Took Myself On A Date To Radio Bean


If you didn’t snapchat it, were you really there?? #philosophy

A few weeks ago, in the name of adulthood and trying new things, I took myself on a date to Signal Kitchen. I thought it went well and so yesterday (on Nov. 9), I had my second date! I went to Radio Bean to see the NYC-based band Maitri.

So this week was fine. I went out on Wednesday night for my date, and was rejuvenated by the live music and neat lights going on at Radio Bean. I had no idea what to expect from Maitri because the only thing that shows up on google is the Maitri OBGYN of Burlington. Completely unrelated. But then, I walked in and was pleasantly bombarded with a SUPER POWERFUL AWESOME FEMALE VOCALS! Which I didn’t know I needed so much. Ladies rock. Then suddenly she had a saxophone, and her shoes were off, and I felt inspired to do everything I wanted to do no matter what.

The other half of the band, a guy with a cool hat who played an impressive double-keyboard-infused-drum-kit, was also supergroovin. Together, they created just the whirlwind of passionate indie soul I needed to hear.

The atmosphere at Radio Bean was intimate (great place for a second date) and warm and comfortable. I’ve been a number of times before, and I quite enjoy how inviting the wooden floorboards are for my dancing feet! There’s a great wrap-around bar that also has bagels sometimes. Nice.

Other notable things: Radio Bean is surrounded by places just as lovely: Duino! Duende and Lightclub Lampshop. It makes me think of my personal holy trinity: coffee, burritos and art. Check it out!

Also, I got better at googling things and found Maitri’s actual website and gleaned this lovely bit of information: Translated from Sanskrit, Maitri (pronounced ”my tree”) is an unconditional friendship and acceptance towards oneself that in turn extends to the greater outside world and its people.

observation: interior decorations at Radio deserves award
thinkin’ about asking for a third date, what do you think?? should I go for it???

CONCLUSION: Radio Bean is a place you should ABSOLUTELY know about as a person living in Burlington. It’s a bar, a cafe, and a lovely music venue. Maitri is a neat band that will swirl you away from your mid-week woes, if need be. It’s groove is refreshing and awesome. Self-reflection: I’m really into cool lights.