The Great Things About Snow – A List

Snow: the white fluffy frozen H2O that comes from the sky. Because it is snowing almost every day now, I decided to dedicate a blog solely to snow. There are so many great things about snow such as:

Sugar on snow,

Christmas movies (Hallmark),



Winter hikes and camping,

Building snow people,

Snowball fights,

Group conga lines on the Redstone green,

The great views from inside while drinking hot chocolate,

Catching an individual snowflake,

Getting your tongue stuck on a metal pole,

Pretending to be an ice skater on slippery snow,

Instant holiday vibes,

Trying to keep a single line of walking tracks to not ruin the rest of the snow in the ground,

Snow angels,

Dogs in snow… they are so cute!

Babies wearing too many layers and looking like the Michelin Man,

Speaking of! Being able to drive in the snow because of snow tires,

The feeling when your car finally defrosts and you can see,

Wearing scarves, gloves, hats, and double layers,

That warm tingling feel you get after walking in the snow- thanks homeostasis!

Snow sticking to the ground,

Songs about snow,

Making snow sculptures, huts, seats,

Sticking your face in snow and seeing the imprint it leaves behind,

Laying on the ground watching the snow fall down,

and Appreciating when it snows.


Each year it seems that it snows less and less. Now, every time it does it is even more special. There are many great things about snow and memories that are attached to it. If you have something you want to add to the list, DM us on Instagram @uvmbored or send us an email!