What To Do When There’s Nothing To Do

I am so bored. UVM BORED (hehe). Now is the time where we have all the time in the world, but getting out of bed is the hardest chore to accomplish. We should be working on ourselves and establishing hobbies! Consider this blog your wakeup call. It’s time to get up , get moving, and set goals for yourself. Let me walk you through it.


Connect and Play Games with your Friends Online

The days of sitting on the couch and binging a series with the homies is on hold…or is it. Netflix party is a free chrome extension that takes just 5 minutes to set up. We also set up a gamer tag directory that you can submit your name to to find some online video game friends! This along with many other virtual games are coming into the light and are a beautiful substitute for face to face game time. But we won’t bore you with the details…we already have a great blog post to help with these things!


Start an Instagram Live Cooking Show

Bust out those old family cookbooks that you never thought you would use. Now is as good a time as any to channel your inner Bobby Flay and finally get into cooking. I mean, really get into it. I want you cooking and baking everything from scratch, finally figure out what that yeast in the fridge is used for. Watch some videos from Bon Appetit kitchen and really learn about everything you’re doing! Get crazy. Make Kombucha. Who cares. Nobody but you will taste it – who will know if you fail? Next step, turn it into a competition and insta live your creations for all your friends to see. Show them the cool things you’ve learned. Feel free to tag us @uvmbored so we can signal boost your new culinary skills! Maybe you’ll discover a new talent. Or maybe you’ll be making your Nailed It! audition video. Sounds like a win-win to us.


Do a Puzzle!

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Buy a puzzle, sit down and work on it until you see red, then forget about it. If this isn’t your cup of tea look for a paint by numbers or try your hand at any kind of art. Screen time is at an all-time max so take any opportunity you can to exercise the other half of your brain and give your eyes a rest.


Workouts / Zoom Family Yoga

If you’re anything like me, you may fear that you’re going to get bed sores soon. All muscle mass left my body in the first week of isolation…and I have no one to blame but myself. Lucky for us, UVM Athletics and Campus Rec post their live fitness classes on youtube along with many other fitness coaches – all for free! Local yoga studios and celebrities are making it as easy as possible to join with them and their daily workouts. While we may not come out of this quarantine looking like Chris Hemsworth, but we can hopefully come out a healthier and happier person.


Pick Up an Instrument and/or Watch a Concert

Got an old recorder laying around? What about a Uke? Maybe you’ve just been putting off learning the piano. Take the next week / month / summer to look up youtube tutorials and work on tapping into your deep talent. There’s so much free information at our fingertips if you have the discipline to really learn it. It may take a while and it might be frustrating, but in the end I promise every minute of practice will be worth it. If you are really against learning an instrument sit in for a digital concert online – tons of artists are reaching out to social media to host their (free) concerts online. Dance party for one! Which brings us to…


Learn a Tik Tok Dance

Tik Tok may come out as the true savior for this quarantine. No matter your opinion on this app, it is full of some amazing ideas and is an easy way to pass the time. Learn a dance, become Tik Tok famous….or just lose yourself to the stream of mildly entertaining content. Don’t knock it till you try it. Oh…and maybe follow us on TikTok while you’re at it.


Organize Your Life / Closet

Have you been meaning to clean your car? Finally go through and giveaway everything that’s been cluttering your closet. This is the time to minimize the fog in your brain and put everything in its rightful place. Type out your goals and make a list for just about everything.  Channel your inner Marie Kondo. A decluttered life can also declutter your brain.


Reach Out to Those You Miss

I sit at home bored out of my mind so you better believe my heart gets SO giddy when I hear my phone ring. Reach out to anybody and everybody you know and just say hi. I promise it will not be a burden on them. Call that one rebel family member that you never see, make sure that they are staying inside! Do one better and video chat the friends you miss. Don’t let them forget what you look like. Get the whole fam together and have a digital family reunion.


Do Something Drastic (Within Reason)

Cut your hair. Do it. Who’s stopping you? Nobody. Who’s gonna see you? Nobody. Cut your hair.  Or maybe experiment with some make-up tutorials.  Now is the time to have fun. The risk is low. The reward can be high!


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Special extra super shout-out to Student Life Marketing Assistant, Jane Markley for the original drawings in this blogpost.  Check out her work on insta at @janetriestoart.


<3 Ellie S.