BORED’s Favorite On-Campus Study Spots 2018

Hey, we’re a bunch of students, too… so we understand (and live) the finals-grind. But we’ve got your backs! Here’s UVM BORED’s Fall 2018 edition of our favorite study spots to help you find the most studious and productive nook around. Seriously, we encourage you to try to find a new spot, because a change of scenery is a good way to revamp your braincells! And if you’ve got a great study spot to share, let us know and we’ll feature you 🙂

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Howe Library

Third floor of the library, especially the tables with windows facing toward CCRH

The third floor of the library is perceived as a harsh environment to some, dead silent, only the symphony of fingers feverishly tapping away on keyboards. However, when it’s time to grind, these tables are my go-to. -Marty

Alumni House

61 Summit St – that big brick mansion just off of Main Street

I bet you didn’t know that all UVM students have access to the alumni house. This hidden gem is full of conference rooms, comfy couches, beautiful views, and a grand piano. They are open from 8-4:30 every week day and provide and sophisticated and quiet spot to get away. -Ellie


Billings Library

Billings Apse

2nd floor, by the new tables with the super college-y looking lamps

So there are these lamps with the pull-string to turn them on and off, and they’re sitting on these nice big tables, and it’s quiet and not too crowded and there are outlets nearby and everything… The newly re-done second floor of Billings library truly sets you up for a picturesque study session! -Giannina


Fireplace on the 4th floor of the Davis Center

When there is not an event happening the fireplace lounge on the fourth floor of the Davis Center, it’s a cozy place to study. With the warm fireplace, the quietness, and since its on the top floor of the Davis Center your friends are bound not to find you! You can even ask the DC Staff at the events window desk if they can play some cozy coffee shop music to make it a even better study vibe. -Amanda


coffee mug at hendersons

Classic n good, but it’s certainly not a secret. Try your luck at the tall chairs by the window!


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