UVM Spring Style Starter Packs


You asked and we provided. Our 2019 UVM spring style blog is out and better than ever.  We strayed from our usual  UVM Styles blog and got a little more specific with our starter packs. Hopefully you can pick yourself out in this line up and keep us on our toes with new styles for next year.


skateboard, skater shoes

The Sk8r Boy Style

No, this is not Avril Lavigne’s Skater Boy. These boys are not punks and they do not wear baggy clothes. They are the modern Skaterboiiii. They wear tight jeans, tiny hats and they probably vape.

And then there is the electro skater boiii, whose motion just doesn’t make sense at first. Picture this: it’s twilight hour and you’re walking home alone down College Street. Your brain is exhausted from a full day of cramming in the library. You hear a faint buzz in the distance in front of you, but it’s steadily approaching. A figure emerges, standing still but somehow zooming up the hill. It’s on a skateboard, but it’s zooming uphill. You don’t understand. You question reality and the nature of gravity. The figure wordlessly zooms by and you see their clenched fist, and you realize. It’s just a electric skaterboi with one of those electric skateboards.


jars of granola, a sweater

The Granola Style

Do they live in thrift stores? It sorta looks like it. Except maybe they bought those jeans with holes already in them? They’re drinking out of mason jars. They’re also eating out of mason jars. They have both sandals and socks on. Maybe they’re confused, maybe they don’t care, or maybe they just care too much – saving the planet definitely can change your style priorities.


carhart overalls, a backpack, and hiking boots

The Almost ‘Too Ready’ For A Hike Style

Literally WHERE are you going??? Like we get it, College Street is a hike but do you really need a 5 liter water bottle to make it to the top…or are you actually going up Mt. Mansfield later? What do you keep in your myriad carhart pockets? Sandwiches? Snacks? (Actually I’m kind of jealous about this one. I want sandwich pockets) Why is that hiking pack so heavy? Where did you pull those hiking poles from?! Oh well. I guess they’re rugged…and I guess there’s no one I’d feel safer with during a zombie apocalypse.


tucked in socks, a scooter, a gallon of water

The Scooter Boy Style

Maybe they’ve zoomed by you on the way to the library, or maybe you’ve just seen mysterious scooters parked aimlessly on campus. This scooter boy can be anyone under the sun, but they tend to lean on the athlete population of our campus. You’ll see them constantly hydrating. Maybe with a Gatorade squirt bottle, but most likely with a gallon jug. They hydrate to protect our D1 status and zoom away with our hearts. Just a tip from us…sweatpants tucked into socks is a style that should be left in 2018.


Photos of Shia Lebouf

Shia Leboeuf

Legendary child actor graced the televisions and big screens of our youth (Holes, Even Stevens, Transformers). In his older years, Shia has reached his final form as a bonafide style icon @shiasoutfits. You may have seen a Shia doppelganger trudging up college street in a pair of combat boots, or unwinding by the waterfront in a thrift store t-shirt rocking some Crocs and Jibbitz. Or was it actual cannibal Shia Laboeuf himself? =O


Sweat shirt, sweat pants, and crying students

The “I Live At The Library” Style

Go home. Go to sleep. You finished all your work for the next three weeks already. When is the last time you blinked? The sun is finally coming out. Winter is over. You can migrate to ‘The Beach’ and hang out on the steps. Get some vitamin D. Read our Finals Week Advice. We applaud your devotion to your studies, but when is it enough?

Noticing any styles of your own? Shout em’ out below.