Wow Behind the scenes

Catamounts, your summer may be coming to a close but that doesn’t mean that the fun has to end, because along with the start of classes, the Week of Welcome is also on the horizon! There are a ton of events happening all over to welcome you back to campus, and this week we got the chance to hear from some of the students who helped to make it all happen. Read their guest post below for some inside tips on their own personal favorite events as you start to plan your own first week!

Greetings from the campus programs interns!

internsI know what you’re thinking: “what is a “campus programs intern”? Well, We are two UVM students who are interning in the UVM Student Life Office on the third floor of the Davis Center, working over the summer to plan cool campus events to keep students busy during the school year!!

What have we been doing all summer? Besides hanging banners, making spreadsheets, and lifting heavy things, we’ve been working hard to bring you the best Week of Welcome events (“WOW”, as we like to call it.) I know you’re all itching to know what we have in store for you and if you’re not tired of hearing about WOW yet, you will be. However, that’s only because it’s about to be the best week of your college career, or at least we like to think so, since we are planning it. We have no doubt we will see you at ALL of our 30+ events that you can check out here.

We totally understand that it can be overwhelming choosing where to best spend your time with so many fun events at the beginning of the year. So to help you out, we each picked two of our favorites. From attending them as first years to planning them as seniors, we love these Week of Welcome events. We aren’t quite ready to let them go, or graduate for that matter.

PaintballVanessa’s pick: Paintball

You’ll be eternally bonded after shooting capsules full of paint at your new friends. This one is my favorite WOW event, not necessarily because I enjoy getting pelted by paint, but because I love seeing how excited other people are to be pelted by paint. This event is only $10 for transportation and all equipment. Sign ups will be at Week of Welcome tabling in the Davis Center and at Coffee at the Catamount.


Taste of vtLuke’s Pick: Taste of Vermont

This one will forever be one of my favorites. It’s hard to beat a cool summer evening with local food live music, and when you toss in the lights and the promise of root beer floats.. Well, you get the picture.




Coffee at the CatamountVanessa’s pick: Coffee at the Catamount

Coffee at the Catamount is where we give away free coffee, tumblers, snacks from local food vendors, and sell tickets to all of our WOW events. I adore Coffee at the Catamount, because it becomes a social hub to meet up with people you haven’t seen all summer. After all, you obviously need to catch up on all the hikes you did, the Euro trip you took, or if you’re like me, the seasons of Netflix shows you watched. Coffee at the Catamount runs from 10-2 M-F of Week of Welcome.


Jurassic WorldLuke’s Pick: Cats at the Movies

jurassicworldAnyone who knows me recognizes that I have a slight obsession with the cinema, so this pick is a no-brainier. I could go on about how happy the film Jurassic World made me, but suffice it to say that there are dinosaurs, Chris Pratt, and even an appearance by Jimmy Buffett. If that’s not enough to get someone to sit in the grass with their new friends to watch a movie, then the free popcorn and the outdoor theater should do the trick.