Sean’s Declassified SpringFest Survival Guide

Students Dancing at SpringFest

With yet another great SpringFest about to land, I thought it would be a good idea to give a little insight into what our friends over at UVM Program Board (hint, hint, not us on UVM BORED)  have planned for this years show. With attractions like the wrecking ball, food vendors like Ben & Jerry’s and FeelGood, and artists like Juicebox, Rico Nasty, and Beast Coast – this years show has been ball of excitement from the day the UPB concert committee (which I just happen to be on) started began planning it.

I’m not gonna give you a grand list of the do’s and don’ts (UPB already has that covered) – but I can give you some advice as to the proper ways to prep and navigating this years block party. So get ready to take a step into Sean’s Declassified SpringFest Survival guide.


guy painting


For the first time this year, UPB has partnered with the Davis Center Art Curators to bring multiple student artists to the show, creating a student fueled art market! You and your friends will have the opportunity to buy some student art and explore the creative mediums of many student artists. Unfortunately, there won’t be an ATM in the Jeffords Lot (but there are a few in the Davis Center) so be sure to plan ahead and bring some cash if you think you’ll want some sweet swag to decorate your walls.. Many vendors and students at the art market will only be accepting cash so make sure you come equipped and ready to go – there’s no  re-entry and we wouldn’t want you to spend less than you planned to. 😉


student smiling with concert in the background


As raindrops always say, two is company but three is a cloud. Being that the forecast does predict a little bit of rain (and chilly temps) this Saturday, I can’t think of any easier fix than coming prepared with the essential light rain jacket. Whether you’ll be rockin’ the pinkest poncho or the reddest rain coat be sure to dress to impress and de-stress because this years block party will require you to bring the best of your end of the semester energy. Also be sure to note that UPB doesn’t allow  large backpacks, skateboards, scooters, cameras, frisbees, full water bottles etc.. into the venue (and there’s no place to store them outside the show if you need to) so make sure you pack light and right.

If all else fails – check out the SpringFest page to learn more about what you can and can’t bring.


catcard student id


UPB looks forward to seeing all of your beautiful student faces on the day of the show – but make sure you have the verification to prove it. Ticket checkers will be looking closely at tickets and IDs to ensuring that everyone purchased the appropriate type. If you didn’t – you’ll have to pay the difference, and it’ll hold up your access to the show!

This should all be in an e-mail to you (along with your digital ticket) – so be sure to look out for that.


student jumping with socks


I know you want to show up and show out – dressing to the 10’s; but to keep yourself happy I’d heavily advise that you wear a nice pair of ‘get rowdy’ sneakers and let it be known that these can’t be just any pair of shoes. Wearing your new pair of white air force one’s would not be your best bet.  Be sure to know that they will get dirty. I remember entering my first SpringFest dressed to impress and leaving not feeling the best and needing a rest. Ultimately I was emotional about ruining my then-new, white converse, but what can I say…I’m a Cancer.


student pumping their fist to music


If one thing is for certain and two things are sure I know that you know that this concert will be one for the books. With the energetic artist we have coming to our SpringFest stage expect to be ready to dance your hearts away and bump to the bass of the beat. UVM Program Board has been working day and night to get this show off the ground –  so when I see you, I want you to match my energy because I know for sure that I will be riding the SpringFest wave.


SpringFest Letters


Just don’t. At this point it should be widely recognized that saying the n-word is highly offensive and disrespectful to those within the black community. The word carries with it a heavy history of demeaning and racist baggage – so be respectful of your peers and know that everyone has ears and can hear what you say when you say it. I know  UPB’s concert committee planned this concert with the hopes of everyone being able to come together and have fun riiiiiight before the school year ends – and inhibiting someone else’s experience because you can’t come to terms with the harshities of history, never has been and never will be o.k. So to all of my non-black, non-POC, and white-identifying catamount allies – I am not asking this as a request, but simply telling you, don’t. Be mindful.



On behalf of myself, the concerts committee, and the entire UPB team we all just want to say thank you. Thank you for supporting us and giving us the ability to not only put on this years biggest block party for you but also all of our creative and quirky events showcased throughout the year. UPB is a program board run by the students, for the students, and without you guys we would truly be nothing. We love the enthusiasm you all have for this years show and can’t wait to see our strategically planned out dream turn into one of your happiest realities. We hope you all have a good time at the show and look forward to having to giving all of the best to you.