BORED AWARDS: The Best of UVM in 2018

UVM BORED's Best of UVM 2018

Every year since 2015, the UVM BORED Team (oh, hey…that’s us) has polled our campus community at the end of every academic year to discover what our favorite parts of campus are. We know that UVM students have a lot of opinions on “what’s good around here”, so we thought we’d put it to the test to find out what’s the BEST in a variety of categories, from best eats to best classes and everything in between (See last year’s winners for 20172016, and 2015.). In the end, we settled on 32 unique categories that cover a variety of campus – and had our community nominate and vote on the winners.

So who won?  Without further adieu – we present to you, the best of the best of UVM in 2018 (with a little commentary from us):


Simpsons Dining area

Best Dining Hall: Simpson Dining Hall

We thought the brand-spankin’ new CCRH dining hall would sweep this category for sure, but the sparkling new-ness wasn’t enough to steal the crown away from last year’s winner.  That’s right, for the third year in a row, Simpson Dining Hall on Redstone Campus has taken the award for best dining hall at UVM. With unique Food on-demand kiosks, a friendly staff, and a name that invokes our favorite Springfield family, and charm like no other – Simpson Dining hall is undoubtedly, year-over-year, a fan favorite. Or…at least enough of one to make CCRH dining say “d’oh”. 


Brennan's Pub Quiz occuring

Best Retail Dining: Brennan’s Pub + Bistro

Brennan’s is constantly stepping up the game with adding new menu items, and although some of us have a ‘usual’, it’s a no brainer as to why you voted this as best retail dining on campus. With ALL DAY breakfast, milkshakes, fries and a variety of food and drink items…I mean can you say ‘fine dining’? Especially with all the amazing hand painted chairs made by talented student clubs and organizations. What makes Brennan’s even more sweet is the atmosphere – live performances, pub quiz, TV watching (our olympics fix savior), that incredible book nook, and the music that the cooks jam to. So much to do and see, all while eat a you favorite meal!


Hendersons cafe counter

Best On-Campus Coffee Shop: Henderson’s Café

Not a surprise as we’re currently sitting in Henderson’s writing this blurb. It’s the perfect spot to meet up with a friend and share a coffee, tea or maple madness (have we mentioned we like maple?). However the real jewel of this jaunt are the scones. Oh man, the scones. Henderson’s sources it’s dynamic scone lineup from Mirabelle’s bakery, just down the street. The scone’s are so perfect, in fact, that some on the team are known to put aside money in their monthly grocery budget specifically allotted to buying one in the morning to complement their tea. Who? We’ll never tel….it’s Marty.  (Photo Courtesy


The window at pam's food truck

Best On-Campus Food Truck: Pam’s Deli

RIP Pam’s Deli.  Well…not really RIP, I guess.  We remember Pam’s Deli fondly, those early morning breakfast sandwiches were Friday morning life-savers for sure.  So here’s to you Pam, you yellow-truckin’, 3-time BORED Award winning champ. We hope retirement is treating you well and look forward to see who succeeds you as a perennial food truck favorite – even if nobody truly can live up to your legendary breakfast wraps.


Wood Fire Pizza being cooked

Best Pizza: American Flatbreads

Looking for an upgrade from Dominos or Leonardo’s? Well if you’re ever downtown looking for a quality pie, you can never go wrong with American Flatbreads. Flatbreads is a great place to relax by a woodfire and enjoy some slices with your friends. The fresh ingredients and variety are bound to make your tastebuds happy. Congratulations to American Flatbreads for taking home the “Best Pizza Place” award for 2018. They also have multiple locations so if you’re ever near Middlebury or Waitsfield, you can always count on a good meal at these other stops.   Plus, while not an official category – they’d totally win our ‘Best Places to impress your visiting friends and family’ award.  Just thinking of that New Vermont Sausage is making our stomachs growl.


storefront of the bagel place

Best Bagel Stop: The Bagel Place

Ok. Real talk.  This category makes it incredibly obvious that the UVM student populace knows nothing about a good bagel. The Bagel Place is up there in Burlington’s bagel hierarchy, however the runner-up was…Bruegger’s?! C’mon people, Bruegger’s is a sad chain that slathers a pound of cream cheese on a mediocre bagel while simultaneously messing up your order. Where’s our Myers? Where’s our Feldmans? Sigh, I digress. Definitely stop by The Bagel Place, but go on a bagel tour in Burlington hitting all the spots for some perspective to broaden your bagel mind. Please.


storefront of kountry kart deli

Best Late Night Food Stop:  Kountry Kart Deli (KKD)

I’m pretty sure everyone can agree that there is actually nothing better than breakfast at non-breakfast times.  Breakfast at times that is not at appropriate breakfast hours is the cure all, that’s a fact. Are you picking up what I’m putting down? KKD’s gets the award for best late night food stop (obviously). Also KKD’s is open until 3am every single day, you know what that means… you have 3 hours between the time the library closes and when heaven on earth closes. The Shiner will forever hold a very special place in my heart.



student plays a guitar

Best Class Year: The Class of 2021

Well hey there, 2021.  Made it very aware that they are First Years and proud of it – 2021 easily grabs the win. My how they’ve grown from a flock of first years, roaming the streets of Burlington; it nearly brings a tear to our eye.  We can be salty all we want, but 2021 is a force to be reckoned with.  Coming from 47 states and 25 countries, when they arrived at UVM in August they had the highest SAT scores and average GPA in UVM history (plus a ton of other cool stats).   However, anyone can win one year of this category…the real test of their class might will be whether they secure the win in the category for the next four years at UVM.  2022 is coming for you 2021…


students preparing grilled cheese sandwiches

Best UVM Student Club / Org: UVM Feel Good

Fighting to end world hunger one grilled cheese at a time! UVM Feel Good puts the cheese into grilled cheese every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday in the Davis Center Tunnel. It’s hard to me mad about their win…altruism through food; truly the fast-pass to our heart. If you were unaware, Feel Good takes grilled cheeses to the next level with menu items like the ‘Maple Staple’, ‘Feelin’ Saucy’ and many others. Hmmm.  Now that you mention it…maybe we should have our own grilled cheese … ‘The CHEESie BOREDie’?! You’d buy that…right?


students playing broomball on ice

Best Intramural Sport: Broom Ball

Are we training these students as athletes or as expert cleaners? Why not both. Broomball ‘swept’ this category with more than half the votes. Not a surprise. UVM adores this fun and athletic event and who could blame them. No one beats us at cold weather sports. #GoCatsG0


The Mens basketball team sitting down getting instructions

Best Varsity Team: Men’s Basketball

We’ll give you a hint to who won this one…Not only are they very tall, but they are WINNERS! That’s right, UVM Men’s basketball won for best varsity sport team! Here’s to you Men’s Basketball.  We hope that this win matches the excitement of winning an actual game – if not…let’s chat about your priorities.


a hockey player skating

Favorite UVM Sporting Event: Hockey

We already covered Broomball – this is just the natural progression of super cool (get it? cold?) sports. Hockey has taken the W for UVM’s favorite sporting event! The Den never ceases to sleep!  (If you know what any of this means, you clearly voted passionately in this category.)  Time to take a victory lap on the zamboni. #UVMBucketListItem


a crowd shot from the stage of springfest

Best On-Campus ‘Fest’: SpringFest

Even though Vermont skips over Spring, UVM’s Program Board (UPB) makes sure UVM doesn’t miss a beat with their annual SpringFest.  This year’s SpringFest concert (featuring Playboi Carti and Kodie Shane) – hasn’t even happened yet and it STILL won the category. With huge musical performances, food, crafty activities, photo-opportunities, everywhere you turn there is something to do.  It’s easy to see how this annual take-over of the entire Jefford’s parking lot is a UVM tradition that is not to be missed. PS…did Did you get your ticket yet?


the interior of the skinny pancake restaurant

Best On-Campus event: Free Crepe Day

Free anything day is bound to be a hit – but in the absence of a Free Cone Day this year (RIP on-campus Ben and Jerry’s Scoop Shop), this feels right. These very thin pancakes won our hearts since the day the showed up on campus, and if there mere presence wasn’t enough, the free-ness of free crepe day sealed the deal. This is definitely a must for all Catamounts. Take advantage of all the free things UVM and Burlington has to offer you – but this should be at the top of your yearly list.


walter the muppet screaming at the camera

Best Campus Personality/Celebrity: Walter

Walter!! So we did some research because we didn’t really know exactly who Walter is. What we found was interesting. Very Interesting. Although he was nominated as Walter from CCRH, Walter was originally Walter from Cook Dining Hall #RIPCook!  Through the awesome powers of old campus and new campus colliding, we now have a new superhero. One who has bypassed even Gary Derr. His name is Walter.  Unbeknownst to us, Walter apparently now has a series of memes created and curated by the fine folks on UVM’s Meme Facebook page – which to us…is really how you know you #madeit big.  (PS – Walter is so cool we don’t have a photo of him…so we can neither confirm nor deny he’s a muppet. But if you maybe want to send us a cool pic of him…we totally could send some swag your way.)


birds saying tweet

Best UVM Twitter: Barstool UVM

What can we say. The students have spoken. Although this is more of an alternative UVM twitter account, Barstool UVM takes the cake for best UVM Twitter. What’s up Barstool, we see you. While do appreciate your sense of humor, even if we aren’t always down with what you do. It’s not you, it’s us. Promise.


screenshots of the uvmbored website

Best Media Organization: UVM BORED

You like us…you REALLY like us.  But…does it really surprise you that we won? Of course we manipulated the survey so we would automatically win. JK! Thanks for the nod. At the risk of sounding full of ourselves – everyone on the BORED team works incredibly hard to keep our community up to date about what’s going on on or off campus; and we’re glad you dig it. We’ve enjoyed communicating through calendars, videos, pictures, blogs, pens, and the dozens of cute animal videos – and it’s great to hear you do too.  Hopefully we can continue to provide the best-of-the-best for many-a-years to come.  Unless you thought we were UPB this whole time…(hint: we’re not)


a bronzed catamount statue

Best UVM Landmark: Catamount Statue

I mean what other college or university in the country has an extinct animal for their mascot? Doesn’t walking by the giant cat everyday instill a sense of school pride? It should. Everyday is a great day to be a catamount. Who wants to try and ride a little boston terrier or a minuteman? A catamount is way cooler. Rally watches over the students everyday as they’re on their way to class. It’s a reminder of who we are and where we are. A symbol that we must hold on and honor the things of the past, whether they be gone or extinct. A beacon, showing us that we must learn from our previous mistakes to create a better future. Rally represents us; and that just like nature, students can be wild and free. 

We’re also convinced that rubbing it’s nose before your final really DOES help you ace that test… (Photo courtesy Headwaters Magazine)


feet close up walking away

Best Way to Get Around Campus: Walking

Here at UVM, we see it all. From unicycling to skateboarding, to biking, everyone seems to have their favorite way to get from point A to point B around campus. However, the best way to get around campus as voted by you is the shoelace express (aka walking…).  To be fair…the new GreenBikes weren’t around long enough to be a true contender. Plus, why complicate life with hoverboards and scooters when our fitbit keeps yelling at us to feed it steps…


exterior of university heights buildings

Best Residence Hall: University Heights

Another one we thought might go to CCRH with all it’s new-residence hall scent; but an upset! As a former residents of UHeights by a streak of pure luck (lottery number 11), I can say that these four buildings truly are the Ritz-Carlton of UVM’s residence halls. Personal bathrooms, mountain views, and no living program responsibilities. It all sounds like a dream come true for any dorm dweller.


the living and learning communities from the exterior

Best Learning Community: Living and Learning (L/L)

Good ol’ Living and Learning where you can live and learn… literally. Even though L/L is a maze and a lot get lost in it’s labyrinth of corridors(we’re writing this from the depths of E building) – it’s home to SO many diverse communities.  Where else can you find living spaces like ALANA House and Africa House, or art communities like the Poetry House and Horror House (to name a few)? You can learn from these communities and the events that they put on; heck some of your favorite classes might even be held here. With campus resources like Tutoring Center and the Mosaic Center for Students of Color  and campus eateries like Marche or Skinny Pancake right in house it’s easy to see how L/L rose to the top.


student on a bed in a residence hall room

Best Place to Nap: My Room.

No..not MY room. Your room. Though, my room IS pretty comfy – can’t argue with you there. Through this award we see that there aren’t many adventurous nappers on campus (we, on the other hand, have been known to be a bit more creative). Most students prefer the safety and comfort of their own bed. Ahhh, you’re own bed. Whether it be at home or on campus there’s something so luxurious about the many stuffed animals guarding you from intruders and handmade quilt keeping you warm. Not a peculiar pick, but certainly a comfy one.


sceneic view of camels hump mountain

Favorite Hiking Spot: Camel’s Hump

Have you ever been on campus, looked out at Camel’s Hump and thought “I sure would like to go there?” Well you should. Camel’s Hump is a fantastic hike not too far from campus. It’s relatively fast (depending on what trail you take) and the view is absolutely worth the climb. Getting a full 360 degree look at Vermont’s landscape is always breathtaking. Camel’s Hump is a great opportunity to gather up some of your friends and spend an afternoon submerged in Vermont’s natural beauty. It is also a great way to see how Vermont natural communities change as you gain elevation. So get in the car and get to the trails. (Photo Courtesy Seven Days VT)


students in stacked in hammocks

Favorite Hammocking Spot: Redstone Forest

With warm weather just around the corner (summer is nearly here) – this category speaks to us on a primal level. Soon you will be seeing hammocks everywhere! Cruising around both on- and off-campus, you’ll see a TON of great spots to hitch up your portable destress nest…but where’s the best spot to hammock you might ask? The people have spoken – UVM’s favorite hammocking spot is the Redstone Forest.  Now pardon me as I close my eyes and simply listen to the breeze. Ah. Zen.


bored felt pens in numerous colors

Best Free Pens On-Campus: UVM BORED

No surprise on this one, we love our pens, you love our pens, everyone loves our pens. We take pride in ordering the finest felt tipped implements of any organization at this university. Pen pride, if you will. With a multitude of colors, good ergonomic hand feel and BORED’s beautiful icon imprinted on the side, our pens are crowd pleasers. Come find us at tabling – we’ll give you some.  (Pro-Tip: our runner up for this category were the free pens at the front desk in Student Life – grab one when you’re picking up a Cats at the Movies ticket!)


student riding a bike in front of the davis center

Best Place to Work On-Campus: Davis Center

You hear keys jiggle, see black polos, say thank you to your friendly cashiers at Cat-Pause, get a smile from JP, and grab your coffee boost in Hendersons… we’ve always loved Dudley H. Davis Center. This year Catamount County voted the Davis Center as the ‘Best Place to Work On – Campus’ and it’s a no brainer why, it’s known as the living room of the campus. And students are at the center of the action.  Handling tech, infodesk questions, and handling set-up and reservations for HUGE events – DC staff are getting tons of experience in the same space they hang out.  Plus…with campus favorites like Henderson’s, Brennan’s, Cat Pause, the Career Center and the place we sometimes dread in the beginning of semesters …the bookstore, all in a central place – who else has a one-stop-shop RIGHT where they work?


campus shuttles parked

Best UVM Campus Bus Driver: Natalie

Some on our team haven’t taken a Campus Shuttle in over two years how – and still there was no way they could forget Natalie’s infectious smile and aviator glasses.  Expect a warm welcome if you take an on-campus bus with Natalie. Often bus riders are in a panicked state frantically checking Transloc Rider to avoid the agonizing walk from Redstone to the Davis center. But with Natalie all these troubles seem so far away. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride on the Redstone Express.



inside the renovated section of the library

Best On-Campus Study Spot: The Library

By a landslide, 434 of Bailey-Howe’s strongest supporters opened up their laptops and cast their vote in hopes of crowning the Bailey-Howe library as the Best On-Campus Study Spot! It’s no surprise that this brutalist mass of brick snagged the first place spot (even with the Davis Center gaining on it). Exceedingly elusive study rooms, clannish first floor table regulars and a face only a mother could love, the lib is the go-to for cats who hit the books.  Plus, that new media center is clutch.


students playing cards in a residence hall room

Best Place to Pull an All-Nighter: Residence Hall Study Rooms

If you don’t want to worry about keeping your roommate up all night then the dorm study rooms are the place to be. You can always count on seeing other students there, all sharing the same heart throbbing fear of the exam they have in the morning. It is also a great place to gather with classmates to crank through a study guide with some late night grub. The entire time you may sit their and think “wow I really wish I had started studying earlier.” Don’t forget to step out and watch the sunrise as the dawning of the doom approaches.


hands doing american sign language

Best Academic Course: American Sign Language

In an incredibly diverse world, it is always a good idea to learn another language. If you’re looking for a fun and informative course, then American Sign Language (ASL) is the course for you. Spend time learning how to communicate with your hands and facial expressions to converse with others. We are proud to award American Sign Language with “Best Academic Course” of 2018. So get out there and start signing!


writing on a chalkboard

Best Professor: Ruggles

Struggles? Look to Ruggles. 77% of students say they’d take his class again. With a topic like Chemistry to teach…that’s no easy feat, but this man manages to turn a terrifying subject into a seemingly tear-free class. The music at the beginning of every class gives you a look into the days subjects; moving you into a transcendent zen like state…so ready for that periodic table knowledge. And being an extremely approachable man, you will never have a problem finding help for his classes (seriously). Not to mention that we love his Calvin and Hobbs comic strips…  (If you’re feeling adventurous – snag us a photo of Ruggles. There might be some swag in it for you…)

students leading horses from the horse barn

Best College / School: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS)

We thought this was a shoe-in for CAS.  I mean. Statistically speaking…but man. CALS! YEAH! Alright, so some of us may be biased in saying this as we’ve have spent the last four years figuring out next semester schedule in the depths of Morrill hall -but having transversed through many majors at UVM and we’ve always found our way back to CALS. So…that must be saying something. Agriculture and Life Sciences has some of the best majors, professors, and classes, so what’s not to celebrate with this win.  One biased BOREDie to you.


Thanks for voting! We’ll see you again next year to find out 2019 picks.  Have thoughts? Shout em’ out in the comment section below!