Studious Study Spots 2019

Whether at the end of the semester and cramming for a final – or are just pondering that upcoming pop-quiz, we want to make sure you traverse the year with plenty of gold stars. So we studied, sweeped, and snooped to see what are the best places to study on campus. We are students to, and we total get it, having a change of scenery can help with studying. If you have any study spots be sure to share them.

3rd floor Howe Library 


If you need somewhere quiet to study, and I mean really quiet then the third floor of the Howe library is a good place to do that. Put on some headphones, listen to your favorite playlist and enjoy the blissfulness of the third floor. With the third floor being it’s own little world in the Howe Library there is not much distracting you, you can take a break to walk around and glance at the many books available. Pro tip: do not bring crunchy or loud snacks, unless you want some stares from other catamounts studying. – Amanda 

Waterman Cafe

There is no better feeling than studying with a bunch of snacks surrounded by you. The Waterman cafe is a good place to study, they have booth style seating so you are comfy, and there’s space to lay out your work, and your food. There is always something cooking in the back so if you are feeling snacky or hungry you are bound to find some grub. – Amanda 

Medical Library

Located behind Converse Residence Hall the medical library is where sound goes to die. It is a wonderfully comfortable spot that is completely void of disruptions. If you are anything like me, who sees the first floor of the library as a social hub more than anything, then this is the perfect place for you. This spot is also a short walk from the Hospital Cafe, which is home to some of the best priced food on campus. -Ellie

Alumni House

Did you know you have constant access to the alumni house? The alumni house is located just a couple blocks down from campus on summit street. This spot has the energy of a mountain lodge yankee candle, you know the one. Whether you need to get a room for yourself and some study buddies, or just need to hang out in a grand living room I highly recommend checking out this spot. -Ellie

Ifshin Hall study rooms:


The Ifshin Hall study rooms are a great spot to meet with small groups to practice for a presentation or even review as a group for a final exam. Each study room is equipped with a table to fit 4 or 5 people, a white board that comes in handy for doing practice problems, and a TV that you can plug your laptop into with an HDMI cable. There aren’t a ton of these study rooms so they are a bit of a hot commodity! Score one while you can! – Jimmy

4th floor of the Davis Center:


The 4th floor of the Davis Center is one of my favorite places to read or review for an exam by myself. Unless there is an event going on, it is usually very quiet and there are comfy chairs (even some near the fireplace). In addition, being in the Davis Center, makes it a very convenient place to go if you’re in a time crunch or are between classes. – Jimmy


Cultural Crossroads


The Cultural Crossroad space in the Living and Learning Center is a new improved environment with a comfy chair and quiet areas to study. I love studying there because it is normally empty. And they have snacks and a coffee maker. It is a great place to drink some warm coffee and study for finals. -Ama 


Fire place lounge l/l


The Fireplace Lounge located in the Living and Learning Center is amazing! The fireplace is my favorite spot. It has a great open space where you can have group projects with others. They have comfy chairs that are the best to nap on. It is also always quiet and calming for the soul. -Ama



Okay this may be weird one considering how busy Brennans can get. However, if you’re like me, a busy place can be a sanctuary for study. I’m from the Bronx, so I’m used to getting work done in loud areas. Therefore, Brennans sort of soothes me and reminds me of home. Also, Brennans fries are to die for. Ideally, I like to sit at a table where there are outlets, but if those aren’t vacant, the comfy couches in the back are a great second option!  -Harmony


Mi Casa


Nothing beats HOME SWEET HOME! I know some may struggle with  studying in their house, but for me, it’s the best option. It feels nice to be in the comfort of your own home whilst getting your study groove on. I turn my speakers all the way up, make myself a meal, and get to work. – Harmony