Tropical Getaway Dinner

Just when we think winter is finally over, another storm rolls through. Luckily for us, Harris Millis Dining is whisking us away to a sunny beach for a night of tropical vibes and beachy eats. Join UVM Dinig for a Tropical Getaway on Wednesday, April 10 at Harris Millis for dinner.
Tropical food is all about the flavor! Fresh, bright, colorful, lime, lemon, coconut, mango, pineapple – food that makes you want to dance! It’s easy to picture yourself on a warm, sunny beach when you’re enjoying one of our tropical recipes. The menu at Harris Millis will transport you to another place.
Accepted Tender: a Meal Swipe OR Retail Points, CAT$cratch, or Credit/Debit by paying the door price of $12.40