Cafe Crawl 2019

It’s that time of the year again, where the weather drops but our caffeine intake rises. Us Cats here at UVM BORED found it right that we go around Burlington to check out the best Cafe joints and report back to you. From house made chocolate from Nu Chocolate to pressed paninis at Perky Planet, there is honestly a cafe for everyone!

Starbucks (Ama)

“May your Starbucks always be stronger than your long Mondays”

General Atmosphere (8/10): Starbucks is often cozy but yet busy at the same time. Inside it’s warm and there will always be soothing jazz music playing. This atmosphere makes it easy to study and get some work done! There’s also a little space out at the front of Starbucks, I prefer that area instead of being inside; out there I get to feel the breeze and read my book. It is amazing in the summertime, sitting out on the benches and drinking green tea. It is also a great place to sit and reflect on life and future goals! 

Priciness (7/10): As college students we are broke! But Starbucks is very affordable. I ordered Matcha Green Latte tea and a bagel which came out to a total of $8.50. Not bad at all. I normally go to Starbucks as a treat for myself after having a long rough week, I consider it my self-care! You will probably be able to afford some drinks order on the menu, the least you can do is give it a try. 

Study-ability (7/10): As a junior, is has always been a problem finding quiet places to study that is not the library. I love to pack up my backpack and head to Starbucks to study the whole day. It is a very calming place to do some school work when is not that busy. Some days it is very packed and the music is fairly loud which can make it harder to study. But if you bring your headphones and listen to some slow jazz, it makes it very peaceful and private to zone into your studies. 

Best Hot Chocolate Alternative: Starbucks is about finding and making your own brew. I think that’s what makes Starbucks so unique because it all about what the customers want and how they find their favorite all-time drink! For me, Starbucks has always felt like heaven on earth. The baristas go above and beyond for you to have a good experience and enjoy your time at Starbucks. 

Overall Score: 8/10: I love Starbucks with a passion! The drinks, the atmosphere, the smell, space, etc. Especially in New York during the holidays, Starbucks is amazing and welcoming that it feels like home. They have varieties and vegan and gluten-free options. It is a great space to study and read a book, go to help release some stress. Overall, I am very bias about Starbucks, maybe it’s because I love it so much!  

Knead Bakery (Harmony) 

General Atmosphere (9/10): Throwback R&B jams are softly played. Art adorns the walls. The workers always have a smile on. If you’re looking for a small cozy spot to hang out and get some delicious vegan food, Knead Bakery is the best option. The only quam I have is that this cozy spot is small, so it tends to get packed fairly quickly on the weekends.

Priciness (8/10): For a vegan spot, the prices aren’t bad. The princes range from $6-11 dollars. Compared to other Vegan restaurants that’s a steal!

Study-ability (7/10): Whenever I come to Knead, there is always someone working studiously on an assignment. The vibes are super chill making this a great place to study. The music played out loud could distract some folks however. So my advice to you is to come with a pair of headphones and jam out to your own study tunes. 

Best Coffee Alternative: Knead Bakery has an array of hot caffeinated teas, any one of their options should suffice. My go to however is the Nantucket Nectars Apple juice (one of the best kinds of apple juice!) 


Nu Chocolat (Jimmy) 

General Atmosphere (9/10): A very modern yet european chic atmosphere existed here. It is a fairly large space with a lot of walking room and tables and shelves with displays of highlighted chocolate treats with samples which was pretty cool. A good amount of their chocolate options I would consider unconventional, but were super good. Definitely a cool place to stop in with friends or family.

Priciness (3/10): Nu Chocolat is not a place you want to go if you’re running on a tight budget. I got a coffee for my mom, a chocolate bar, and a candied orange slice and it cost me 18 dollars lol. The chocolate bar was very good and it is all made in house daily so with that being said, it is tough to complain about the price given the quality of chocolate you’re getting. It’s a very different experience than buying a Hershey’s bar from your local CVS. The coffee on the other hand is fairly priced I would say.

Studyability (6/10): There is music playing at a volume that isn’t loud but also probably isn’t ideal for studying. There are 5 tables that you could do work at but there isn’t a significant amount of outlets so that could be problematic if you’re working on a laptop. There is a decent amount of space so feeling cramped shouldn’t be a problem.

Best Coffee Alternative: The best coffee alternative is definitely chocolate as I’m sure you’ve already figured out. The chocolate is very good and there are a bunch of cool options that are available to be sampled and it is all made in their kitchen on site. Nu Chocolat is also a great place for gifts as they wrap everything in nice gift bags and tissue paper after you checkout.



Perky Planet (Amanda)

General Atmosphere (9/10): Perky Planet is one of the most welcoming places I have been in because the service was so friendly, the staff  greet you with a smile and answer any questions that you have. It is located on St. Paul Street and King Street, if you can’t find it, no biggie just look for the huge rainbow flag hanging outside! Right when you walk in, the place smells of coffee, there is a life size Bernie cut out, smiling faces, jazz music playing at a good volume, and elders from the community. There was plenty of seating, with a great atmosphere around, when the weather is nicer you can even sit on the side patio that they have. 

Priceness (7/10): I got a yerba mate and a paini for a total of $10 dollars. You will probably want to grab food from Perky Planet if you do not have a budget, or if you don’t mind spending a little extra. The food was good though, and they made it fresh. There is a good variety of options but not many.

Studyability (9/10): Perky Planet is a great place to study. The music playing in the background is at a good volume to not get distracted, I had my own headphones though to jam out to my study tunes. There is FREE wifi, and we love that. The staff also do not bother you, and since it is usually not busy you are not distracted by people. 

Best Coffee Alternative: Perky Planet has a bunch of other drinks that you can get if you are not a coffee person. I am one of those that do not drink coffee (sorry not sorry), so I got a Yerba Mate. There is a cooler filled with Yerbas, and other beverages like apple juice. The cafe also has other hot drinks like tea and hot chocolate. 

Klingers (Ellie) 

General Atmosphere (8/10): Imagine you’re at an olive garden, but this olive garden is also a starbucks. Welcome to Klingers, the beautiful pairing you never thought you needed. Klingers is a weekly visit for me as I adore their bakery items, coffee, and most of all, breakfast sandwiches.

Priciness (8/10): As far as coffee goes, it is difficult to beat this price for the quality of your drink. The lattes are to die for and come with all sorts of milk alternatives. You can get a monster sized breakfast sammie for just under 5 dollars (don’t forget they use their special bread made fresh daily).

Study-ability (3/10):  While an adorable little spot, the services is very spotty and the location is cramped. I would not recommend doing your work here. There is a constant flush of people coming through the bakery at all times which makes it a little tough to focus. Might be best to take your coffee to go…

Best Coffee Alternative: I thought I would never ditch a plain, black coffee…that is until I met the Maple London Fog from Klingers. This is a fall seasonal drink and boy will it knock your socks off. If you are unfamiliar, a London fog is Earl Grey Tea steeped in steamed milk. That is a nap in a cup. Klingers goes one step further and adds that Vermont twist therefore perfecting this classic drink.


Have any Cafe suggestions? Let us know so we can check them out! Stay toasty Catamounts.