Feeling Stressy?

Hey all! If you’re anything like me, you may be clinging to your last string of sanity after the wave of midterms that have (hopefully) passed. The  sad truth about midterms is that they do not begin or end there. Most of us are hit with tests, projects, and homework from all angles at all times. Maybe feeling like all your hard work is going nowhere. It WILL pay off. During this time of constant studying and late nights, self care is of the utmost importance. YOU are the most important thing. YOU are your own #1 priority. In this stressful time it is easy to be set off by the littlest things and that’s not fair to you or anyone that has to deal with it. Here is my advise on how to minimize the stress this semester coming from midterms and gearing up towards finals.


Your Body is Talking to you. Listen.

Yes, talking to you. Every grumble, moan, and creak is a form of communication between you and your body. If you’re feeling hungry, eat. Now keep in mind that you are what you eat. In turbo study-mode you’re going to need sustenance that will fuel your mind and body. Stick to drinks like water and snacks that are packed full of nutrients. Sugar and Caffeine will drag you down and inevitably make your body feel sluggish and your mind feel unorganized. My go to snack when I know I have a tough day ahead is a couple crisp apples and a bag of pretzels.

Sleep. Don’t try to fight it. Your body and mind need this restoration time and you will be better prepared for it. I have never understood those who stay up until the wee hours of the night watching Netflix and studying for a test set for 8am the next day. Fatigue dulls the mind and therefore the most important study tool is a good night’s rest.


Ditch the Jittery Drinks

Let’s begin with a personal pet peeve of mine. This battery acid sold in an aluminium can known as soda (pop? cola?). If you’re feeling tired, it is your body saying that it has had enough. It does not want to process anymore and you should not work against it to do so. Your body gets to a certain point before it stops processing information and treats it as empty knowledge. Do not try and jump start your brain with a can of chemicals. If your body is trying to fall asleep, then SLEEP!


Resources, Resources, Resources.

There is so much available to you all as students that can sometimes be forgotten. Take a deep breath and utilize the resources available to you…for free.

Living Well, located on the first floor of the Davis Center, is a wonderful stop for all your mental and physical health needs. With therapy dogs every Friday and free massages this is my favorite spot for just about any situation. Feeling tense? Go get a massage. Worried about getting sick? Go get your flu shot. Just want some puppy love? Visit the therapy dogs.

Another great resource available to all students is UVM’s Counseling and Psychiatric Services. CAPS is a wonderful place to go if you are having some doubts, feeling the weight of academics, or even if you just want to learn more about yourself. Advising is a wonderful way to convince yourself that everything is okay. Sometimes all you need is to just talk things through with someone. Take my advice and utilize these resources as the workload starts to multiply.


Change of Scenery

Are you trying to get work done, but just feel stuck? Give yourself a new study spot. There are plenty around campus and we even made a list of some of our favorites… UVM Bored’s favorite on campus study spots . These spots are available to all students and many go unnoticed. You dont need to head to the Howe Library every time you need to study. Change it up and see which environment best suits you. My personal favorites are the Alumni House and The Medical Library. Whatever you do, avoid doing work in your room! That is a place for sleep and relaxation. Don’t mix the two. Looking to get away away? Go find a cafe that works for you… Cafe Crawl 2018.


Write It Out

If you’re life is feeling cluttered, take an afternoon to plan and schedule it out. Trello.com is a great website for organizing your thoughts and assignments. I have used it to put projects together and for my To-Do lists. To-Do Lists are a wonderful way of mapping out your accomplishments and productivity. Nothing feels better than checking another assignment off of that list.

When you’re writing out a schedule of assignments and lifestyle work it can be easy to throw it to the side. Forge new habits and stick to a schedule. Write your week out, hour by hour and see if you can stick to it for a whole week. Maybe even look towards your future schedules and plan your classes …Bored 101: Course Registration.


Find Your Slice of Heaven

Everyone has an outlet that works for them. When I feel the pressure of academia I head to Southwick to slam on the piano keys for a little while and put myself through a long, sweaty run. Even when I know there is no time to spare I find it most important to stick to your roots and do something that makes you genuinely warm and happy. This can range from so many different activities for so many different people. Find your art and use it as an outlet for your stress. Make time for yourself and if all else fails take yourself on a self date…Self Date Ideas.


Understand Your Limits

Maybe you’re a quiet night in kind of person. Maybe you feel more at ease  surrounded by a group of people. Realize that you are the most important priority in your life and you are in charge of your happiness. Utilize the resources UVM has to offer and keep an open dialogue with your friends and family during final stretch.