Fall Fashion 2019

It is finally happening. The skies are turning grey, the leaves have made their peace and my feet are losing traction on the ground with every passing day. Winter is here and making it pretty clear that she is here to stay. With this in mind, lets take a look back on some of our favorite fashion styles gearing up towards the big cold headed our way.

The ‘Walk Up The Hill’

This one goes out to our off campus readers. No-matter the weather you are bound to be over/under dressed. Yes, it may be -10 degrees when you leave your house in the morning, but you better be prepared to be drenched in sweat by the time you make it to class. This hill is famous for ruining your outfit, breaking your back, and crushing your spirit.

The Electric Long Board Kid

He zooms. He really is zooming. Oh boy somebody please slow him down. Oh no, He cant hear us, He’s got headphones on. Don’t let the aviator sun glasses fool you, these speed demons have no right to be going this fast. Keep your head on a swivel. You never know where they might be coming from.

The ‘West-Coaster’

With an incoming class of over 2,000 folks – we’re already starting to notice the non-New Englander’s react to the changing of the seasons.  While the rest of us slowly layer up, the puffy down jackets and perplexed faces are already out for those more used to sunny skies and sandy beaches – what do you mean the ground freezes in the morning!? You’ll make it through, promise.  Our advice? Save the parkas for December through February, trust us.


‘Stocks & Socks’

This one is kinda self-explanatory and pretty versatile, seeing you can really wear any fall-y style clothes above your ankles. It’s definitely a personal favorite, gotta get the most out of your beloved ‘Birks.’


Snow doesn’t head our way until late November, but you’ve already bought your ski pass and are wearing your ski jacket. You’re telling yourself it’s just to ‘break it in,’ but we know you’re trying to will the weather into existence through pure fashion. You’ve definitely contemplated bringing ski poles to class, and you have the Ski & Snowboard Club’s Season Pass pick-up day blocked off on your calendar.  The ‘swish swish’ of your snow pants scream “asking me what mountain I’m skiing or riding at this year” because you’re already working to find your peeps and get the most out of that night pass to Bolton.

The Skating Farmer

You heard me. The Skating Farmer. This merges the two most prevalent styles here at UVM. Some representation for our tiny hat, coverall wearing crew, skating their way to take care of the UVM cattle. While we don’t promote skating with a pitch fork, we certainly respect the hustle.