Catamounts Choose Courses: Classes to Make Your Spring 2018 Schedule SuperDope

Beep beep! Course registration, coming your way! With the Spring 2018 Schedule of Courses now available, it’s plan-your-future time, and the BORED team is here to help. We’ve put together a list of our 10-outta-10-would-recommend classes from our semesters past, as well as some courses that sound supercool that we’re looking forward to.

“Great joke, Uncle Jim, but no I’m not taking underwater basketweaving. I am, however, getting my diving certification so as to prepare me for a future in marine ecosystem restoration…” —this could be YOU

ASL 001: American Sign Language (4 credits)

“If you’re not a huge fan of languages, but need to fulfill a language requirement, take American Sign Language. It’s not at all like your traditional language class as ASL is a visual language requiring you to learn hand motions and facial expressions to describe words and phrases. It’s a completely immersive language class as all the ASL professors are Deaf and there is absolutely no talking allowed in the classroom. Not only does learning ASL allow you to converse with the Deaf community, but it’s also a neat-o party trick and conversation starter!” -Naydeline

MU 001: Intro to Classical Music (3 credits)

“Whether you are a classically trained musician or just someone who likes to put on classical music when you’re studying, Intro to Classical Music is the class for you! It counts for a humanities requirement and is a very worthwhile class in my opinion. I play the piano; however I don’t know the history behind the music that I am playing and this class has made that connection for me. Also, if you’re at a party, you can impress people with your vast knowledge about the style and form of Baroque period music for example. You’ll make SOOOOOOO many friends.” – Jimmy

NFS 033: What’s Brewing in Food Science (3 credits)

“This is one of my favorite classes I have taken in my 3.5 academic years at UVM. You don’t have to be 21 to take the course and I truly recommend that anyone even the slightest bit interested in brewing beer or just beer in general, take the class. Learning everything that goes into making beer is not only interesting, but Dr. Todd wants you too look at beer as something more than something to drink at parties (when you are of age) but to fully and truly appreciate it. Quality over quantity. AND Dr. Todd is the most REAL and honest professor I have ever had in my life. I love him. I won a dope pen that he made by hand because I wore pink for breast cancer awareness month. He’s awesome!” -Camilla

PSS 156: Permaculture (3 credits)

“This class is a wonderful way to get your brain going about small-scale and attainable climate solutions. Permaculture is a design science, and it values the age-old ways of the natural world as well as human endeavors to make this planet a livable and happy one. The instructor, Vic Izzo, is a refreshingly grounded and approachable professor who values education for what it really is. Also you learn how to make kimchi. All in all, I take a lot of the permaculture principles I learned from Vic with me through a lot of my problem solving and I think I’m a better student/earth citizen because of it.” -Giannina

WLIT 095: Virtue and Violence in Modern China (3 credits)

“This may be for a niche set of interests, however, if I am able to make room in my schedule to sign up for this course I will. This semester I am taking Classical Chinese Literature (WLIT 110) and I really enjoy the exploration of classical Chinese works and seeing how they hold up in modern society. I think that learning about a culture through literature offers a valuable lesson about how that society functions. Not to mention Professor Thomas Noel does a great job of working in relatable content for general class banter, discussions and debates.” -Marty

ENVS 195: History of Environmentalism (3 Credits)

“I love learning about history and I love the environment so obviously this is the class for me. I am fascinated with how the way things came to be whether it be nature or society. As an ENVS (Environmental Studies) student I feel that I am a part of the environmentalism movement and the fight to preserve nature. I want to learn about how the environmental movement was formed and has continued until today. Also, the class is taught by one of my favorite professors, Frank Zelko. He is a wonderful professor and his courses are full on intriguing information. I am currently in his Environmental History course and it is amazing. I cannot wait to be sitting in his class again next semester.” – Jake

CDAE 191: FROM JFK TO 9/11 – Critical Thinking About “conspiracy theory.”  (~3 Credits)

“This one is crazy; the class in itself is a conspiracy. It’s not listed on the roster, so you have to email professor Rob Williams, in the CDAE department to get into the class. It meets once a week and Dr. Rob is hands down the COOLEST professor at UVM (sorry every other professor I’ve had), so you will no doubt have a great time. I myself have never taken the class but Dr. Rob talks a little about it during his other classes, and it really makes ya think about current events and larger historical events too.  Definitely take this if you can.”- Camilla


We’ve written this kinda blog a few times now! Some other courses recommended by BOREDies from the past 2 years include:

AS 096: Design Your Life

MU 021: Beginner Group Lessons in Djembe/Conga

POLS 021: American Political System

PEAC 052: Yoga and Mindfulness

ENGS 040: Tolkein’s Middle Earth

GEOL 001: Earth System Science