaky pleather but they’re dramatically shaped to fit the academic mood of the place. If the Billings Library aesthetic was applied to a human, they’d be wearing a neutral-colored wool sweater with elbow patches and a dark green collar sticking out. They’d have those sorta cute nerd glasses and shiny leather shoes, and they’d probably carry around all their papers in an old leather messenger bag. They’d be full of obscure knowledge about butterflies and beetles (did you know there’s a bug exhibit in Billings?) and they’d be the go-to person for niche factoids (it’s also where Special Collections are) and they probably drink their coffee black. Glad to have ya’ back Bill. You’re lookin’ mighty fine with that new haircut. – Giannina


students smiling at springfest

Best On-Campus ‘Fest’ – SpringFest

Runner Up: FallFest

These April showers are sure to only be foreshadowing the bloom of this years amazing annual SpringFest flower. Being voted ‘Best Fest’ for a second year in a row, this years show will be sure to excite as UVM’s Program Board brings the rap collective Beast Coast, headliner Rico Nasty, and student band Juicebox to the main stage.  Historically this event hosts acts like Playboi Carti, Head and the Heart, Two Door Cinema Club, and MGMT – all with big musical performances, free food, fun activities, and creative photo opportunities. This UVM tradition continuously competes where it cannot be compared. -Sean


students holding wow tumblers

Best On-Campus Event – Week of Welcome (UVM WOW)

Runner-Up: SpringFest

Week of Welcome to be completely honest is my favorite event because of all the FREEBIES! This series is a week long of events during the first week of the Fall semester! It includes free coffee at our iconic Catamount Statue, a Comedy Show, a Rally on the Green for First Years, random giveaway, and TONS MORE. During this time you will see our sister organization UPB hosting these events, and running around with green week of welcome shirts to make sure these events are a success for you all!  -Amanda


Cabot the therapy dog

Best On-Campus Personality – Cabot the Therapy Dog

Runner-Up: Fumiyo

Cabot the dog won Best on-campus personality, I guess that’s fine but Cabot is a dog and doesn’t have the capacity to form complex thoughts. But runner-up, Fumiyo, a human, brightens everyone’s morning in Simpson with her warm smile and heartfelt greeting. Be better UVM…


Make UVM Groovy Again Logo

Best Official UVM Social Media Account – @makeuvgroovyagain

Runner Up: @universityofvermont

Yeah, so MUGA isn’t technically an “official” UVM account but hey, it won anyway and who are we to disagree (@universityofvermont came in second – notable because it has some of the highest engagement for a higher ed social account in the country!). We’re impressed (and mayyyyybe a little jealous) at the success of MUGA – its following, its ruthless and relatable meme game, its true grassroots nature (its opinionated lens on our whimsical copy)… yeehaw MUGA, you are using the internet like only your generation could. Keep outmeme-ing the Man! – Giannina


uvm bored team with their giveaways

Best Media Organization – UVM BORED

Runner Up: The Watertower

I don’t know if this is a conflict of interest but UVM BORED won the best Media Organization on campus. Shout out to the Watertower for taking second place, I enjoy the craigslist postings. Sorry Cynic, I guess stealing off-campus living blogs for your publication doesn’t translate to popularity among students.


Catamount Statue

 Best UVM Landmark – Catamount Statue

Runner Up: Williams Hall

She is beauty. She is grace. She is everything we hold near and dear to our hearts at UVM. The catamount statue is much more than a bronze kitty cat, she is the last shred of hope available to us students. I have spent many frantic mornings walking around campus before a test. The statue feeds off of that pre-test energy, and beckons you closer. I’m not saying that rubbing the statue makes you do well on a test…I’m just saying I always rub the statue and have yet to be put on academic probation… – Ellie



Best Way to Get Around Campus – Walking

Runner Up: Bus / CATShuttle

With its fifth year in a row winning…we’re really getting a sense of how active UVM students are. Your favorite way to get around campus is by using your trusty feet. I don’t blame you! The trails and tunnels around campus are pretty beautiful and easy to traverse. You really love to reduce your carbon footprint and that’s why UVM loves ya. A bus in the winter time is pretty nice though… – Ellie


Living and Learning Building

Best Residence Hall – Living & Learning

Runner Up: University Heights North

Living and Learning has unseated the 4-time winner of Best Residence Hall, U-Heights North! Nice going L/L, you finally beat the nerds. How did you do it? Is it because you are fueled by Skinny P? The creative energy of the Pottery Coop? The mental stimulation of navigating your labyrinthine halls? The support of community living that isn’t commodified by apple watches? Oops, we didn’t say that! Anyway, good job L/L!   – Giannina


students from sustainability learning community

Best Learning Community – Sustainability

Runner Up: Cultural Crossroads

How fitting that your favorite learning community would be Sustainability. Coming from one of the most environmentally focused schools in the country this is no surprise. Sustainability students may be some of the lucky few to live in University Heights South. Keep this in mind when you’re choosing housing next year… – Ellie


student on a bed in a residence hall room

Best Place to Nap – My Bed

Runner Up: The University Green

This year, students have made it clear that they prefer the safety and comfort of their own beds rather than the entire physical space of the room. You and your bed are truly the only match made in heaven so be sure to keep your favorite cozy spot comfy. Practice some self-care by turning your bed into the cloud of your dreams that way you end and start the day just drifting away. Keep your stuffed animals on guard and your pillows fluffed because your bed is your best friend whether you like it or love it.  -Sean


students in stacked in hammocks

Best Hammocking Spot – Redstone Forest

Runner Up: Lake Champlain Waterfront

Whether it’s the end of summer or the start of spring, you’ll certainly know its nice out when you see a flock of hammockers in the Redstone Forest. I don’t know if I’d call it a forest but either way, this quaint grouping of tall pines is the perfect spot to watch the sunset, read a book, or do some homework all within the comforts of your own hammock. -Jimmy


bored felt pens in numerous colors

Best Free Pens On-Campus – UVM BORED

Runner Up: UVM Program Board

There is *literally* no greater honor than to accept this award for the 3rd year in a row for Best Free Pens On Campus. We are humbled and delighted and proud. We do what we do not because it is easy, but because it is needed. The people need their pens, and they need them to be different colors. We hear you, UVM, and we thank you for acknowledging us in return with this incredible and prestigious award. It is truly an honor to serve you and to do it well. To all other Free Pens On Campus nominees, we’d like to say ‘suck it’ and get on our level and better luck next year (but also thanks for supplying our campus pens regardless). – Giannina


Davis Center

Best Place to Work On-Campus – Dudley H. Davis Center

Runner Up: Campus Recreation

I accept this award in honor of the Dudley H. Davis Center. Dudley never fails to disappoint. They are reliable, warm, a fun hangout spot, and most of all they have great food options. Some little fun facts about the all so stunning beaut are,

      • DC is one of the busiest buildings in the state (not the BIGGEST building – not even close).
      • The DC Atrium stairs are the largest known open/non-switchback stairs in the state.
      • The stairs connecting leading to the 4th floor are the highest-capacity, largest width interior stairs in the State

From working in Hendersons, to the Advising Center, to being one of the Davis Center Operations Student Staff you will always see friendly faces, and enjoy your time working. I mean come on this building has had some pretty cool people to walk through it like Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Misha Collins.



Howe Library

Best On-Campus Study spot – Howe Library

Runner Up: Dana Medical Library

The newly minted Howe Library has won best on-campus study spot. Why wouldn’t it, with four levels of choose-your-own adventure study experiences, the Howe Library is the spot to rise and grind, socialize, stress nap or a combination of all three!


sign that says nowhere

Best Place to Pull an All-Nighter – Nowhere

Runner Up: My Room

Not sleeping isn’t cool, that’s why “nowhere” took the landslide victory as the best place to pull an all-nighter. Manage your time, get some sleep, the only place you should be pulling an all-nighter, is an all-nighter of precious sleep in your bed.


students studying fermentology

Best Class / Course – NFS 033 What’s Brewing in Food Science?

Runner Up: PEAC 154 – West African Dance

What other school have you visited that provides a class on the art of beer making. This class led by Dr.Todd was voted as your favorite course here at UVM and we can support that decision. Whether you’re an NFS major/minor or not this course can provide an understanding and appreciation for some of the finer things in life…unless you’re a wellness student. – Ellie


Professor Kevin Beard

Best Professor – Kevin Beard

Runner Up: Joan Marie Rosebush

I have had the pleasure of having Kevin Beard as a professor twice now for STAT 141 and STAT 183 and he is very personable and funny. 10 out of 10 would hang out with him on a Saturday if I had the chance! Contrary to popular belief, Professor beard doesn’t actually have a beard. Scandal! -Jimmy


UVM Green from above

Best College / School – College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)

Runner Up: Rubenstein School of Environment & Natural Resources

Like a phoenix rising from up its ashes the College of Arts and Sciences has the support of its students. Despite a budgeting shortfall and controversial program cuts, the College of Arts and Sciences remains the largest at the University. As a soon-to-be CAS alum, I am very grateful for all of the opportunities this college has given me, especially in the Asian Languages and Literature department.



band 99 neighbors

Best Local Band – 99 Neighbors

Runner Up: Full Walrus

Coming in at securing this year’s Best Local Band spot the up and definitely coming collective of independent artists, that is 99 Neighbors is sure to be exciting. If you haven’t heard of them yet you better be sure to get on it as their next local show is taking place May 3rd at Higher Ground! Though they are seemingly outgrowing their roots as they will soon be landing on the stages of major music festivals such as Made in America and Mad Decent Block Party. Within this collective creativity is key and with the upward momentum they’ve caught the sky is the only foreseeable limit for this group. Be sure to give them a listen on Spotify! -Sean


people enjoying a concert at higher ground

Best Live Music Venue – Higher Ground

Runner Up: Radio Bean

Higher Ground has had GREAT artist walk through their doors to perform, for example Drake Bell and this years local band winner 99 Neighbors! Their concerts vary from different types of music at different prices but for sure you can always count on Higher Ground to have something to do on the weekends. If it’s free you want then check out this years runner up Radio Bean for some free music shows during different weekends, you may even find your new favorite local band. -Amanda


Camel's Hump from the top

Best Local Hike – Camel’s Hump

Runner Up: College Street (TRUTH)

About a 50 minute drive away is this UVM favorite. While I would advise packing your crampons at this point in the year, it is a lovely and well timed hike. This is the third highest peak in vermont and includes an 6 mile round trip via the Monroe Trail. I’ve never personally completed this trail, but it is up there on my list. We’ve heard from many of you that it is your favorite trail running spot. Happy trails, folks! – Ellie


Muddy Waters

Best Off-Campus Coffee – Muddy Waters

Runner Up: Uncommon Grounds

As a self-proclaimed coffee snob I can agree with y’alls that Muddy Waters is an off-campus favorite. While it is a quaint little spot, the atmosphere is perfect to sit, chat, and maybe even pull out your laptop. Check out our Cafe Crawl 2018 to get our take on coffee around burlington. – Ellie


Montreal Stylze exterior

Best Haircut Place – Montreal Stylze  

Runner Up: Main St. Barbers

I’ve literally never gotten my hair cut at a salon – my mom still cuts my hair and I’m proud of it – but if I were to actually pay for a trim, perhaps I’d go to Montreal Stylze. Maybe it’s the hint of Canadian good taste or the reminiscence of metropolitan suave – or just the fact that ‘Stylze’ looks unpronounceable (but somehow you still get “styles” and that’s just sort of fun). Then again, Main St. Barbers were a close runner-up and there is something refreshingly straightforward about that. I imagine they have those stripe-y spinning poles and a striped awning. Do you think there’s a barber shop quartet that greets you when you walk in? Probably. You know what they say, always judge a hair salon by its name. -Giannina


sunset at an icy waterfront

Most Instagrammable Spot – Waterfront

Runner Up: Church Street

Whether you are touring UVM for the first time as a prospective student, a senior approaching graduation, or somewhere in between, I’m sure we can all agree that we’ve taken at least a handful of photos at the Burlington waterfront. These photos probably are of a maple creamie from the creamie shack, the sunset, sitting on the bench swings with friends, or all of the above in one photo! -Jimmy


staircases in montreal

Best VT Road Trip Destination – Montreal

Runner Up: Ben & Jerry’s Factory

Hopefully you have been in Vermont long enough to know definitively that Montreal is NOT in Vermont, or rather, that Vermont is NOT in Canada… so although it’s not technically a “VT Road Trip Destination,” Montreal is a must-do. It’s close enough that you can decide to go on a whim, and far enough that they speak a different language and you won’t run into your professor downtown. – Giannina