Touch Drawing Weekend Retreat

Touch Drawing is a simple yet profound process. Paper is placed over a piece of inked Plexiglas, and wherever the paper is touched, an imprint is made. Impulses from within you take form on the paper, building through the movements of your fingertips. This intuitive, meditative process will take you on a journey deep within yourself.

Join Expressive Arts Burlington for a soul enriching weekend of meditative personal expression. You will create multiple touch drawings throughout this weekend of soulful play. The repetition of rolling out the paint, placing the paper on the glass, moving to the rhythms of your heart and revealing each new emergent drawing, helps you journey to a place of deep calm. The images will speak to you of what has heart and meaning while the community of the group holds you in a compassionate, creative container. Weather permitting, attendees can walk down the street to Lake Champlain to eat lunch and enjoy a touch drawing session in Nature!