A Sneak Peak Into WOW Fall 2023!

Introducing Week of Welcome 2023!

Hi there! My name is Téa and I have spent this summer as the Campus Programs Intern! All of the Campus Programs staff have been planning so many kinds of events for students to enjoy at the start of this upcoming semester. We call it Week of Welcome, or WOW for short! WOW is happening from August 28th – September 4th and with 30+ events to choose from, I’m hoping you’ll pick one (or all of them) to attend!

Deciding which WOW events to go to with almost 40 options is no easy task, but no worries, I am here to help! I have put together a list of some events that I am super excited about, and maybe you’ll be interested in stopping by too!

Coffee on the Commons

We will be handing out free coffee from Kestrel Coffee Roasters every day during the first week of classes! That’s right, FREE COFFEE every day!! We will be located on the Andrew Harris Commons, right outside of the Davis Center. Stop by on your way to class any time from 10 AM-1 PM for a refreshing cup of iced coffee! You are more than welcome to bring your own cup or pick up one of our awesome Week of Welcome tumblers that we’ll be handing out at 10 AM, 11 AM, and 12 PM! My suggestion is to get your tumbler on Monday and bring it back each day for more Kestrel Coffee!

Crafts & Snacks: Frame Decorating

If you’re looking for more room décor, this event is the place to be! Stop by the Davis Center Amphitheater from 1 PM-3 PM on Wednesday, August 30th. This event is great if you’re missing a piece of home or looking to capture a picture with a new friend.  We will print a picture of your choice, whether you took it 5 years ago or snapped it in the check-in line! Then get your craft on by decorating your picture frame while enjoying some cookies!

Pub Quiz

It’s UPB’s first Pub Quiz of the school year!! If you’re new to UVM, you might want to reserve your Wednesday night(s) for 4 thrilling rounds of trivia and maybe even some prizes. Pub Quiz is my and a overall student favorite event that happens EVERY SINGLE WEEK! If you and your friends are up for a little competition, head to Brennan’s Pub in the Davis Center at 9pm on August 30th with a team name, all of the brains, and your favorite snack!

Champlain Valley Fair

The annual Champlain Valley Fair (Aug 25th-Sept 3rd) is a summer favorite for both Vermont locals and UVM students! You can get in FREE on Thursday, August 31st with your UVM Student ID and we’ll give you a ride there & back! Continuous shuttles from the Davis Center Oval and Trinity Campus will start at 7 PM! Just make sure you’re back on a shuttle by the time the last one leaves at 10:45 PM. All you need to do is bring some cash for games, rides, funnel cake, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Sunset Creemee Walk

I grew up in PA, confusing people by calling sub sandwiches “hoagies”. When I got to Vermont and started hearing “creemees,” I was the confused one. I’ve since learned that part of getting adjusted at UVM is hopping off the “soft serve” train and walking down to the waterfront for your first Creemee! This event is an opportunity to do just that!! Join us at the Catamount Statue at 7 PM on Sunday, September 3rd for a walk down to Burlington Bay Market and Cafe and have a FREE CREEMEE on us!!


Labor Day Comedy Show 

An annual event you won’t want to miss, the Labor Day Comedy Show is always a fun night for UVM students. I am SO thrilled about who is coming to Vermont this year! If you’re a fan of the shows Sex Lives of College Girls and Jury Duty you’re going to love our special guest as well! That’s right, MEKKI LEEPER is coming to UVM!! And if one comedy act wasn’t exciting enough, August White is also performing!!! Stay tuned for info about the event on UPB’s Instagram!!


I’m looking forward to welcoming so many new faces to UVM!! If none of the events I chose sparked your interest, there’s plenty more fun and free WOW activities to choose from! After WOW, UVM Program Board will continue to plan and host events all year long!! Follow UPB on Instagram @uvm_upb for info about their events (like the FALLFEST artist announcement) and be sure to check out uvmbored.com for info about all events on and off campus, blogs like these, and more!! I have had such a wonderful time planning all of these entertaining, crafty, competitive, and educational events and I can’t wait to see everyone enjoy them throughout Week of Welcome 2023!!!


Have a wonderful rest of your summer,

Téa van Linde (she/her)

Campus Programs Intern 2023

Chair, UVM Program Board