Advice for UVM First-Years

We’re all so excited to welcome you to our beautiful campus, and in preparation for your arrival, we’ve crowdsourced some advice for you from other UVM students, who’ve totally been there. Here’s a quick sample of some of the best:

1. Bring a lot of socks.

2. Don’t be afraid of the library. It’s a great place!

3. Don’t be afraid to go to events alone!

4. Get involved with something out of your comfort zone.

5. Get as many free pens as you can.

6. Oreos and Cheetos aren’t a good idea for dinner.

7. Take care of your mental health, not just physical health.

8. Take more time to explore Burlington and the fun things it has to offer!

9. Stay true to yourself – not everything falls together perfectly right away.

10. It’s going to be okay.

They’re absolutely right, it’s all going to okay, and in fact, it’ll probably be great, especially if you stick with us! Check out the link to our calendar to get started on your UVM experience!

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UVM Tech Secrets: 8 Things You Need To Know


After hearing from some recently graduated seniors that even after 4 years they hadn’t discovered some of UVM’s best tech resources, like the FREE UVM Software Archive, how to print on campus or how to forward UVM email to an existing personal account, we figured it was time to put together a little rundown of all that UVM has to offer in the way of tech. And if you’re anew Catamount, soak this all in because you’re totally on top of your game. So here goes – all your questions and concerns answered in one convenient spot, and maybe a few things you didn’t even know to ask!

printer iconHow to print on campus…

Printing on campus is a big deal – especially if you’re like us and didn’t cart a printer with you to campus (or don’t want to shell out a hefty price for ink).  There are lots of places to print on campus, and depending on what college you’re in or what classes you’re taking you’ll probably find your own awesome printing spot in no time.  Most computer labs on campus have printing capabilities – like the Waterman Computer Lab or any of the labs in Votey (we’re talking to you Computer Science majors). But one place can handle nearly all your printing needs…and that place is the Library.

Although this seems like it should be obvious, I was definitely befuddled the first time that I tried to print in the library. First of all, I didn’t realize that you could only pay for printing with CatScratch, so let’s start there. CatScratch is money that you can add to your student ID (your CATCard) that can be spent at a variety on and off campus vendors.  Funds can be added to CATCard in a variety of ways, including online, at the library’s circulation desk (right by the front door), at the CATCard Office, OR you can use an ATM/Debit Card to purchase a special CatScratch card from the CatScratch vending machine, also near the circulation desk.

For information on how to send and pick up the things you want to get printed from a library computer, check out this link here. Or for printing from your personal laptop, I’ll send you over here. For printing fees and more specialized info about copying and scanning (also available in the library), check out this!

If you’re doing a project or need some more specialized printing options, you should give UVM Print & Mail a visit – located in the basement of Waterman, they have the ability to print posters, packets, and items in bulk.

How to get your UVM email on a mobile device…
phone iconDisclaimer: No worries if you don’t have a mobile device! You can skip ahead…

One nice technical trick that I’ve personally found VERY helpful since I’ve been at UVM is connecting my UVM email account to my phone. Sometimes professors cancel class or send out important emails at the last minute, and it’s great to be able to get them on-the-go and ASAP. No fun to walk across campus at 8am in below-zero weather to find an empty classroom!

UVM’s IT department has explained how to configure it on Apple devices here and Android devices here, but on most phones it is possible to go into the settings of your current e-mail app (even the Gmail app!) and “add account”,  Then you can input your UVM net ID and password, and perhaps some more general info and voila.

Worst-case scenario, you can still access you e-mail through webmail on your phone – it’s just not super easy to read or navigate.

How to forward UVM email to a personal account…

emailYou’ve heard it before – “check your UVM email!” But what if you could just send your UVM email to a personal account? Easy!

To set up mail forwarding (and make your life easier in less than 30 seconds) log in with your UVM net ID and password here and put in the e-mail address you check regularly.

Ta-Da! Now all your UVM e-mails will get rerouted to your personal e-mail account, no more webmail for you.

How to easily find any other UVM email address…

searchHave you ever wanted to email someone else on campus but all you have is their name? Luckily, that’s all you really need! A program called the LDAP Directory stores all student, staff and faculty email addresses. Enter the LDAP settings when you set up your email account and if you start typing a few letters into the “recipient” line, LDAP will list all the names that correspond. This setting isn’t available in ALL e-mail clients or apps; but if you see the fields for it – use it, it can be super helpful!

You can also search for people in the regular UVM directory here or see the LDAP in action using webmail.

How to get FREE software
(aka how to not pay for Microsoft Word)…

software iconDiscovering the UVM software archive was a lifesaver for me. Don’t want to shell out for Microsoft Office? In need of some Antivirus applications? Need help making a bibliography with EndNote? The Tech Team has got you covered with all sorts of neat stuff for Macs, Windows, and Linux, and all for absolutely FREE! All you need is your UVM ID and password to log into the site, and it’s yours to download. Choose your platform and see what they’ve got to offer here.

Pro Tip:  Look through all the programs listed in the UVM Software archive.  There might be a few surprise programs you never knew you needed that can make your academic life SO much easier!

How to connect your gaming and media stuff…

gaming iconAttention first-years and second-years living on campus: if you’re planning on bringing gaming equipment, TVs with streaming devices, or any other sort of media-related thingamajig, you’ll find the Tech Team’s guide to “getting connected” at UVM pretty helpful. I know how much of a bummer it would be to not be able to sit down to Netflix on the big screen or chill out with some Mario Kart after move-in day, so be sure to keep this guide on hand from day one!

If you’re still having trouble after all that reading – give the UVM Tech support line a jingle at (802)-656-2604, and they’ll walk you through the process.

How to access your files anywhere on campus…

folders iconIn preparation for the many Powerpoint presentations ahead of you, don’t forget about UVM’s Web File Manager (, which lets you login to access your files anywhere. For those of us without a USB or an easy way to transport files from class to class, the Web File Manager is a game changer. Just upload whatever you’ve been working on to the page here (after logging in with your UVM ID and password) and log back in on another computer to download it when you’re in a pinch!

Using a PC in one of the campus computer labs? You can save files to your ‘My Documents’ folder and then access them from any other PC on the UVM network – and from webfiles if you’re on the go.  You can even access these files if you’re on UVM wifi or plugged into UVM’s internet on your own computer!  Check out these How to’s for Windows 7, Windows 8, and a Macs to learn how. Anything saved to these network folders is accessible by webfiles off-campus!

How to file transfer a big file…

uploadAnother nifty tool for presentations or group projects is the UVM file transfer service ( It allows you to share files that might be too large for an email or a text. If you’re working on a large digital file and want to collaborate with someone or share it, the file transfer is a great (free) way to do that! The page can be found here and will prompt you to log in.  It’ll even shoot you an e-mail letting you know when it’s been downloaded!

Pro-tip:  Sometimes UVM’s email service won’t send zipped files as a security precaution.  If you’re having trouble with that, UVM File Transfer is a great option to quickly shoot your compressed files without the hassle of it disappearing into the wild terrain of your UVM email.

How to get free technology help…

help iconBut the crème de la crème of tech resources is, of course, the UVM Tech Team. For any questions that we couldn’t answer for you, try searching for answers in their extensive “knowledgebase“. Got a slow or broken computer? Bring it to the Computer Depot on the 2nd floor of the Davis Center and they can try to help you troubleshoot what’s wrong with it – or quickly call their IT support line at (802)-656-2604 for some over-the-phone help. There have been quite a few moments in my past few years of school when I wish I had known about these folks so I could give them a call, so count yourself as one of the lucky ones!

Good luck navigating your technology from all of us at the Bored Team! ♥

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And the Winners Are…

In early April of 2015 the BORED team set out to determine UVM’s campus favorites on tons of subjects ranging from food to academia to school culture and back again. Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey, we collected over 1000+ responses and are now proud to present you with the ultimate “Best Of” list. We’ve always known that Catamounts were an opinionated bunch about their particular favorites, but now we’ve got the official on-campus bests and the stats to prove it! Everyone’s feedback has made this an incredibly fun experiment, and one that we hope to continue next year. Scroll down below to discover our wonderful 2015 winners!

We also collected some responses to the questions, what makes UVM the coolest? And what advice do you have for first years? In response to UVM’s coolness factor, a huge majority agreed that it was all of the wonderful PEOPLE that make this place thrive. Whether it was their adventurousness, their kindness, or their undeniable sense of community, nearly everyone identified some aspect of the people as being a crucial aspect in making UVM a great place to be. You guys really are a sweet, cheesy bunch. To the first years, most people underlined that they should get involved and warned them about the wildly cold temperatures that are possible in the depths of February. Many nostalgic folks told them that time goes fast and the four years will fly by, and others warned them about the difficulties of organic chemistry or about the best places to find good food on campus. All in all, some really interesting and fun responses, and a lot of good advice that we will certainly be passing on to freshman as they come in for orientation in June.

Again, thanks for all your help! Have a lovely summer and we’ll see you next year! ♥ ♥ ♥


Best dining hall?









Winner: Simpson

Runner-Up: Harris-Milis


Best retail dining?









Winner: Brennan’s

Runner-Up: New World Tortilla


Best on-campus coffee stop?









Winner: Henderson’s

Runner-Up: Cyber Café


Best weekly cheap/free food?









Winner: FeelGood’s Grilled Cheeses in the Davis Center

Runner-Up: Wicked Wednesdays in Brennan’s


Best on-campus food truck?









Winner: Lucky’s Chinese

Runner-Up: Ahli Baba’s


Best campus rec group fitness class?









Winner: Yoga

Runner-Up: Zumba


Best on-campus fest?

festival concert springfest








Winner: Springfest

Runner-up: Wingsfest


Best campus personality?









Winner: Tucker the Therapy Dog

Runner-Up: Rally Cat


Best UVM Twitter?









Winner: @uvmproblems

Runner-Up: @FreeFoodUVM


Best Club?

outing club








Winner: Outing Club

Runner-Up: SSC

Third Place: FeelGood


Best way to get around campus?









Winner: Walking

Runner-Up: Piggyback


Best on-campus event?









Winner: SpringFest

Runner-Up: Free Cone Day


Best residence hall?









Winner: University Heights North

Runner-Up: Living Learning Center


Best on-campus study spot?









Winner: Bailey-Howe Library

Runner-Up: Davis Center


Best place to pull an all-nighter?









Winner: Bailey-Howe Library

Runner-Up: Cyber Café


Best class?









Winner: Intro to Environmental Science with Amy Seidl

Runner-Up: Organic Chemistry with Steve Flemer


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Catching Up with SGA’s New President: Jason Maulucci

At long last, the endless Vermont winter has succumbed to a beautiful and much anticipated spring. This means though, that the 2015-16 year is also coming to a close, and plans are in the works for next year. This winter may have felt like it dragged on forever, but looking back, this year has absolutely sped by. As we start to look ahead for next year, we decided that this would be a good time to get acquainted with UVM’s new student body President, Jason Maulucci. Thanks to everyone who participated in SGA elections, Jason and his Vice President Tyler were voted into office a few months ago. This past week we had the pleasure of interviewing them to learn a little more about who these guys are and what their plans are for the year ahead.


Why did you want to be the student President and Vice President? 

Tyler and I care deeply about UVM. The Student Government has the ability to profoundly enhance the student experience at the University. We believed that we were in a position in which we could make significant improvements on behalf of the student body. We are incredibly grateful, and excited by the opportunity that has been given to us by our peers!

What campus event are you looking forward to attending this Spring? 

Spring Fest is always an opportunity to have a great time with so many fellow students. This year I’m looking forward to the experience, with my fingers crossed for great weather! 

What is your favorite campus event that you’ve attended in the past? 

There’s nothing better than free cone day from Ben & Jerry’s!

What do you most enjoy about living in Burlington?

Lake Champlain is by far my favorite part about Burlington (when it’s warm). Unfortunately, however, I spend the entire month of September down at North beach when I should probably be spending a little more time on school! 

What are you studying?


Economics & Political Science 

Fun fact?

Tyler and I are both from Connecticut and huge sports fans. Unfortunately, however, he supports all of the wrong teams. I’m an avid Boston fan growing up watching the Sox, Pats, Celtics and Bs. He lives the miserable life of a Jets fan! There will be no shortage of sports-related tension in our office this summer as the Red Sox and Yankees battle for the top position in the AL East!

To find out more about Jason and Tyler’s platforms, read their plans for their tenure in office below:

Academic Advising 

  • The student body would be greatly serviced by a centralized advising center in which students would seek counsel from professionals regarding their specialized and unique advising needs. This center would act as a supplement to the current faculty advising system. Conversations have already begun between students, faculty and administration, who recognize the value of its potential creation.
  • In addition to professional and faculty advising, students also recognize the tremendous value of peer advising. Hearing from older students within one’s field of study is critical in order to hear a perspective from people who have recently experienced a similar path to the one in which a younger student is preparing to travel. I am preparing to launch an SGA-led initiative in which we work with Deans and department chairs to identify experienced students who would improve the advising experience for fellow students. The Student Government would provide a setting for the selected peer advisors to meet students interested in utilizing the new resource. Several Student Government recognized clubs already perform a similar function, including the CEMS Club and Pre-Vet Club. Our goal is to profoundly broaden, organize and standardize a system that provides essential services to students, from students.

Student Government President’s Advisory Committee

  • As President, I will regularly convene a team of student leaders from across campus to provide a forum to discuss ways of improving the student experience. This group will not primarily be comprised of SGA members, but rather, those of other student groups including IRA, the Ski and Snowboard Club, Fraternity and Sorority life and more. It is my hope that in addition to our regular internal meetings, as a group we will be able to discuss certain topics with UVM administration regularly throughout each semester. It is important that the President of SGA is transparent and inclusive when representing the undergraduate student body. This committee will allow for me to hear from a diverse group who bring a unique point of view to the table and present on issues impacting those more distant from the SGA. It will, I believe, provide that inclusive environment towards which we must strive.

Student Relations with the Burlington Community 

  • The city of Burlington has long been one of the greatest and most talked about advantages to the location of UVM. It is sometimes evident that there is a lack of dialog and community between UVM students and long-term residents of Burlington. It is our objective to change that. One project that Vice President Davis has spearheaded is the formation of the Committee of Student Resident Ambassadors. The purpose of this committee is to have students engage the community by attending ward meetings, helping to organizing neighborhood cleanups and working in conjunction with the Office of Student Community Relations at UVM. The committee will be overseen by the Student Government Association and will be comprised of two students from each graduating class at UVM. These students will serve for the entirety of their time at UVM in order to provide continuity within the system, and so they can build relationships with neighborhood leaders in Burlington. Student issues are often the topic of long-term resident ward meetings, which is why it is so important that there is a friendly student present to participate in the conversation. It is our hope that the committee will work to solve problems that long-term residents may have with students and work to strengthen the community. UVM students make up an enormous consortium of Burlington and we ought to be involved in the city we call home.

Communication with Fellow Students

  • It is important that the SGA constantly updates the student body on the progress of its work. Showcasing our achievements with effective communication will inspire other talented students to get involved with the Student Government, therefore benefiting all undergraduates.
  • In addition to informing the student body of SGA’s work, we can also play a role in advertising events for the 160+ recognized student clubs and organizations on campus. Many groups put on wonderful events that would prove valuable to many students, but because of their sizes they struggle to get the word out. Advertising is a resource that we can and should provide to our clubs.
  • The SGA can also work to build awareness and excitement around some of the great things that our University is doing. For example, the STEM project will enormously improve the University of Vermont and the SGA can help inspire students about the prospects of UVM’s investment in our future.

Student Safety and Combating Sexual Assault

  • Sexual assault has long been a crisis on college campuses and, resultantly, it is not only warranted, but also essential, that the Student Government help lead the discussion of the hugely important topic. Recently, the SGA Senate passed a bill establishing the new club 1 in 4 who’s objective is to educate men on sexual assault. We hope to enter discussions on how to include them in the training of all of our organizations. In addition, work that has already been done this year by the SGA, such as Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April, should be continued and built upon.
  • Several years ago, an initiative by the SGA brought the “blue lights” to campus in order to help protect students at UVM. This was a hugely beneficial change to campus that has made it a safer place. A large number of students, however, do not live on campus and deserve the same securities. Therefore, the SGA will work with the University and the City of Burlington to discuss the plausibility of similar police warning systems on streets with heavy student populations to ensure that all students are afforded the same level of comfort. This is a topic that can begin to be discussed in the coming months.

Club Workshops

  • One of the Student’s Government’s primary charges is to support the student organizations we oversee. UVM clubs rely on the SGA to provide them with many of the resources they need to operate. It is our responsibility to devise ways in which we can give them the tools to succeed and make a positive impact on campus. This means, on top of funding a large portion of their operations, we will be hosting fundraising workshops with the aim of providing these organizations with the means of furthering their ability to do good by empowering them to augment additional resources.
  • Furthermore, the SGA Club Affairs committee will be hosting Diversity and Social Justice training to ensure that our clubs and their leaders are maintaining the principles set forth in UVM’s Our Common Ground.

“Although this is not an exhaustive list of the goals that the Student Government seeks to accomplish moving forward, the aforementioned topics certainly are a good indication of some of our most pressing issues! Tyler and I cannot wait to get to work for the student body. The Student Government has the ability to have a profound impact on the student experience at UVM. We are so lucky to have administrators, faculty and staff who truly value our opinions, are always willing to meet with us, and who undoubtedly care, first and foremost, about the success of the students at UVM.” — Jason Maulucci

*Photo Credit: The Vermont Cynic



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What’s With All the Fests?

It seems like around here, there’s new “fests” popping up every other day. We love the fest-ing on campus and around Burlington, so we thought that this week we’d break it down a bit in order to see the full range of fests.

 Food Fests!

Food fest are probably one of our favorite kinds of festivals, because it usually means LOTS of free food. No matter what your food preferences or restrictions are, there is a food festival around for each of us.


vt brewfest

The Vermont Brewer’s festival is going on down at the Waterfront this summer, from July 17-18. This particular festival celebrates local and regional breweries, bringing in brewers from around New England to create one of the most spectacular beer gardens in the world. Although you must, of course, be 21 or older to enter the fest grounds, it certainly seems to be a wonderful time. You can find out more here.

Bagelfest / Pizzafest / Wingsfest

wings fest

All of these delicious sounding festivals are hosted yearly by UVM’s very own team from the Inter-Residential Association. IRA brings local vendors right on campus to dole out free bagels, pizza, and wings every year, and then all of us tasters get to vote on our favorite. Get there early to beat the lines! Keep up with IRA’s events here.


cheese fest

“Cheeeeese, Gromit, cheeeese!” Vermont is certainly a foodie capital, and being a state full of dairy farms, cheese is one of our specialities. Did you know that it is a Vermont cheese that is currently the “World’s Best Cheese“? You can try them all at the Vermont Cheesemaker’s Festival, a delicious yearly event right around the corner in Shelburne. Also, if you’ve ever been interested in learning about how to make cheese, they’ve have demonstrations and workshops that you can attend during the festival! More info here.

Music Fests!



The Burlington Discover Jazz Festival takes over Burlington during the first few weeks of June, smattering the town with amazing performances from world renowned and local musicians alike. The festival becomes a truly immersive experience for the community, combining traditional sit-down performances in spaces like the Flynn Theater with many days of free and outdoor concerts. If you’re hanging around Burlington this summer, there’s no way you’ll be able to miss it!

Grand Point North Fest


Brought together by VT’s own Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, this yearly festival, occurring in the first few weeks after the fall semester resumes in September, is always a knockout. From Friday to Sunday, amazing touring acts from all across the world come to fill the evening hours with an assortment of amazing music, topped with the fabulous Grace Potter. It’s always a warm welcome back to Burlington, and a great way to spend the last of those warm late summer nights. More info here.

SpringFest & FallFest

spring fest concert

These two are some of our absolute favorite Burlington fests, since they occur right on campus and are hosted by our lovely friends from UPB. FallFest is usually in late September and SpringFest in late April, and they both promise to bring nationally recognized headliners and fabulous local acts to our doorstep every year. So, cheap student tickets, short commute, and amazing music. You really can’t go wrong here.


Celebratory Fests!



Like SpringFest and FallFest, WinterFest is also hosted by UPB and also occurs right here on campus. Unlike them though, WinterFest actually refers to a whole WEEK of festivities, rather than just a single concert. That said, WinterFest does usually include a concert dubbed Winter Carnival, which occurs on the same night as an annual Rail Jam and Chili Cook Off. The week of events is a perfect way to try to get the best of those late-January winter blues (especially the daily free hot cocoa and coffee!)

UVM Fest

UVM green

Well, technically speaking we’re actually talking about UVM’s annual Homecoming Celebrations, which happen each October, bringing back alums from around the world and welcoming parents of current students to campus. This weekend long event includes food events, music, speakers, workshops, and more. More info here.

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What Does the Class of 2019 Look Like?

2019; it sounds so futuristic and faraway, but in not too long at all, UVM’s Class of 2019 will be making their way down Main Street next August for convocation. In the past few months, acceptance letters and scholarship announcements have been going out to homes all across the country, and slowly but surely, the Class of 2019 is beginning to take shape. Like most of the rest of us did when we first chose UVM, they are congregating in a Facebook group in order to find roommates, meet new friends, and make connections before admitted students days and orientations. The Facebook introductions, are, as usual, friendly, funny, and full of clichés, and we are loving it. So much so, that we’ve decided to take some quotes from some of our favorites in order to put together a profile of UVM’s newest incoming class.


Many of the introductions are pretty typically UVM-y. There are tons of eager, outdoorsy, yoga-loving, snowboarding-crazed, hiking fanatic students. There’s a fair share of kayakers, fishers, and runners too. People seem to be excited to get into the Vermont spirit, ready to dive into B&J’s and maple syrup at any moment, and mentioning that they’re already rocking flannel just to prepare. We think everyone is going to fit in pretty well here.

“I’m kind of obsessed with skiing.”

“If I do decide to come to UVM, you’ll be able to find me binge-eating Ben & Jerry’s.”

People are sharing all kinds of funny likes and quirks, searching for the possible roommate who is also an avid bungee-jumper or maybe another rug-hooking addict. Who knows, maybe they’re out there!

“I’m always down to go to concerts with friends and if u are a tea enthusiast then we will be friends.”

“If you speak german at all we should converse aber ich spreche nur ein bisschen.”

A lot of people are into music, which is great of course, and a lot of people are finding bands and artists that they all like.

“Is the prerequisite for joining this group liking Alt-J?”

Some people are laying all their passions out on the table.

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE animals and think it’s really important that we maintain a good relationship with them; especially DOGS oh god i love dogs so much.”

Others are letting us know just how much they love food.

I’m in a committed relationship with carbs and Dark chocolate.

I enjoy and eat more slices of pizza in a week than there are days in a week.

Others are keeping their introductions short and sweet.

hi im coming and i love music and art who wants to be my roommate.

i just like to go with the flow. yup thats all i got.

But, all in all, the Class of 2019 seems like they are going to be bringing some great energy to our campus, and we couldn’t be happier that so many great people will be joining us soon. Welcome on board, 2019! ♥

I hope we blossom a beautiful friendship.

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Bored How-To: Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Mug

Ever since I got to college, I’ve been dying to try to make a mug cake.

If you’ve never heard of them before (are you in college?), mug cakes are essentially tiny cakes for one that you can supposedly make with very few, very basic ingredients, and in a MUG. So cute, right? It’s like the broke-er, humbler version of a cupcake. But just as sweet and delicious.

I don’t know why it took me almost two whole years to finally get this bug out of my system (oh, right, homework) but my friends and I have finally started experimenting with the fabled mug cake recipes. And they are super duper fun. Plus, we’re only using ingredients that we can scrounge on campus from the Marché and the Redstone Market, so they are incredibly easy for anyone at UVM to try to make. If you’ve got a sweet tooth and a little time on your hands (or need a good excuse to procrastinate), here is my version of a chocolate-chip-cookie-in-a-mug recipe. Good luck! ♥



Processed with Rookie



Baking How To

Processed with Rookie

Processed with Rookie

Check out our Pinterest for more cooking ideas!

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Burlington Snow Days

After months of skimpy flakes and even a few rainstorms, it’s finally here: the snow. Winter in Vermont isScreen Shot 2015-01-30 at 3.00.47 PM actually looking like winter in Vermont and it’s already nearly February! Burlington in the snow is both a blessing and a curse. It’s cozy, fun, and has all the lovely small-town charm of a life-sized snow globe. On the other hand though, it can be bitterly cold, treacherously slippery, and a little difficult to see through when the wind off the lake blows it in your face (does anyone else desperately wish that it was more socially acceptable to wear goggles around campus??) But all in all, we’re UVM-ers, and so at the end of the day, most of us can love a great snowy day.

But aside from the obvious (Skiing? Snowboarding?) what else is there to do around town when we suddenly get buried under a couple inches of snow? I, personally, have a few favorite haunts that I’ll let you in on.

First of all, there is nothing better to do when the weather gets weather-y than to bundle up and make your way over to the warm, Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 3.06.11 PMdark, popcorn-full hideout of Merrill’s Roxy. With all of the awards season buzz that is swarming around the news these days, I’ve been aching to get over there and catch up on some of the latest and greatest flicks. Plus, I’ve been able to collect even more free movie tickets from Student Life than usual this year because (have you heard???) they’re being given out on Mondays AND Tuesdays now! That means that you could theoretically spend pretty much all weekend at the movies. Which is sounding pretty good to me right about now.

Secondly, the increasingly cold weather has had the side effect of increasing my consumption of hot drinks and caffeine, and so whileScreen Shot 2015-01-30 at 3.03.02 PM I’m not hibernating at the movie theater, I might also be found attempting to be productive in the lovely café called New Moon. Not only do they have delicious cappuccinos, chai lattes, and all manner of teas, they also have an amazing salad bar and sandwich selection. It’s the perfect power food to power you through that mountain of homework that isn’t looking too entertaining right now.

Last, but certainly not least, if you can bundle up enough to make it all the way down to the waterfront for a walk along the bike path, I’ve always found that it’s well worth the trek. I’ve always found that if I’m starting to get down about the weather or cave to the January blues, the most reinvigorating thing to do is to get out IN it. The cold will wake you up, the sights will lift your spirits, and the walk will get the blood flowing to your brain again. Especially in the winter, when we tend to be more prone to duck down and stay inside, the snow-globe of campus can feel like being trapped in a bubble. But don’t forget that to burst it, all you’ve got to do is take the first step!

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 3.00.20 PM

How do you try to make the most of the winter? Feel free to connect with us and let us know! Happy snowy days lovely UVM-ers! ♥

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Winterfest is Back and Better Than Ever

Hey UVM, it may have been significantly below zero last week, but if you know where to go, the Burlington windchill and the freezing Vermont winters don’t have to get you down. This year, campus is bringing back its perennial Winterfest, but this year, it seems that UVM is totally kicking it up a notch. No doubt about it, there’s something going on that absolutely everyone can get into. Usually, I’m so fearful of the cold I’d be the last person encouraging you to get back into those layers and get out there, but I have a feeling that this year, Winterfest is going to be worth it. Plus, it’s always seemed to me that there’s nothing better for beating the winter blues than engaging with people, listening to music, getting active, and warming up with free food. So, why not? Right?

Why should YOU go to Winterfest?



That’s right…there’s no denying that free coffee and hot cocoa would be the perfect way to start your wintery day. Just find UPB in the Davis Center atrium on your way to class to score some! Plus, we heard that there will be a limited number of Winterfest coffee tumblers being given away if you get there early…


Ben and Jerrys


Usually, I’m not really a big fan of cold foods like ice cream on a cold day…but A) It’s B & J’s and B) It’s FREE. I hear there’ll be two flavors (Milk & Cookies and Phish Food) and I’m sure I won’t be the only other person there, so show up early!



When the cold really, really gets into my bones, there’s absolutely nothing that can get rid of the chill except for exercise. And I know that not all of us are super eager to leap onto the treadmill either, so if you’re looking for a low-key (and FREE) way to warm up those muscles, try out this Davis Center yoga class!


A mug and colored sharpies


Ahhh I know that there’s a crafter hidden deep inside all of us. Dig into your inner Pinterest and make a cute, artsy mug that you can fill with the free hot drinks our friends at UPB will be supplying.




It’s pretty tempting to burst out into song when you hear these catchy tunes, and now, it’s socially acceptable! This is the perfect way to “let go” of some of that beginning-of-the-semester-stress…



Now that Spotify has named Misterwives as one of their forecasted stars for 2015, there’s really no reason not to go see these guys. Admittedly, this is one of the only Winterfest activities that isn’t free, but such a big name band for only $5? I don’t know about you, but that sounds totally worth it to me.




Sledding isn’t just for kids anymore (was it ever though, really?). Being able to enjoy the snow rather than grumble about it makes winter SO much more enjoyable. Take the plunge. Go sledding!

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Eight Days Before BREAK

8051411945_c2b5af4d40_mI don’t know about you, but with Thanksgiving so late in the semester this year, I am truly running on fumes in order to crawl across the finish line right now. There will be no celebratory leaping into the void of vacation because there is a distinct possibility that I will be on my hands and knees groping my way to the end of next Friday with a few too many too many understudied exams behind me and pumpkin pie in my mind’s eye.


That said, I’m doing my best to keep my head above water to overcome the procrastination and the fatigue and make the most of these last few days ahead of us, because there are only EIGHT of them left! Here’s how I’m doing it.

Eight days before break.

TGIF. There was a lot to be done last week and there is still a lot to do in the next couple days, but for the moment, the healthiest thing to do is forget about it all and relax. I’ve totally earned it, right? Let’s get hooked up with a cup of tea.

Seven days before break.

Saturday has struck! I have recently noticed that the Cats at the Movies tickets that I’ve been hoarding and forgetting to use all semester expire on December 5th! Therefore, this is one of the last weekends to use them. I guess this means a night (or two or three) at the movies with me and a few of my nearest and dearest movie buffs.

Six days before break.

Sunday = work day. Time to make up for all that procrastination. Trying to avoid a crash with these tips!

Five days before break.

Mondays start (far too early) for me with an 8:30am geology lab, and they stay pretty busy from there. I find that the best way to self-motivate is with a treat at the end of the day…Hendersons’ chai latte; here I come!

Four days before break.

With everything that happens this time of year, it is far far too easy to forget to head outside, but despite how much I moan and groan, I always know that some fresh air will get me back on track in no time. For some ideas for some quick walks to get the blood flowing before launching back into the madness, check this out.

Three days before break.

Happy Hump Day! We’re nearly there, I promise. Here’s to last-minute late night essays, midnight cramming sessions, and putting it off just a liiiiiiiittle bit longer. Oh, hello there my old friend Pinterest.

Two days before break.

Because I’m one of those strange folks who would rather do their laundry at school than truck it home to throw it in the familial wash, this Thursday is laundry and packing day. It may be a drag, but guess what? It means we’re almost there!



Hooray! Huzzah! We’ve done it! Even if you’ve decided to roll to class (good thing we live on a hill) or have downgraded to an army crawl at a snail’s pace at this point, we’ve all made it. And that’s what counts. We’ll see you on the other side UVM-ers! And don’t forget to tag your vacation Instagrams with #BoredOnBreak to let us know how you’re making the most of the time off!

Good luck with the last few days and lots of ♥ from Ruby & the BORED Team!

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How to Better Explore Burlington

Although we live in a small place, I find that it is often still too easy to get tunnel vision that encourages us to adhere to our usual path, forgetting to explore even so far as our backyards. Yes, we’ll travel, we’ll go out of town for a few weekends, but its as if we’re under the impression that we’ve already seen all there is to see under own feet. Since moving to Burlington, every couple of months I seem to have a “re-awakening”, when I realize that I’ve been assuming that I’ve already seen and done it all and givenlocalvores myself a free pass to give up trying new things, and then suddenly I remember again the extent of what really is going on in our city.

Although I’m as big a fan of traveling as anyone, its an even bigger breath of fresh air to realize that there is actually tons of new exploring to be done right here in the vicinity of our homes. One means that I’ve found to keeping up this spirit of domestic exploration, is the organization called Localvore, whose mission is to connect local businesses, industries, and events with local people.

And with offices down on the waterfront in the building to the left of the Skinny Pancake, Localvore couldn’t be more local themselves. The way it works is simple; Localvore offers coupons and discounts at local businesses and for local activities on their website, which locals can buy in order to get deals at places that they already eat and shop at, or get to try entirely new places for incredibly cheaply! It’s a win-win-win. There’s absolutely no downside here.

Indian foodThis week, I went on a Localvore experiment of my own in order to see this outcome in action. Although there were some more expensive deals, I went for the “Pay $6 for $12 of food at Shalimar of India”, because its cheap, 50% off, and who doesn’t love indian food? And in the end, my Localvore adventure absolutely paid off. Not only did I get to try some spicy new indian foods at a new place, the whole thing revived my spirit of adventure, and afterwards my friend and I went gallavanting off to a show at the Flynn and then discovered the brand new “Lamp Shop” on Winooski Ave.

Despite having hardly travelled more than a few blocks away from my dorm room, the night fulfilled some of the wanderlustiness that had been plaguing me recently. It wasn’t very far, sure, but a grand adventure nonetheless.

For a new experience of your own, check out the Localvore website to see what deals they’re offering this week! Happy exploring! ♥

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Why We’re Loving Fall at UVM

First and foremost, downtown is absolutely hustling and bustling with events!

Church Street Burlington

Lately, it has seemed like every week there is a new wave of great new events happening in our nearby area. Our calendar isn’t usually as likely to be stocked quite so chock full of goings-on as it is during the months between September and December. Weekly events like the Arts Riot Truck stops kept up the constant flow of energy and activity, as well as exciting new happenings like the advent of the Eat x NE festival, and the WYSIWYG festival. Even though the warm nights are over and we’re starting to have to bundle up for these colder months, the events are still flying in left and right. With Halloween on the way, we’re getting particularly excited about spooky events like Nightmare Vermont and thinking it might be time to try Queen City Ghost Tours

Secondly…let’s talk about that FOLIAGE this year…am I right?

Fall Foliage Road Vermont

Fall 2014 has undoubtedly had some of the best foliage that Vermont has seen in YEARS! We here at BORED have been going crazy for this marvelous foliage, especially since we’ve had the privilege of seeing everyone’s great foliage pics through #uvmpotd. Check out ongoing foliage reports from the “Leaf Squad” here! Also, fun fact: UVM happens to be a USA Tree Campus, which means that we meet 5 tree-y standards to qualify. Right now, we’re in the running for some prizes in order to receive even MORE trees for our wonderful campus! To help us win, you can vote here!

Thirdly, the great outdoors has had absolutely perfect weather for [insert just about anything here]!


Whether you’re a hiking, kayaking, biking, running, badminton, frisbee, soccer, cloud-watching, star-gazing, etc. fan, this is absolutely the best time of the year to get outside and do it. UVM-ers had a great opportunity to do some hiking AND raise scholarship money this past month during the Catamountain Classic, which succeeded in having the UVM community join together to hike 273 miles of the Long Trail! You can see some of the great instagrams taken on the hike here.

Last but certainly not least, is the fact that we’ve been filling our bellies with delicious fall-y food and drink.


My guilty pleasure, like so many others, is pumpkin spice coffee. Although admittedly, it may not be the greatest flavor combination in the world, and perhaps not the classiest drink, I absolutely cannot stay away from it this time of year. Something about that tantalizing blend of warm cozy coffee and spicy delicious pumpkininess just gets me going! We’ve also been grooving on apples this fall! There has been no shortage of apple themed foods around campus–from apple latkes at the Marché to apple crisp at Harris Millis, there’s just no avoiding this hearty fall favorite, and we’re not complaining!

What have you been loving about fall here? Show us your autumn-y pictures by tagging #uvmpotd !


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