flow and restore yoga

Thursdays, 3-4 PM in the Living Well Studio!

This class is open to yogis of all levels and experience and welcoming to all bodies!

In a Flow and Restore style class, we link breath with a continuous flow of intentional movement. Gentler than a traditional Flow class, Flow and Restore utilizes longer holds intended to build a moderate amount of heat for the first half of class. The pace is meditative, and allows for focus on proper physical alignment and space to stretch the body. In the second half of class, we transition into more restorative postures and internal focus.

This class is excellent for students who want to cultivate energy in the body, but prefer a slower, more grounding pace. Those interested in beginning a meditation practice will also be exposed to a variety of meditation practices that they can take home with them each week.

No registration required, just drop in!

Questions? Email [email protected]