Book Release: 1177 B.C.: A Graphic History of the Year Civilization Collapsed

Come down to The Venetian Soda Lounge for the release of: 1177 B.C. A Graphic History of the Year Civilization Collapsed, a translation in comics of Eric H. Cline’s bestselling 1177 B.C.

Eric Cline’s 1177 B.C. tells the story of one of history’s greatest mysteries: what caused the ancient civilizations of the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean to collapse more than three thousand years ago, bringing the Late Bronze Age to an abrupt end? In this vivid and captivating full-color graphic adaptation of the landmark book, author-illustrator Glynnis Fawkes invites us to follow two young friends living in the aftermath of the cataclysm as they unravel why it happened—and reveal important lessons for today’s interconnected and vulnerable world.