Siblinghood: Winter Holiday Celebration

You’re invited to the Siblinghood Winter Holiday Celebration! Siblinghood Circle is an affinity space for students, staff, and faculty of color of all gender identities and expressions. We’ll be reveling in the (almost but not too soon) winter season, making space for our struggles, and celebrating our successes from this past year. Dinner will be provided and the menu is a warm vegan squash soup with various toppings, bread, cookies, and drinks. You can also participate in a “good advice gift exchange”: impart some wisdom that you’ve learned this year and take in some affirmations and advice about the things you’re still unsure about. Sample topics are: politics at the dinner table, setting boundaries, and navigating your personal growth with caregivers and family. So join the Mosaic Center on Wednesday November 30th from 4-5:30pm in the MCSC main space for a wintery celebration! If you have any questions about the menu or event please reach out to Alex Hazzard at [email protected]