How To: Campus Green

The semester is coming to a close and as finals approach I can’t help but want to escape the library and my room to get out into the sunshine.

That means I’m most likely gonna go to one of the many greens around campus.

But once I get there how do I make the most of my time?

This is the list to answer that very question:


One of the favorite activities of the student body. If the green that your heading to has trees, and you or a friend have a hammock this could be for you. Just tie up the straps and clip in the hammock and begin your lounging. And in the case that you have multiple people with hammocks, stack em.


This activity is related to the one above. Likely one of my favorite in hammock pastimes is napping. Now napping doesn’t just take place in a hammock you can also lay out a picnic blanket and take a little snooze or if you’re feeling brave and it hasn’t rained lay out on the bare ground.


This mention is for everyone who forgets that you are still allowed to go outside even when you have plenty of work to do. One thing to note is that it can be hard to see a laptop screen when outside so this is best done on not super sunny days.


Picture this beautiful sunny day and you want to get outside. Now you see these comfy looking benches and you think what could I do here and I have two answers for you. Read and eat lunch. But in case you already had lunch you could also just read, for enjoyment. not a textbook.


Now are you feeling not very flexible. Or perhaps your chakras are out of alignment. Then yoga may be for you. Now I know classes can be intimating so here is a suggestion. Boot up a YouTube video and follow along.


One of the fan favorite lawn sports to play with your friends get out and toss the frisbee. One thing to definitely be warry of is that when catching a frisbee be sure not to have it smack into your fingertips. As that may be one of the most painful things on earth other than stepping on legos.

Hacky Sack

So I cannot Hacky Sack for the life of me but I tend to see people who can, doing it on the greens. And it looks pretty darn fun every time that I see it. If you have the coordination and some skilled friends get on out there.


On these beautiful days there are to many reasons to go outside so remember to take the time for yourself to do so.