Staying Productive Through Virtual Learning

Last week marks one year of pandemic adapting, but like a lot of us you’re likely feeling no more put together than you were a year ago.  Sure, wearing that mask isn’t weird anymore (and now you have enough of them to match your outfit), but things are still weird.  Well…we’re past season 1 of the pandemic, which means no more time for “what day is it” and “have you seen Tiger King”, and maybe a little more time organizing your world because there is a non-pandemic future just on the horizon.

Hey, maybe I’m just writing this blog because I’m the last person to find their organizational flow. Nonetheless, follow me on my journey for a little more law and order in the second semester of my senior year:

Change your clothes

If you take one piece of advice from my blog, let it be this. It may not seem like much, but it is the difference between a productive day and a day spent in bed. I genuinely feel my posture change for the better when I start looking good for myself. I am one for enjoying the luxuries of athleisure, but when that is your day to day you’ll start to find luxury in being able to dress-up just for yourself. It was funny to dress from the waist up back in May, but I think we are ready to share the wealth with our bottom half.


Wake up before you have to

Oh your first class doesn’t start until 10am? Okay, wake up at 8. I don’t mean wake up at 8 and watch tik toks for an hour (personal goal of mine). Maybe start positioning your bed so the sun hits you right in the eyes in the morning or set personal morning goals. What is something that you think is worth waking up for in the morning? If you enjoy a burst of endorphins, start planning your workouts for early in the morning. Maybe you enjoy cooking, wakeup early enough to make a new breakfast every morning. Hell, mornings can even be set aside if you just want time to listen to music and prepare your mind. Nonetheless, find a way to leave your bed and refresh your eyes and mind. It can be the hardest and most exhausting part of the day. You’ve got this.


Schedule what you can

Schedules can be great and during a time where schedules don’t exist they can help to keep you accountable and productive. I’ve gone as far to schedule drinking water and showering just for the immediate satisfaction of crossing something off a list. I was recently taught to start scheduling things out, not by how much time they would take, but by how much mental energy I would need. This has made me think about my daily schedule much differently and from it, I’ve been able to accomplish my work much more sustainably. This brings up a healthy internal dialogue of how to appreciate and delegate your energy. If you know you will be having a low energy day, put mindless work on the agenda, or maybe schedule time for a passion activity. On days that you know you will have the drive, make a day for yourself, check out a new spot to do your work in, pick up a coffee, wear that new outfit we talked about. Life is about balance, but the first step is recognizing what you need to have balanced.


Plan your fun

The week is long and they feel much longer when you can’t make plans for the weekend. Luckily, we live in an area where fun can be had if you’re willing to look for it. Just because the pandemic continues doesn’t mean we live in a world absent of fun. I promise that you haven’t explored every opportunity Burlington has to offer. Carve out time to go to the MetroRock, walk downtown, stop by Vintage Inspired and praise the world’s tallest filing cabinet on your way out. Lastly, but most importantly  (😊) don’t forget about us.  We are here quite literally to keep you from boredom. Whether you’re submitting events to us (yes please submit your “events” to us) or browsing for opportunities, we are here for you and we love you.