Advice from Graduating BOREDie: Amanda

Nooo, this can’t be happening, the time has come to give my hopefully helpful advice to all you cool Cats and Kittens out there.

Now, this is so bittersweet, more than it probably would have been if we were all together on campus & this might not have been the ending to the school year that we imagined; but we still supported each other, connected through many platforms, and had some great laughs – and for that, I am happy to be leaving UVM as a Catamount, and I hope you all head back to campus with positive vibes and great energy! I will for sure miss it.

Ah, let me stop getting so sentimental and get on with the advice  –

#1: Be open to change 

A wise Social Work Professor Celia Cuddy said many times to me ‘Take your plan but hold it lightly’, meaning be open to a change in your plans because there can be a better outcome. If this pandemic taught us anything it’s that we work with what we got and we adapt to the new.

#2: Check-in with yourself regularly 

This is SUPER UBER important people. Regular check-ins with yourself can really make a difference. Spend some time regularly make sure that you are present and enjoying your time because phew does it go by so fast. Pro-tip: grab some friends and make it a weekly goal to check n with each other. For my homies and me, it was every Wednesday 1 pm at Brennan’s!

#3: It’s okay to make mistakes 

We are humans, and humans make mistakes. If your pup made a mess in the living you wouldn’t so upset and if you are it isn’t for too long right? So don’t be so hard on yourself buddy. Mistakes happen so we can learn from them. It’s human nature to slip up sometimes, as long as it doesn’t happen too often, you own up to it and you learn from it you will be more than okay!

#4: Ask questions

Don’t be afraid to stir the pot once in a while, with good reason of course. Question the ‘why’ of things, question the systems, and find out what you want to know because the answers are there and there are people that will help you!

#5: Don’t be afraid to try new things 

Literally don’t knock it till you try it! The many great experiences I have had at UVM was because I pushed myself to try new things. I walked through the Davis Center as a freshman to see a table that said “Come work for us!’, The Davis Center Student Team was hiring, I took the chance and later on got the job, met great people, one person, in particular, was Camilla, our 2018 BORED Lead, she told me about her marketing job hiring, I applied for that two and guess what I’m writing this blog! So give yourself a chance to explore new things, you never know what’s going to happen at UVM!

There you have it Cats, my top #5 tips for being at UVM.

Gosh I’m surprised I was even able to type this through my tears. Once a Catamount, Always a Catamount! Peace Out, and Keep on Rocking.

With much love,

Your BORED Lead and Fellow Graduate, Amanda Martinez