Solo Date Ideas

dolly parton looking in a hand held mirror and fixing her hair

So you wanna take yourself on a date…

Hey cats, with Valentine’s Day coming up, we wanted to show some love to our #single catamounts out there. Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, so you should celebrate how much you love yourself! Below, we’ve compiled a list of five of our favorite places to take yourself on a date! You heard us right, a solo date to show yourself how much you love… well, YOU! Even if you don’t use these spots as a solo date, they’re just some pretty rad places to check out near campus if you haven’t yet. We on the BORED team wish you a Valentine’s Day full of love, happiness, and safety!


the BOREDies

Muddy Waters

muddy waters menu "monster" decor at muddy watters

Muddy Waters is a funky, eclectic gem located downtown on Main Street. This café boasts a wide selection of coffee, teas, and shakes as well as $1 bagels and other delicious baked goods. Order to-go or spend your afternoon with the masses of delightful creatures sprinkled across the building. Once you take a seat, enjoy the curated music and coffee shop chatter. This is the perfect spot to curl up with a good book or to spend some time journaling. Enjoy your woodsy retreat! 

Fleming Museum of Art 

outside of the flemming museum with a snow-covered ground and a grey sky cream colored statue in a seated position

Looking to connect with your creative side? Look no further than the Fleming Museum of Art! Located on UVM’s central campus, Fleming is Vermont’s leading museum of art and world cultures. Explore the halls of both permanent and rotating collections and exhibitions for free with no reservation required. 

Crow Bookshop

bookshelves lined with books

📸: Crow bookshop

Crow Bookshop is one of those places that feels like a home away from home. Even if you’re not an avid reader, it’s a great place to spend quality time with yourself. They have a wide variety of books, including full-priced and discounted ones of any genre you can imagine. They’re right on Church Street and open seven days a week!

Centennial Woods

green UVM sign with text "Centennial Wood Natural Area" forested area with snow covering the ground and resting on top of bare tree branches

Ahh, who doesn’t love UVM’s forested backyard? Centennial Woods is a great place to escape reality and focus on you. Spending time in nature is crucial to feeling connected to the places around you! The forest has a marsh, a stream, and lots of trees for all of your tree-hugging needs. It’s located just past UVM Police Services and can be accessed any day of the week. Make sure to let a friend know where and when you’re going (if you’re going alone) so they can keep an eye on you from afar. Dress in warm layers, especially this time of year. And make sure you wear proper shoes, with lots of grooves and a thick sole to ensure a protected foot! 

(Battery-powered) Candle Lit Dinner 

a lit electric tea light sits on top of a black surface a silver fork and knife placed ontop of a red napkin with a red heart ontop of it

Who needs a restaurant when you can be your own chef! If you’re in the reshalls, head to any store near you and grab some battery-powered candles for mood lighting. The best part about this solo date? You can make anything your heart desires! I love making stir fry, as all you need is one pan, plus you get tons of leftovers. You can even play your favorite jams to add to the ambiance!