How to Survive Finals Week

So it’s that time of year again. The time where the sun seems to stop shining, work is falling from the sky in unprecedented amounts, and the Boogieman or finals in this case is scaring the jeepers’ out of you! Though this time of year is extremely stressful and appears to never end, I am here to tell you to breathe. Like right now, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and release it. Alright let’s get to it.

I’ve taken a few finals in my day, from long essays to projects, to in class exams. I’ve had a unique, and diverse share of the finals woes. This is UVM BORED’s survival guide to finals. You will get through this! Its finals, not the apocalypse.

1. Breathe

Like I said before, finals is stressful. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be cradled in a corner and pulling your hair out. Take it easy. No matter what the results, it doesn’t affect who you are as a person. Grades, school, careers etc. doesn’t define who we are, we do.


2. Study tips

It was hard for me to transition from high school where it appeared that I rarely studied to college where studying was a necessity. One of the best advice I’ve ever received was to start reviewing for an exam 10-14 days prior. Though cramming can help some, it’s not the best tactic.

Okay so maybe you waited till last minute, or you have a lot of exams to study for all at once. Split up you study time. Prioritize the exams that you have coming up first. Dedicate a few hours of hard core studying to each class. Have a friend test you on the information. Once you got it, move on to next! You got this!

3. Utilize all your resources

Does your professor give out study guides? Use it! If not, ever heard of Quizlet? Chances are a wonderful heaven sent individual created study guides for your class. If you don’t have access to either of these, connect with fellow students and create a comprehensive study guide. Trust me, two heads are better than one. Struggling with concepts? Go to the tutoring center. I suggest coming to an appointment with questions ready. I cannot stress this enough, go to exam reviews. Even if you believe you know all the answers, you never know what you could learn. Go to your professors’ office hours. What better person to ask than the one creating your exam? Like tutoring, try to come with questions already prepared. (Keep in mind, as we approach finals week, your professors’ office hours will be packed)

 4. Food Food Food!

Is there anything better than food? I think not! Make sure you stock up on a bunch of tasty snacks. If you’re going to be studying in the library for a while, keep in mind that dining halls close around 8-9pm. Don’t skip out on meals. Coffee isn’t enough to sustain you!

5. Take Naps

Remember back in kindergarten when you’d be forced to take naps? I dreaded them then, but now I long for those days. Who says those days have to be over? Taking naps is actually proven to help improve performance. You can put your head down for 10-20 minutes for a power boosting nap. You can nap pretty much everywhere on campus. Find a spot that best suits you.

6. Take Breaks

You don’t want to be locked inside all week, with no access to the sun and isolating yourself from everyone and anything that breathes. Take breaks! It’s okay and it’s actually helpful to step away from your assignments. Go for a walk. Take a mini trip to the movies. Call an old friend. It’s okay, your work won’t disappear when you’re gone for a bit.

Finals week is tough, but with these tips and some of your own study hacks you will survive!