How to Spruce Up Your Room

Dorm room

Decorating a room, or any living space for that matter, can be an intimidating process. With so many directions to go in, it is easy to be overwhelmed or indecisive. But, don’t worry! UVM BORED has you covered with a how-to guide on sprucing up your space. Below are ten ideas for how to give your room a little more spice. Pick and choose your favorites and get decorating!

Picture Wall

Picture Wall

First off, we have the tried and true picture wall. Covered in beautiful views and meaningful memories, this wall is sure to spark a little joy in the hearts of anyone who may bear witness. This option is a great first step to covering up the barren white walls of your room. Whether you want to stack the edges of the pictures for a more busy look or organize them in a grid is up to you. It’s your space, express yourself!


Plants in Window

Another option to bring some life into your room is to literally bring some life in! Implementing a couple of house plants into your living space can make a huge difference in creating a cozy atmosphere. Toss one on your desk and you’ve got yourself a home. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance house plant, some of my favorites are pothos plants and snake plants. Succulents are a great option as well and are super resilient. The UVM Greenhouse is a great place to get plants as well as Wild Lark!


Residence Hall Room

Lights, lights, lights! I cannot say enough about this topic. This aspect of decoration is especially imperative when it comes to living in a residence hall. Lighting alone can change a room from cold and uninviting to cozy and warm. The standard white overhead lights cast a cold atmosphere that can be easily avoided! Lamps are a great option for establishing your room’s lighting. Grab a standing lamp for the corner of your room or a lamp for your desk. The lightbulb you pick is also an important factor. There are bulbs that focus on warm light and even stained glass bulbs if you’re looking to spice things up even more! And you can’t go wrong with string lights!


Nothing wrong with the classics! Have a favorite movie? Show everyone who enters your domain with a giant poster. Want everyone to know you have cool and tasteful music taste? Poster! You can also incorporate smaller posters into a photo wall to create a cohesive collage full of self-expression!

Hanging Mirror

hanging mirror

Not only can you check if your fit is on point, but in a small room a mirror can really open up a space and eliminate that cramped feel. These hanging mirrors have a metal attachment that allows you to slide them over any door easily. Set it up on your closet or front door and you’re good to go!

Lofted Bed

Dorm Room

Changing the height of your bed can open up a vast array of new possibilities for your layout. There are three main options for bed height. Keep it low and you have a more open feel with extra wall space. You can also raise the bed partially, creating extra storage space underneath. Lastly, you can loft your bed fully and set up your desk underneath, forming a perfect spot to study. 



If you like making art and feel so inclined, put some of your own on display. If art-making isn’t exactly in your wheelhouse, get a friend to make something, or support one of many local Vermont artists and buy some of their work! Some places you can find art for sale include Golden Hour Gift Co, Thirty Odd, and Home & Garden Vermont. If you are in the mood for some good ol’ creating, then you’ve got options! Feel free to grab some mod podge from Michael’s and get to collaging or bring out the watercolors. The UVM Bookstore has art supplies right here on campus as well. The sky’s the limit! 

Fake Vines

Fake Vines

These decorative false vines are an excellent option for those who want to have plants but can’t. Whether you can’t keep a plant alive for the life of you, you don’t feel like taking care of one, or you can’t take them home over breaks, this practical option avoids all the hassle of real plants while maintaining the charm!