Join UVM Recital Hall in welcoming Reverie Road with Aoife Scott for a performance on March 8th from 7:30pm-9:30pm. Tickets are $6.50 for students.

The great Irish-American fiddler and dancer Winifred Horan and accordionist John Williams, both founding members of Solas, have come together with fiddler Katie Grennan (Gaelic Storm) and (here’s the twist that makes this ensemble really unique and special) jazz and raga pianist Utsav Lal to form this dreamy project: Reverie Road. This is, indeed, Celtic music that takes off in new directions and with incredible virtuosity and flair. The band’s chemistry of two accomplished, classically trained fiddlers who share a common history as award-winning Irish dancers, along with two instrumentalists who have sought to redefine traditional accompaniment and rhythm sections, weave a tapestry of truly stirring music that moves and engages an audience.