Study Spots Spring 2022

As we are in the midst of our semester, you may find yourself getting bogged down by work here and there. And if you are anything like me then the moment you get back into your apartment or dorm no work is getting done anymore. So for you that either don’t know where to begin or need some suggestions for some different places to check out, this list is for you.

NOTE: *I’m an Engineering Student so the spots center around those buildings*



Now this might be the most well known study spot on campus, and there is a reason for that. Maybe the most versatile locale and definitely the largest on this list. Whether you are best at getting work done when you can see people being productive around you, or if you are better at focusing when there is no noise at all there is a spot in Howe you can call home. Rule of thumb is as you go up the floors the more quiet and less crowded it gets. But if you plan on working with a group you best sticking to the first floor or reserving a study group.



This may be one of the busiest spots, and well its located next to a food court what did you expect. With tables of varying sizes and having a reputation for being a more social spot this is a phenomenal place for group work or working with your friends. Also if you start feeling a little snacky. Just across the hall there is plenty of spots to grab food and drink.



A hidden gem within Given medical building is home to an great indoor courtyard with plenty of well spaced tables to sit down and work. Additionally if you start feeling peckish at any point during your study sesh there is a great snack bar for most of the day.



Inside and in between the business building you will find this lovely grotto. I am a firm believer that this is the most aesthetic location on this list. It has a great atmosphere and despite there not being any noise restrictions it usually is a pretty quiet space. The only caveat of the location is the limited seating spots.


INNOVATION (3rd Floor)

Take a birds eye view over campus on the third floor of innovation. This study room can get pretty crowded but there are plenty of independent study desks right outside. This room has very comfortable seating areas, and a very work focused atmosphere. Defiantly a great spot to pop into if you are already in the building or nearby.