The Day After Thanksgiving; What to do with your leftovers

The day after Thanksgiving means a few things… an insane amount of leftovers in your fridge, shopping, and then eating the leftovers for a few days. From a self proclaimed foodie, leftover Thanksgiving food can get boring real fast. So, to spice up the leftover meals, here are some ideas to use them up!

Hey Panini:

Paninis are a great way to switch up the classic turkey, greens, and cranberry sauce. For this sandwich you can use the bread of your choice and if you want a crispy exterior, spread  a bit of mayonnaise to the outside (it doesn’t taste like mayo).  For this sandwich use mustard (honey/Dijon), turkey, cranberry sauce/chutney (see recipe from last blog), your cheese of choice (Swiss, provolone, munchee, Brie), and greens (brussel sprouts and spinach work the best). Place assembled sandwich on a panini press or pan on medium-low heat. Let it cook until the cheese is visually melting and it is nice golden brown (if you want to add some butter if you like). Heat up some gravy and dip that panini to your heart desires!

Turkey pot pie:
Pie very thanksgiving, turkey very thanksgiving: Why not combine the two! This recipe looks super easy and is a great way to use a chunk of turkey. For the pastry puff you can get one at the store- thanks Pillsbury Doughboy!

Mashed Potato cakes:
Mashed potatoes are my favorite dish at Thanksgiving and I think it is an amazing comfort food. If you decide to spin this delicious dish into another delicious  dish, I won’t be mad at you. I understand… sort of. Anyway, this recipe takes those mashed potatoes and turns them into pan fried potato cheesy goodness!

Rice Paper Dumplings:

This is a pan fried dumpling that you can put any leftovers in. It is quick, easy and delicious. Take a rice paper sheet and dip in warm water until it is slightly flexible (It gets softer as it sits). Next, spread layers of your leftovers of choice just in the center of the rice paper. Once stuffed, fold it like a burrito. Heat a pan on medium heat and place a little bit of oil in the pan. Fry the dumplings until they are golden brown on each side!