Animals On Campus

What makes life good? The answer that immediately comes to mind is ANIMALS! Now, I feel like I miiiiight be biased with my major and minor both pertaining to animals but… who could blame me?! Animals can instantly turn a bad day around and are little vessels of pure joy.

Since leaving my pets at home and coming to UVM, I’ve been missing the animals in my life like crazy. If you’ve been feeling the same, I’ve scrounged up some of my favorite animal content from UVM so we can all take time to appreciate their cuteness.

1. The UPRAWR Dogs

I mean, just look at these sweet puppies! Not only does UVM UPRAWR give us the honor of seeing these cuties around campus, they also provide the opportunity to students to raise and train dogs to become service animals. While they’re being trained here on campus, the dogs also will occasionally pop into LivingWell to help students de-stress. These pups are really the goodest boys and girls around.

2. Peach the Pit

Speaking of adorable dogs, how could I forget about Peach the Pit! As can be seen by her very popular Instagram page, Peach is a campus favorite. You can find Peach mostly hanging around CCRH (Wellness), but she can be spotted all around campus brightening peoples’ days with her infectious joy. Peach is also frequently featured on the Dogs of UVM Instagram, where you can find even MORE content of UVM’s cutest pups.

3. The CREAM Cows

Dogs aren’t the only campus cuties here at UVM. If you want to see some adorable cows, look no further than our very own CREAM program’s Instagram. CREAM (Cooperative for Real Education in Agricultural Management) is a student-run dairy herd with over 100 Holstein cows! Students from any major can be chosen for the CREAM program, and how could you NOT want to apply after seeing those cute faces?!

4. UVM Horses

Oh, horses. Anatomically, they shouldn’t even be able to exist. Despite this, these elegant creatures somehow¬†do– and we should be grateful for that. Check out some of the horses (and students) from the UVM Horse Barn. These horses can do it all and are utilized by the Equestrian Team, the Dressage Team, and the Horse Barn Co-op¬†.

5. Marsh Life’s Exotic Animals

I couldn’t possibly close out this blog without mentioning perhaps my all-time favorite animals on campus. Sure, they’re not exactly….alive, but that doesn’t mean they should be excluded! These beauties are certainly hard to miss- especially if you have classes in Marsh Life. I’d like to think that they’re protecting me from bad grades, though they probably can’t do much from inside their glass case.

Thanks for indulging me, animal lovers! Here’s to hoping for even more animals on campus to come.

<3 Emily I.