Budget Bites

Eating out isn’t always cheap, especially in Burlington, but it is something that I love to do with friends, partner, or by myself. I find myself sometimes at 8pm not wanting to cook and scrolling on food delivery apps for something that won’t break the back. The same thing applies for when I want to eat out. I then realized that I was less likely to get food out if it is over a certain amount. This made me have a few questions: 

  1. How much money would people spend on a Budget Bite (something that wouldn’t break the bank, but is filling and tasty)? 
  2. What restaurants in Burlington would fit this potential budget? 

So like any stem girly I did some research… maybe these were polls on my Instagram… but they did get the job done. I found out that 80% of people that responded said that a budget bite to them was under $10 . The other 20% was split in between under $15 and under $20 for being a budget bite. But, with the majority being under $10, I decided that would be my limit to spend at each restaurant! Each place I will mention has items that are under $10, and hope they give you a glimpse of some great budget bites in Burlington!

Burlington Bagel Bakery 

If you are looking for a bagel spot, Burlington Bagel is a student favorite! They sell their day-old bagels for $1 which is super useful if you are on a budget. I recommended that you go early in the morning before they are gone. If you are sticking to their regular menu, you can get a bagel with cream cheese for under $6 and their famous Triple B (bagel of choice with egg, bacon, cheddar, hash brown & chipotle mayo) for $10. They have locations after the area including Church Street, Essex, and South Burlington. 

Muddy Waters 

Want bagels, hummus, coffee, and a place to do schoolwork this is a great spot for you. You can get a bagel and coffee for under $10 dollars at Muddy Waters! They are located on Main Street downtown and is a great spot if you want a lighter breakfast to get your day started! 

Morning Light Bakery 

This spot is in Winooski, but it is worth the drive! They are a Hong Kong style bakery and café that has everything from pastries to boba, coffee, and noodles. My go to order when I am there is 4 of their buns (each being $2.50). My favorite ones there are the pineapple buns, the curry chicken bun, the roasted pork bun, and the tuna mayonnaise bun! They also have boa, mochi, and egg tarts that are under $5 as well! 

Henry’s Diner 

There is a reason why they have been open since 1925! This spot is a college student’s favorite as it has great breakfast items that are under $10. I got a short stack of pancakes (which aren’t small) for $7.25! Other sweet options under $10s include 2-3 of their buttermilk pancakes, French toast, Belgian waffles. If you aren’t a sweet breakfast person, they have some savory breakfast options including one or two farm fresh eggs (with ham, bacon, sausage link/patty) for ranging from $6.50-$9.75. You can smaller items such as a bagel, home fries, English muffin as well for under $5. 

RJ’s (Ruben James) 

Known for their 0.75 cent wings from 4-7pm everyday, and their Thursday Night specials, this spot downtown does not disappoint. I went on a Thursday before 7pm and was able to get 13 wings for $10, and got to pick 2 wing flavors. They were a good size, not dry, and the wing sauces hit the spot. As someone that doesn’t go to sport bars, I would go back here just for the wings! Not to mention, they have sports games playing around the bar, popcorn to snack on, pool tables, and just a fun atmosphere. Some of their other Thursday Night specials include their double cheeseburger with chips for $9 and so much more. This is a great spot to go with friends! 

Daily Planet 

This joint has weekly specials including their new late-night menu (Fri & Saturday from 10pm- midnight) and they have some great deals that hit the our amount. You can get either 2 glizzies, 2 fake franks (tofu dogs), or 2 byrd dawgs (chicken finger in a bun) for $10. They have a fun twist on the classic hot dog as they are loaded with fixens! If you want to go over this the $10 you can also get the Bodega chopped cheese sandwich for $12. 

May Day 

This farm to table restaurant, which has some of my favorite food in Burlington, has a Sunday night special which is so tasty. Their Patty Melt (normally $16) is $10 on Sundays and is so flavorful that it is eye close worthy. Not to mention I have gone there before at 9pm and have eaten an entire basket of fries with their homemade mayo ($9) before … it is that good. They change their menu weekly, but these two items are going nowhere! 

Al’s French Frys 

A short drive from campus and you will find Al’s. They are known for a few things: their fries of course, their burgers, and their ice cream. Something that is great about Al’s is that you can get a basic double cheeseburger for $5.21, and a pint of fried for $4.15 for a total of $9.31. Literally EVERYTHING on their menu is under $10, so this is a great place to go to when you want some tasty food for a guarantee under $10 with tax. Even better their hours expand from 10:30am to either 11pm or midnight (depending on the night), meaning you can get lunch, dinner, and a night light snack all from the same place! 

Blue Bird BBQ 

Down by the Winooski river you can get some tasty comfort food. Unfortunately, most of the stuff on the menu is over $10, but all of their sides are under $5 including mac+ cheese, smashed potatoes, and more. Also, you can get a dozen mini corn bread muffins with maple butter and their basket of fries each for $7. 

Mr. Mikes 

Pizza by the slice is sometimes the best way to end the night. You can get a cheese slice ($3), 1 topping slice ($3.50), and specialty slice ($3.50) meaning that you can get around 3 slices of pizza for $10. Even better you can get a 12 inch sub or a calzone for $9.95. This is a great spot if you ever want Italian food and they deliver/open until 10pm! 

These are some of the places that you hopefully go to, enjoy, and come out feeling budget savvy and full. Comment below to suggest some of your favorite budget bites around Burlington and if you a part 2!