Ways To Get Around Campus 101

Ah picture this,

You are a bright eye on campus (or even off campus) student trying to figure the best ways to get around campus. You know some people walk, drive, bike, skateboard, or use the campus bus system. You are trying to figure out what works the best for you. If you live on Redstone you know to walk to the Davis Center is approximately 15 minutes and to get to classes/Central campus is 20-25 minutes. So, if you don’t want to walk, what are your options?


UVMs Transportation and Parking Services with Greenride Bikeshare have provided accessible bike options for students on and off campus. With the service you can unlock a bike anytime for $1 and $0.35 per minute you ride. You can download Gotcha! Powered by Bolt to Here is a word from them:

Greenride Bikeshare Story

Campus + City Bus System:

Want to take the bus? If you do there are on and off campus busses that make their rotations. If you’re getting around on-campus, you can just hop on the bus (and check the Transloc app to peep where it’s at).  If you’re looking to go further – either in-town or throughout VT you can do so for FREE using your CatCard. The Transit App will help to see all of the active bus lines in the moment, can tell you which bus to catch to get to a location, and can even help you plan out how long it will take to get to different places. The On campus busses or CATSride has all of their information about the bus schedules as well on their website!


We all know that one friend that has a car on campus. Be friendly and ask them occasionally for a ride. Remember they are not your chauffeur, so be mindful. If you do want to get a ride, you can use Go! Vermont. Go! Vermont is a environmentally conscious way tot get around to your favorite places. You can use it for getting into Burlington and beyond.

If you do want to walk here are some tips: 

  1. Use the tunnel to get to the Davis Center. It will cut your walking trip to Central campus by approximately 5 minutes. Also this is a great for the winter.
  2. If you have labs or lectures in Innovation, Discovery Hall, or any class in that area, you can take the short cut on the left side of  Howe Library. You now don’t have to walk around CCRH to get to those classes.
  3. If you need to get to or from Trinity for classes or any other campus far away from Central, use the Davis Center as your home base, your study area, and your break place on campus. This will break up your walking time between classes and will make the walking back to were you live after classes a bit more tolerable. The walk from Trinity to the Davis Center is approximately 10 minutes.