Coffee Crawl Fall 2023

With finals season happening in a few days, we know a common place to do work and study is at coffee shops! There are so many fantastic places around the area that you can go for a hot beverage, pastries, chat with friends, and just a spot to hunker down and get that work done. We worked this week with 4 different shops in the area and wanted to give you some information about each! 

Morning Light Bakery 

This spot is for the bubble tea lovers and is in Winooski! We know that we promised you coffee, but this is a special spot for people that lean more to tea. Morning Light has a variety of fruit teas, milk teas, and Hong Kong hot tea. They also have coffee as well if you are in the mood for that! All are delicious they can pair great with their mochi, buns, boa, crepe cakes, noodles, and more. They have some seating in the shop, and they are open Thursday-Sundays!  


Scout & Co 

This spot has three locations in the area: Winooski, the South End, and in the Old North End! These coffee shops are perfect for long late afternoon study sessions as they are open until 5pm Mon-Thurs, and open until 6pm Fri-Sun. Not to mention that they curate their coffee by working with a majority of BIPOC roasters across the country that source their beans from small farms! They also have delicious pastries made in house (my favorite is the apple + almond Danish and the cardamon bun) every day that you can much on while you work! 


Vivid Coffee Roasters 

Sip, study, and score! This coffee shop is downtown on Cherry Street, and not only do they serve and roast delicious coffee, but they are also soccer fanatics (check their instagram for events updates)! They also have tea, sandwiches, pastries, and affogatos! You can watch soccer while there, chat with friends, or work on that really one essay that is loaming. The space is super welcoming and there are tons of seats in the front and back where you can work! A special thing to note is that Vivid sources their beans sustainability and closely working with small farmers and communities from Kenya, Colombia, Mexico, Honduras and more! 


Kestrel Coffee 

Kestrel has two locations: one on Maple Street and one on Pine Street. The Maple Street location is especially cool as it is in an art gallery (Karma Bird House)! They have seating at both locations and are great for morning and early afternoon work as they are open until 3pm. They source all their coffee from single origin from small farms, so their coffee changes every few months! Not to mention they sell sandwiches and other tasty goodies in their shop!