BORED Talks Soup: It’s Broth Taking

pho soup


It’s the dead of winter in Burlington and snow is POUNDING outside my frozen window as I write this. UVM hasn’t seen a full sunny day in….well…um…it’s been a while. Let’s face it: the gray winter skies can take a toll on us college students. If you feel like the schoolwork has been preventing you from taking advantage of winter activities that keep your mood up (thank you, skiing and sledding), we have another way to keep you happy, excited and of course, warm. Hello, soup tour! The BORED team went on a mission to find the best soups in big bad Burly and we’re here to give you the lowdown on where to go and what to get.

little kid eating soup


STONE SOUP by GIANNINA: “Over at Stone Soup on College Street, there was an exciting variety of soups to choose from but pesky vegetarianism limited me to the gluten-free, vegan split pea soup. Not gonna lie, I’m skeptical of anything without gluten in it, but this soup was tremendous! Two thumbs up from this gluten gal. ALSO my hot soup date, Alex, gives the beef stew good reviews! It was loaded with carrots but it isn’t too heavy. Conclusion: if you want soup that ROCKS, go to stone SOUP!!! (Alex does not condone this pub but Gi thinks it’s great). TURNS OUT, my hot soup date, Alex, is also an underground soup connoisseur so here is the low down from her:

AUGUST FIRST: Their carrot ginger soup is the best she’s ever had.

CITY MARKET HOT BAR: Try the chicken Gumbo soup and/or the tomato basil. Also if you’re sick, the carrot celeriac is ultra healing.” Mel’s friend Julia also had GREAT things to say about the city market hot bar’s soups.

CITY MARKET by Julia: I just had the spicy butternut squash soup and it’s SO GOOD. It has the perfectly thick texture and a really rich, creamy flavor with the perfect amount of spice. While I don’t normally go for spicy foods, this soup won’t burn your taste buds and might even lure you into the world of spicy foods. The peanut and chickpea soup is also one of my favorites – it has a bit of a thai flavor which I love.

PHO HONG by RUBY: “One of my favorite Burlington soups is pho from Pho Hong on North Winooski Avenue. Although it’s a bit out of the way from downtown, the detour is absolutely worth it. For under ten dollars you can treat yourself to an enormous bowl of steaming broth filled with meat and vegetables and sprouts – sometimes its even enough for two meals! Plus, bone broth is really good for keeping sickness at bay, so you can feel good about slurping it up.”

NEW MOON by MEL: My love for New Moon as a whole might make me a little biased, but this is definitely the spot for a great bowl of soup. Like many things at New Moon, their soups are homemade and made with wholesome and simple yet perfectly combined ingredients. The fun part is the surprise: their online list of soups is more of a guideline for what they probably have, but their menu is usually rotating based on season and availability of ingredients. It’s always changing! Some of their available soups usually include chicken dumpling, tomato, spicy black bean, new moon chili, squash apple, red pepper gouda, chicken and wild rice and broccoli cheddar. For all those cheese fans out there, I personally recommend the red pepper gouda. Nothing will warm you up to the core while satisfying that craving for something gooey and comforting with a little bite. EAT UP, CATS!

PANERA by FRASER: “So this is probably lame but I really like Panera Bread’s soups. You can do a soup and half of a sandwich doe a reasonable price! Nothing beats their warm tomato soup on a cold day!