As another year at UVM comes to a close, we look back on this trip through the seasons fondly. UVM BORED has continued to supply the student body with all the info they need to have a great time in and around Burlington. This year marks the milestone of 10,000 followers on our Instagram! We’ve dished out oh so many Freebie Fridays and grown our TikTok to reach far and wide. It’s been a big year! And there’s no other student body we would rather have shared it with.

As you’ve likely been made aware (considering you made it here!), we’ve got another year of BORED Awards. This is the 10th year of this friendly competition, meaning we’ve been highlighting the best at UVM and beyond for a decade! With some competitors keeping their spot in first, others rising to the top, and some entirely new categories, there’s much to see.

If you’re looking to travel back in time to some past winners, feel free to check out the BORED Awards Archives. If you’re antsy to see this years winners, then read on!


Winner: Henderson’s | Runner-Up: Campus Perk

Our winner is the classic, reliable, good old Henderson’s. Located right in the Davis Center, it‘s the perfect place to study, chat with friends, and grab some yummy drinks and snacks. My favorite game to play in Hendy’s is counting how many times I hear a barista call out “iced chai latte with oat milk….” Our runner-up is Campus Perk, in the Grossman School of Business.  


Winner: The Halal Shack | Runner-Up: Skinny Pancake

Well folks… Skinny Pancake has been knocked off its throne. This year’s winner for best retail dining this year is newcomer Halal Shack! The Halal Shack offers customizable rice bowls, salads, and naanarito featuring American halal food with flavors from Mediterranean and middle eastern cuisines. It’s convenient location right in Brennan’s makes it the perfect place to grab a bite between classes. Our runner-up is last year’s winner, Skinny Pancake. I will sing their praises forever- crepes have gotten me through some of my darkest days.  


Winner: Harris Millis | Runner-Up: Simpson

Harris-Millis dining is coming in hot and earning itself a number one spot for this year’s best dining hall. With a collection of stations to cater to your every dining need, Harris-Millis is versatile and tasty. Grab a seat by the massive glass wall and soak in some sun as you chow down. End your dinner with (in my opinion) the best part of Harris-Millis, ice-cream. Beating out last year’s second place, Central Dining, is Simpson Dining Hall. Redstone is showing out this year! 


Winner: Burlington Bagels | Runner-Up: Willow’s

Are we even surprised?! Student favorite, Burlington Bagel Bakery, has won this category now for 5 years in a row! They have tons of great bagel sandwich options including The Vermonter, The New Yorker, The Triple B, The Catamount, and more. Also, if you don’t want to go to their downtown location, you can head over to their other location spots in South Burlington and Essex Junction! Also, solid mention to Willow’s Bagel for being the runner up, and you can grab one of their bagels at their location downtown! 


Winner: Muddy Waters | Runner-Up: Black Cap Coffee and Bakery

From its friendly monsters to its delicious drinks, Muddy Waters reigns victorious for the best off-campus coffee for the third year in a row. This eclectic cafe serves as a spectacular soothing study spot paired with sweet treats right off Church Street. Our runner-up this year is Black Cap! Be sure to check out their scrumptious breakfast sandwiches on your stop by. No matter where you get your coffee, be sure to tip your baristas! 


Winner: American Flatbread | Runner-Up: Folino’s Pizza

American Flatbread is a spectacular place to treat friends and family to a good slice. This 6-time winner is in downtown Burlington and boasts a variety of different pies all baked in a primitive wood-fired earthen oven. Some of our favorites include Revolution, Punctuated Equilibrium, Medicine Wheel, and Power to the People! There are so many wonderful pizza places in the area including our runner up, Folino’s! They have three locations in Shelburne, Burlington, and Williston.


Winner: NR1010 | Runner-Up: NFS1043

NR 1010 is now a 2-time winner! Natural History & Human Ecology is within the Natural Resources Department which focuses on integrating the science of ecology with the science of humans and society. This class emphasizes the interconnected relationship between social organizations and our global natural landscape. The runner up is Fundamentals of Nutrition – NFS 1043! 


Winner: Dr. Walter Poleman | Runner-Up: Dr. Lizzy Pope, Dr. Amy Hoeltge, Dr. Steve Flemer, and Dr. Tyler Doggett

Dr. Walter Poleman is on a winning streak of this category, as this is his second win in a row! Dr. Poleman is a senior lecturer who most famously teaches both semesters of Natural History & Human Ecology (NR 1010 and NR 1020), but teaches so many other wonderful classes. He is described as leading the next generation of Natural Resources professionals, brings knowledge of the world, ecology, sustainability, and the environment through getting students excited in the field! This year we have a four way runnerup tie! The runners up are Dr. Lizzy Pope, Dr. Amy Hoeltge, Dr. Steve Flemer, and Dr. Tyler Doggett! 


Winner: Environmental Science | Runner-Up: Political Science

When I think of Vermont, the first thing that comes to mind is the beautiful outdoors and nature we have here. With all our natural beauty, it’s no surprise that our winner for best major is Environmental Science. Environmental Science is one of UVM’s most popular majors, with the ability to concentrate in agriculture and the environment, conversation biology and biodiversity, ecological design, environmental analysis and assessment, environmental biology, environmental geology, environmental health, global environmental and climate change, water resources or self-design. Our runner up is Political Science, in the College of Arts and Sciences.  


Winner: Feelgood | Runner-Up: The Water Tower

What’s better than grilled cheese? Grilled cheese for a good cause! Our well-deserved best club winner is Feel Good, a group of students who believe that extreme poverty and hunger can and will be ended in our lifetime. In order to make that goal a reality, they exchange gourmet grilled cheese for a donation to partner organization, the Hunger Project Our runner-up is The Watertower, a group that puts out a satirical bi-weekly student newsmagazine. If you’re looking for a laugh, be sure to check them out! 


Winner: Women’s Hockey | Runner-Up: Women’s Soccer and Volleyball

Our winner for best club sport is women’s hockey Is it just me or is there a trend here in the sporting categories? Women’s club hockey is a lot of fun to watch, but even better to participate in! Our runner up is tied between women’s soccer and volleyball. There are tons of clubs sports here on campus, so y’all should be proud! 


Winner: Hockey | Runner-Up: Basketball

I can’t say I’m surprised that Hockey takes the Gold as UVM’s favorite sporting event. As a cold-weather school, hockey (and even more, Pack the Gut) runs through our veins. Both the women’s and mens games are tons of fun, and you may be able to catch Rally Cat! Basketball is our runner up, and definitely a UVM favorite. Both teams are extremely talented and always bring the heat.  


Winner: Volleyball | Runner-Up: Trenchball

Keeping a tight hold on the crown it earned last year for best intramural sport is Volleyball! Among MANY competitors, UVM’s lovers of intramurals have a clear favorite and we’re glad to hand over the title. Our runner up this year is a real eye-catcher, straying from your old-fashioned sports. Trenchball comes in second as students throw balls at one another from all sides! 


Winner: UVM BORED | Runner-Up: The Water Tower

THANK YOU FOR YOUR VOTES/WE PROMISE WE DIDN’T CHEAT!!!!! UVM BORED is by students, for students so your support means the world to us. We are so happy to have spent another year sharing cool events, creating content, and (hopefully!!) making your college experience just a little bit better! We’re always here for you, see you in the fall! 🙂 


Winner: Sustainability | Runner-Up: Outdoor Experience

Last year’s winner has sustained their title as best learning community. From foraging walks to sweater swaps, the Sustainability learning community is fostering the next generation of ecological change makers. Keeping with the theme of nature, Outdoor Experience places in a well-deserved second. 


Winner: Billings Library | Runner-Up: Aiken Center

Billings Library is the perfect spot to sit down and study, surrounded by books and gorgeous historic details. This library, designed in 1885, houses UVM’s Special Collections Library, the Miller Center for Holocaust Studies, the Humanities Center, and the Center for Research on Vermont. If you’re looking for a quiet spot with big comfy chairs, look no further than Billings. The runner up this year is the Aiken Centerwe’ve all found some plant filled serenity in their solarium! 


Winner: SpringFest | Runner-Up: Rail Jam

UPB’s SpringFest wasn’t too long ago and it is still on everyone’s mind! Even though it was chilly and windy, everyone came out to see headliner Peach Pit, opener Snail Mail and student band Armanodillo! There was some tasty food and drinks to be had from Only Cannoli, Red Bull, and Ali Baba’s. The runner up this year for the third year in a row: Ski and Snowboard Club’s Jibs and Jubilation, otherwise known as Rail Jam! 


Winner: Greta the Taxidermy Catamount | Runner-Up: The Lamentation Statues

I fear this is the only reason some of you voted in the BORED awards jk . But on a real note, Greta truly altered the spirit of the UVM landmarks. Her constant lighthearted energy, alongside her officially extinct status makes her truly the 8th wonder of the world. I know she makes us all proud to be Catamounts. Our runner up is the lovely dementors, formally referred to as the Lamentation statues. These lovely ladies are situated within the best hammocking spot on central, so you’ll never be lonely on your outdoor adventure. 


Winner: Broccoli Bar Guy

This year’s winner can be found in the Davis Center Marketplace at the Broccoli Bar! Gabe (AKA the Broccoli Bar Guy) brings joy to any who wants to try the ‘big sexy’ or the ‘cutie pa2tee’. Broccoli Bar Guy is always smiling, bumping to the EDM music in the background, and is ready to help anyone who wants to try a bite! You might even hear him say his famous catch lines: ‘Brocco and Rock!’. 


Winner: Redstone Forest | Runner-Up: The Lamentation Statues

UVM without hammocks is like a zebra without stripes. We don’t take the warmth for granted and our favorite spot to enjoy that warmth is two feet above the ground, suspended inside a polyester cocoon. More specifically, as voted on by you all, the Redstone Forest! The battle was one fought between Redstone and Central Campus, making the Dementors of central green our runner up for UVM’s best hammocking spot. 


Winner: GRETA! | Runner-Up: Rally Cat

Our beacon of hope displayed proudly in the Davis Center. Our little princess. Our winner of yet ANOTHER category, and our hearts, is Greta, the taxidermy catamount. Greta has made a name for herself on campus with her charming smile and her newly learned ability to do the HOT-TO-GO dance (I’ve seen her do it…she’s just shy I swear). Our runner-up is Rally Cat. You’ll get ‘em next time, tiger.  


Winner: Comatose Kids | Runner-Up: Pillow Prince

Taking the lead this year as UVM’s favorite student band is Comatose Kids! This four person group is composed of Kai Pasciak, Sawyer Bouley, Yann Calderwood, and Tobey Siegel. Comatose Kids brings the heat with experimental and hardcore shredding that leaves a lasting impression! As is clearly the case, having earned themselves a spot in this year’s BORED Awards. Give ‘em a follow on instagram and check out their single, “Clouds”, on Spotify. Our runner up is Pillow Prince! For a real good time, stream their song, “Pawn”, on Spotify. 


Winner: Higher Ground | Runner-Up: Radio Bean

Burlington’s incredible music scene- while it certainly stretches far and wide– has found quite the home at Higher Ground. From local bands to touring artists, Burlington has quite a reputation for lively concerts that keeps big names coming to our little Vermont city. In addition to Higher Ground, Radio Bean boasts great shows and a fantastic atmosphere. Our top two live music venues of the year both live close to campus providing amazing sets and affordable prices. 


Winner: Camel’s Hump | Runner-Up: Mt. Mansfield

You cant be surprised Camel’s Hump takes the gold as best hiking spot. Taking a hike up Camels Hump is a quintesential experience for any UVM outdoor aficionado. Sitting at an elevation of 4,083 feet, its one of five tallest mountains in Vermont! Honorable mention is Mt Mansfield, a lovely 4,395 feet summit that will give you great views and plenty of memories! And make sure for any hiking journey to check the AllTrails app for conditions before starting your journey. 


Winner: Smugglers’ Notch | Runner-Up: Sugarbush

As voted by UVM’s population of skiers and snowboarders, Smugglers’ Notch takes the gold for the best ski/snowboard mountain in the area! With 2,610 feet of vertical and 78 trails there’s something for everybody. But watch where you’re going. You better be prepared if you end up on The Black Hole, the only triple black diamond in the east. Coming in second, my personal favorite resort is Sugarbush. With plenty of trails, glades and built terrain, it’s a great all-around mountain.