Self-Date Ideas

HEY, you’re great.
Show yourself some appreciation by going on a self-date!
Here are some ideas (with hearty advice from the BORED team) to get you started:

1. A peaceful walk through Centennial Woods

Centennial Woods provides a lovely, close-by place to breathe and enjoy the fresh air. The Woods aren’t too extensive, so if you’re looking for more of an adventurous date, I suggest you try listening to the soundtrack from The Revenant as you go.


2. Chipotle

You are Leonardo DiCaprio AND you are Kate Winslet
You are Leonardo DiCaprio AND you are Kate Winslet! Who needs other people when you have burritos? Enough said.

Need driving directions? Walking directions? Cross Country Ski directions? We’ve got you covered.


3. Counseling and Psychiatry Services (CAPS)

ACTUALLY THOUGH this is a really, really great resource for UVM students. You can meet with a therapist at absolutely no cost to you.

Click the link for more information about scheduling, etc. <3

4. A Concert!

Stay tuned on our website for great shows – we have a whole category just for music. I’ve taken myself to Signal Kitchen and Radio Bean and it was tons of fun. Plus, we give away TONS of free tickets to higher ground each week on our facebook page – there’s almost no excuse not to check out a show.


5. city market hot bar

If you’re bashful about dating yourself, just pretend you’re sorta in a rush and you really just don’t have time to eat with anybody else and that’s why you’re alone. There is tons of hearty variety at the hot bar! Also you can grocery shop while you’re there and grocery shopping is definitely a great first date because it’s adventurous and quirky (like it’d totally be in a cute indie movie) and you really get to see a deeper side to a person. Explore your deeper side. Take yourself grocery shopping. City Market has answers.



  1. Hang out at the pool during open hours
  2. Get a smoothie from the Marche
  3. Wear sunglasses at all times, also maybe a lei. Definitely a lei.
  4. Hang out at the UVM greenhouse
  5. Listen to this on repeat. Seriously, do it.
  6. Slurp your smoothie to drain the haters out


 7. Muddy waters (Suggested by Mel)

Just look at the guy in the back having a great time all by himself.

A great place for a self date in the Burlington area is Muddy Waters. This place was basically made for treating yo’self. The hearty wooden floors and green vinery make for a cozy atmosphere and the no-wifi policy basically forces you into time with a book, your thoughts, a cup of coffee or all three. I suggest snagging a seat near the window so you can enjoy the hustle and bustle of Burlington while cuddled up in one of their big comfy chairs.


8. Restorative Yoga (Suggested by Ruby)

Take yourself to a restorative yoga class! I’ve been doing yoga for years, but I have always done more active flow classes because I thought I would get bored or that it wouldn’t feel like much of anything. On the contrary, it was one of the loveliest, most rejuvenating self-care activities that I’ve done in ages! Cheers to taking care of your body AND your brain!


9. The Movies

Look how HAPPY he looks!

Hopefully you’re aware that you can get free movie tickets from the Student Life office on the 3rd floor of the Davis Center! If not – say hello to Cats at the Movies. Come any Monday or Tuesday morning with you student ID for a ticket that’s eligible any time after 6pm at the Roxy on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Have a great self-date idea? Send them our way!