BOREDie Tips: Self-Dates for your Hallmark Holiday!

It’s that time of the year again, where you search for the best chocolates, put as much glitter on that valentines card you can, and spread love all around. Wether you like this holiday or not, us BOREDies thought it would be fun to let you know our perfect self dates mixed in with some views on this hallmark holiday!

Jimmy’s Ideal Self Date:

My go to self date is heading to go skiing at Stowe on the weekdays. An easy 45 minute drive from Burlington makes going between classes and taking a few solo laps is so relaxing and makes me feel refreshed and ready to go. I know, I know, this definitely isn’t a typical self date but if you’ve never gone skiing or snowboarding alone before, grab a set of earbuds, toss on your favorite playlist and go rip some groomer turns. You won’t regret it!

Amanda’s Ideal Self Date:

I tried to come up with an elaborate kind of self date, but then I realized that my perfect self date would be the activity I do the most which is binge watching movies with comfy clothes (fuzzy socks included) while eating some snacks. What movies you ask? Honestly, it does not matter but I do avoid valentines ones, and no I do not hate the holiday; I do hate though that it is considered a holiday and we DO NOT get a day off for. I know this probably shouldn’t be considered a date but it’s valentines day so lets share some candy hearts and get past that.

Ellie’s Ideal Self Date:

I go absolutely BANANAS for this holiday! What could be better than a day set aside for appreciating everyone that you love? With that in mind I tend to prepare a couple days ahead of time. This involves a lot of crafting so stay with me here. The Valentines Day classic is a cute little card. These can be as naughty or nice as you want them to be, but they are an absolute must. Next, you should think about if your v-day celebration should be more of a brunch, a one on one, or a full blown party. Plan accordingly with tons of baked goods and home cooked meals. This should set the perfect scene for a day of appreciation. Show your homies how much you love them!

Harmony’s Ideal Self Date:

The perfect solo date/ self date for me is practicing self-love rituals. I set the mood with pink and white candles, which represent purity and self love. I grab my moonstone crystal and rose quartz. These two crystals are perfect for connecting with the divine feminine and self love. Next, I light an incense and put on my girl Erykah Badu (a Queen!) After I grab my journal and start writing. It could be in any format, a rant, a poem, some affirmations. Whatever I’m feeling. Lastly, I say love filled affirmations aloud and take some deep breathes. Self-love rituals is the perfect way to spend your Valentine’s Day. Love on you first boo! 

Ama’s Ideal Self Date:

My ultimate self-care day includes green tea face masks and a face cleanser. Then I relax my soul by listening to some soothing R&B old hits like Brian Mcknights and SWV. Then after a face mask, I like to grab myself a ben and jerry ice cream from the marche and watch some Proud Family on Disney Plus. Then after that, I love to take a long hot shower while listening to music and connecting with myself. And observing how my day or the week went. The shower I grab a book and drink some hot green tea to calm myself. Loving yourself should be your number one priority!