Creemee Crawl 2021

As the warm weather is withering away, you get nostalgia for that summertime treat… Creemees. Now, you wonder where on earth (in the Burlington Area) you can get one. Well, if you ever wanted to try all of the creemees in the area but don’t know where to start, you came to the right place! Welcome to our continuous Creemee Crawl Blog, where we (BORED Team) let you know about all of the creemee/ice creams places your heart and stomach desires.


Palmer Lane Maple: 

It’s a bit of a drive away, but it is worth it. Palmer lane gives you all of the classic creemee flavors and more! Pictured above are peach and maple swirl creemee with their in-house maple sprinkles. These sprinkles are an absolute MUST if you visit here as they are the best around. The creemees come in multiple sizes that are worth the buck!

Pictured: Peach and maple swirl creemee with maple crumble sprinkles.

The Village Scoop: 

Hailing from Colchester is Village Scoop, a drive-through/in-store creemee spot that will satisfy your creemee cravings. If you aren’t a creemee fan, they also have lots of hard ice cream/sundae options to choose from. You can get a small creemee that “isn’t very small” for under $3! This is an excellent spot for classic creemee flavors (vanilla, chocolate, maple, black raspberry)!

Pictured: Black raspberry and maple creemee.

Sweet Scoops:  

Going to Essex? Well, if you are and want to make a pit stop, we recommend Sweet Scoops. They have the classic creemee flavors that you can get with maple sprinkles for an extra treat! You can get their hard ice cream as well!

Pictured: Maple creemee with maple sprinkles.

Burlington Bay:  You all know Burlington bay, and if you don’t you have friends that do. This is a star location not only because of their tasty ice cream but also due to the incredible view and location right on Burlington’s waterfront.

Pictured: Vanilla and Chocolate swirl with chocolate sprinkles.