As the curtain closes on another school year, we here at UVM BORED are reflecting on the wild ride it’s been. From epic Freebie Fridays to the hilarious origin of BORDLE. From the return of SpringFest to the (hopefully temporary?!) sad farewell to the Bus Ball. From growing our little team from two to four, to rocketing to viral stardom on TikTok (okay, that one may be a stretch, but let’s put it on the list of goals for next year). It’s been quite the year, and we’ve loved getting to share it with all of you.

It’s also around this time that we bring you the long-awaited results of the annual BORED Awards! Now in its 7th year, the BORED Awards highlight the best of the best at UVM and beyond, as voted on by YOU! We were stoked to bring back some categories that had taken a pandemic backseat in the last two years, and asked for your thoughts on everything from the best coffee to the best napping spot. While some past winners continue their reign in 2022 (*cough*BORED pens*cough*), we’re excited to add some awesome new names to the roster!

If you’re interested, you can check out the historical BORED Awards Archives and read up on past winners. But without further ado, here are your 2022 BORED Award winners (+ some commentary from us BOREDies, of course)!

Best On-Campus Coffee Shop

Winner: Henderson’s | Runner-Up: Campus Perks

As an employee of Student Life, I must say that I’m happy that our home coffee shop won for the 8th year in a row. They make a delicious latte, iced tea, or black coffee, and the ambiance is great for sinking into a comfy armchair and getting some work finished up before class.  Second place went to Campus Perks in Ifshin Hall. This is a great option when you’re in the belly of central and need some quick fuel and a snack.

Best Retail Dining Location

Winner: Skinny Pancake | Runner-Up: Green Roof Deli

Skinny P has been a fan-favorite and consistent winner of our retail dining category for years- and it’s easy to see why. With mouthwatering crepes, delicious fries, and a variety of tasty drinks, Skinny P is the perfect place to eat at any time of day. Our runner-up, the Green Roof Deli, is a make-your-own sandwich station with a wide selection of toppings for a great grab-and-go lunch.

Best On-Campus Food Truck

Winner: Ali Babas | Runner-Up: Farmers and Foragers

Ali Babas was our victor for this category, one of the two food trucks we have been lucky enough to have along university place. If you haven’t had their chicken kabob before an afternoon class I must say that you are missing out. Farmers and Foragers is our runner up and honestly, I don’t know how it wasn’t a tie. Both spots have a delicious menu that you just can’t get enough of.

Best Dining Hall

Winner: Simpson | Runner-Up: Harris-Millis

As a Trinity resident, I’ve traveled great distances to every dining hall for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I can say with certainty that Simpson is superior- and you all seem to agree! With two entrée stations, a salad bar and soups, a grill station, alternative diet options, and most importantly: ICE CREAM, there’s something for everyone to eat at Simpson. You can’t look at me and tell me their fries DON’T just hit different. Harris-Millis, our runner-up, has dependable comfort food and an ambiance unlike any other dining location on campus. -Emily I

Best Bagel Shop

Winner: Burlington Bagels | Runner-Up: Myer’s and Willow’s (tie)

What is a weekend morning without bagels?! Well, Burlington Bagels has won this title for the past two years and is now on its third! This bagel place is on church street and has delicious bagel breakfast sandwiches if you are in the mood. Also, if you get there earlier enough you can get day-old bakery items for a dollar. Either way, they have fantastic bagels that will fill up your stomach for your fun-filled weekend! Our runner-up is a tie between Myer’s and Willow’s bagels. Each of their bagels are tasty and is located in different parts of the city.

Best Downtown Coffee Shop

Winner: Muddy Waters | Runner-Up: Kru Coffee

Muddy Waters is a coffee shop that I haven’t been into in a little while however the warm comfy atmosphere and the rich spicy chia tea are things that will never leave my mind. Kru Coffee Collective, our runner-up,  feels like it was plucked straight out of San Francisco and dropped on Church Street. They have a great selection of coffee and also some well-designed merch.

Best Pizza Place

Winner: American Flatbread | Runner-Up: Mr. Mike’s Pizza

What better place to bring friends and family than American Flatbread! They have won 4 times now and are located in downtown Burlington. They have a variety 0f different pies that will knock your socks off, such as Punctuated Equilibrium, Power to the People, and Revolution. Our runner-up is Mr. Mike’s Pizza and they are great for late-night weekend pizza runs!

Best On-Campus Study Spot

Winner: Howe Library | Runner-Up: Davis Center

The Howe Library is tried and true to UVM. The ambiance of the fluorescent lights and the smell of books that are older than your grandparents all add to the study experience. Are we making Howe the new social scene? Taking a nap in a study room, screaming at the top of your lungs on the quiet floor, and performing a concert in one of the media rooms are all things we’ve probably considered doing but I guess we’ll stick to studying for now.

Best Class/Course

Winner: CDAE 002| Runner-Up: NFS 043

Welcome to the largest UVM course has to offer! CDAE 002 is back for claiming the best course for the second year in a row! This class is taught by Dr. Daniel Tobin and he doesn’t disappoint when teaching this class. It focuses on topics that influence development, the world, sustainability, and agriculture. Want to learn more about this class? Check out our blog on classes you should take! The runner-up is Intro to Nutrition taught by none other than this year’s Best Professor Dr. Lizzy Pope! This class has been on our radar for the past few years and seems to be a favorite for those who take it!

Best Professor

Winner: Dr. Lizzy Pope and Dr.Steve Flemer (tie)| runner-up: Dr.Walter Poleman and Dr.Don Stratton (tie)

This was a very very close call! So close that the runner-ups and the winner were only 2 votes apart! Dr. Lizzy Pope teaches Intro to Nutrition (NFS043) here at UVM and was last year’s Runner Up! She is described as lighthearted, one of the best professors students have had, and is known for adding pop culture into the classes to further engage the students! Our other winner is Dr.Steve Flemer Jr.: he teaches CHEM023 and has been a past favorite! He won the best professor back in 2016-2017 and is back to claim the title! He is described as engaging, extremely organized, and kind. We have also been told that you can get extra credit points with dad jokes! Thank you for being amazing professors and thank you to this year’s runner-ups: Dr. Don Stratton (last year’s winner) and newcomer to the list, Dr. Walter Poleman!

Best College/School

Winner: CAS | Runner-Up: CALS

The College of Arts & Sciences is the largest college amongst UVM’s seven schools and colleges, so they took the votes by a handful. However, each year it is neck and neck between The College of Arts and Science and The College of Agriculture & Life Sciences. But, we do appreciate CAS for all it has and how much we can learn from it. From musical theater to chemistry– there is so much to explore and accomplish!

Best Club/Organization

Winner: Feel Good/ SSC | Runner-Up: WRUV

It’s a tie! Grilled cheese and skiing and snowboarding… does it get any better?? You can hit the slopes with the Ski and Snowboard club during the day and then order a late-night grilled cheese afterward. If you haven’t gotten involved with either of these clubs, make sure to look out for fall semester rail jam and season pass discounts from UVMSSC. And if you’re ever hungry for grilled cheese and want to support a good cause order from UVM FeelGood, a student-run deli with 100% of the donations going to The Hunger Project.

Best Club Sport

Winner: Women’s Rugby | Runner-Up: Hockey

Women’s Rugby took the cake leaving club hockey as the runner-up this year. UVM Women’s Rugby is currently #1 in the New England Wide Collegiate Rugby Conference in Division 2. The team is also involved in bettering the community and volunteers in conjunction with the Women’s Rape Crisis Center and organizations like Casting for Recovery. No wonder they won the best club team!

Favorite Sporting Event

Winner: Men’s Hockey | Runner-Up: Women’s Hockey

Are you surprised hockey won again this year? Packing the Gut is a part of UVM sports culture. Grab your friends, wear UVM merch and cheer for your school. Hockey to UVM is what Football is to Alabama. Women’s Hockey was the runner-up with a great season and even sent some players to the Winter Olympics! Can’t wait for next season!

Best Intramural Sport

Winner: Volleyball | Runner-Up: Soccer

Strap on your knee pads, we’re about to get serious. Volleyball is an intense intramural sport and a lot of fun. On the court, you will encounter adversaries as well as allies. I’ve met some of my best friends while playing intramural sports and while I never played volleyball, it was my favorite one to watch this semester.  The runner-up for this category is soccer. Now, kick the zebra ball is one of the intramurals that I’ve played and despite getting a yellow card every game, I would gladly do it again.

Best Media Organization

Winner: UVM BORED | Runner-Up: Watertower

No, we did not vote for ourselves or cheat, we really won thanks to your votes. We here at BORED are for the students by the students and want to give you opportunities to find things you enjoy on campus to better your UVM experience. Thanks for another great year of events and content we were able to share with y’all. We look forward to sharing what our summer plans are and can’t wait to come up with more content and share move events with everyone this fall!

Best Learning Community

Winner: Outdoor Experience | Runner-Up: Cultural Crossroads

So I have been living off-campus for a year now. And it’s refreshing to see that Outdoor Experience has the same cult following that it did before when I used to call it my home. COOLIDGE REPRESENT!!!! It is also fun to mention that this is the second year in a row for OE after it toppled the monarchy of Sustainability. Runner up is Cultural Crossroads and I believe its locale in the L&L Suites are pretty…suite. Plus there is Skinny Pancake and the Marche.

Best Residential Hall Complex

Winner: L&L | Runner-Up: UHeights

Home to Cultural Crossroads, the labyrinth known as L&L is the winner of this year’s best res hall complex. Within just one building, L&L encapsulates two of our retail dining options, the Fireplace Lounge and some of the most sought-after suites on campus. Its convenient proximity to classes and a bus stop to get around town makes this win a no-brainer. Our runner-up is UHeights, home of Honors College and Sustainability. 

Best On-Campus Event

Winner: SpringFest | Runner-Up: RailJam

WOW! It was almost two weeks ago that the green was crowded with music goers. Springfest graced our campus after a two-year hiatus due to Covid. This year’s performers included All Night Boogie Band, Annie DiRusso, and Saint Jhn! They played an amazing concert and we’re glad we could be there. There was also amazing food include Green mountain Dumplings, Kestrel Coffee, and Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream. The runner-up is the Ski and Snowboarding Club’s RailJam!

Best Place to Nap

Winner: My bed | Runner-Up: Hammock

Well who doesn’t like a good nap, I sure as heck do. While I cannot be a supporter of others napping on my bed, I am a big fan of napping on my bed. Now the runner-up is a spot that I would even suggest group naps. Picture this: you and your friends had an invigorating game of pickup soccer and now you need to catch your breath. So you set up your hammocks and take a nap. That sounds like a good day to me.

Best Place to Work On Campus

Winner: Front Desk | Runner-Up: Davis Center

It’s another boring, monotonous day when suddenly ‘ding!’ You get an email that your package is here! When you race down the stairs to grab it, who’s there to hand it off to you? That’s right, front desk staff. Front desk-ers are some of the most helpful student employees. You can count on them to help you when you’re locked out, answer any questions about campus you may have, and of course, hand over your packages. And, as someone who works in the Davis Center, I can say that our runner-up is a pretty awesome job too. 

Best UVM Landmark

Winner: Bus Ball | Runner-Up: Greta the taxidermy cat

It is with pride, and yet, a heavy heart, that we announce that the beloved Bus Ball has won best landmark- plus the hearts of the entire student body. With the devastating loss of Bus Ball a few weeks ago, we are honored to be able to highlight this piece of art to forever be memorialized on the BORED website. Justice for Bus Ball: we hope to see your return! And who could forget our runner-up, Greta, the taxidermy cat, who watches us with cold and lifeless eyes in Marsh Life. We love you too, Greta.

Best Pens on Campus

Winner: BORED | Runner-Up: UPB

Now I know you are all thinking that we rigged it. I mean how else could we win best pens 5 times in a row?  What can we say – we’ve got a premium product! I mean, I’m using one right now to draft this post so how could we not win!? If you want a pen (or ten) of your own, be sure to follow us on Instagram and watch out for any times that we may be tabling. The runner-up is UPB. Really we love you guys, but learn from the best. 😉

Best Campus Personality

Winner: Peach the Pit | Runner-Up: Hazel the Wellness Dog

Who has four paws and an utterly squishable face? If you were thinking of Peach the Pit, you were thinking correct! Peach is UVM’s very own internet microcelebrity, with a popular Instagram account and adoring fans all across campus. Unfortunately for us, Peach and her owner will be off to LA next year, but her bubbly presence will always be remembered fondly. If you couldn’t tell that UVM really loves dogs, our runner-up winner is Hazel the Wellness Dog.

Best Hammocking Spot

Winner: Redstone Forest | Runner-Up: Central/Fleming Green

Did someone say sunny and over 55 degrees? Like everyone on and off-campus, we know a good hammocking day and where the best spot is! The best hammocking spot rightfully goes to The Redstone Forest for the 5th year in a row! The Redstone Forest truly makes it one of the best places to hang out with friends, slackline, or take a nap. You will have no problem finding a spot as there are so many trees to choose from! Our runner up is the Central/ Fleming green, and that spot is great if you want to hammock in between classes and the Lamentation (dementor) statues!

Best Local Band

Winner: All Night Boogie Band | Runner-Up: McAuley Kart

I can feel it in my body, I can feel it in my soul, and feel the music! This year’s Best Local Band is the All Night Boogie Band! They graced the SpringFest stage after they won the battle of the bands. Their stage presence is truly groovy and will get you in the dancing mood! They also had a residence at Nectars so be sure to check them out at any and all future performances. Not to mention our runner-up, McAuley Kart, who brings a fresh indie punk rock feel to the stage and will get you singing!

Best Live Music Venue

Winner: Higher Ground | Runner-Up: Nectar’s

Higher Ground’s two concert rooms, friendly staff and reputation for epic crowds draw a variety of artists to Burlington for us to enjoy! If you’re in the mood for live music, head onto their website and you’ll be sure to find something of interest. They are located close to campus, and with their affordable tickets, they make going to concerts every weekend feasible and fun! Our runner-up is Nectar’s – right downtown and the perfect venue for when you want to groove!


Most Instagrammable Spot

Winner: Waterfront | Runner-Up: Church Street

Sorry… just a sec, the view took my breath away. The waterfront is a staple to Burlington as we get an amazing view of the Adirondack Mountains across Lake Champlain. Whether you’re going for a stroll on the bike path or skating at Andy A Dog skate park, there is so much to do. Check out the boats docked on the lake or grab a maple creemee in the summer. The waterfront has something for everyone with an amazing view to take in.


Best Hiking Spot 

Winner: Camel’s Hump | Runner-Up: Mt. Mansfield

Have you braved the hump? Camel’s Hump Trail is one of the best day hiking trails in the Green Mountain National Forest, along with being the third highest peak in the state. The out and back trail is 6 miles long but don’t let that fool you – it is a difficult hike being steep and narrow. If you have never done it before and if you don’t believe me, look at the comments on the AllTrails app. Reaching the summit is so worth it as hikers have a 360-degree view of nearly every mountain range in the area. You can even see the peak of Camel’s Hump from campus!